MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 71

I reached out to that face.

The skin on the white face is cold.

"Please bring a dry towel."

"Oh, yes, Lady."

Likewise, a startled butler brought some scurrying towels.

One over the heavily wet shoulder of Perez and the other over his head wrapped him tightly.

"It's so cold, why....... you're all wet in this rain."

"I thought the rain was going to fall it down."


"You told me that with this flower, Tia's father could be cured."

"...... like a fool."

I grabbed Perez by the hand and climbed the stairs.

And yet he didn't ask a single question about where we go.

He just follows and keeps up with my steps so that I don't have a hard time.

I brought Perez back to my room.

And I sat him down in front of the fireplace.

"Please make more fire in the fireplace."

The butler quickly put some more firewood into the embers.

"Does Kylus know you're here?"

"......maybe he doesn't know."

"You didn't go out alone in the middle of the night to pick up Bomnia flowers as soon as you got my letter, did you?"


"And you didn't even think about quitting and going inside because it started raining, and you just kept crouching there because you thought you had to dig it up before the flowers fell, did you?"


"And you woke up the coachman and came right here without telling Caitlin or Kylus in the wooden box...... no, right?"


Perez avoids the fire in the fireplace.

"......I'll have to send someone to the palace. Please."

"Palace, the Imperial Palace. I'll send someone to Poylac Palace."

Perhaps by now the palace had been turned upside down after learning that Perez had disappeared.

Perez was looking at me.

Water was dripping down on that guy's black hair.

I said, shaking Perez's head with a towel.

"I apologize to Caitlin and Kylus later."

"Tia... why?"

"Because you was bringing me Bomnia. You were trying to help me."


Perez tried to say something but shut up like a clam again.

Then he picked up the box that he had put down on one side and stuck it out to me.

But I shook my head.

"I'm going to make sure you're getting warm."

I said Perez thought for a moment and went near the fireplace and started drying his hair himself.

In the meantime, the butler who returned brought warm tea and hot soup, and prepared dry clothes to change.

"Now it's warm."

Perez came up and said, putting his hand on my cheek.

It was as he said.

His hands, which seemed to be cold and bloodless a little while ago, had quickly regained their warmth.

"So go ahead."

I didn't say no.

I held a box of Bomnia and asked Perez.

"Hurry up and get changed and eat something warm."

"Yes." Perez replied quickly, like an obedient puppy.

I left the room.

In the dark hallway, only my footsteps and the rattling of the box rang.

My steps became faster.

At some point I was running.

When I arrived at Estira's lab on one side of the annex, I felt like I was about to burst out.

"Lady Florentia?"

Estira was still up.

Seeing the lights on and the books spread out here and there, I thought she was studying medicine.

I opened the box in front of Estira.

"I've got some flowers from Bomnia."

"This, this is....."

Estira was incredibly speechless, touching the red petals with her hands.

I held the box straight to Estira like that.

And I spoke with the most earnest heart in my life.

"Now, save my father, Estira."

It took Estira only a few hours to produce a new medicine.

By sunrise Estira took it right to my father.

"New...... medicine."

The scrawny father laughed bitterly at Estira's new medicine these days.

He didn't seem to expect much.

"Thank you for keeping trying, Estira."

If he use his left hand, which is the only thing in his body that can move, to drink medicine and repeat such words.

I could have approached my father and said a few words, but backed away.

I didn't want to let my father, who was struggling otherwise, pretend he didn't care because of me.

I'd rather cry a little more and get angry.

My father smiled as usual in the face of his slowly approaching death.

Like in my last life.

In this life, I know what it's like to cry out of my father's room in the middle of the night.

Also, I know what caused my father's red eyes the next day.

I watched it from afar and quietly left my father's room.

It was the room where Perez stayed for a while near my house.

Perez, who had moved in the rain for a long time, eventually caught a cold.

It wasn't serious, but my grandfather, who knew why he came to the mansion in the middle of the night, personally wrote to the emperor and made Perez stay as a guest of the family.

"How's Perez doing?"

"He just drank some medicine and fell asleep."

Kylus, who had been contacted by the palace, answered in a small voice.

As I approached the bed quietly, Perez fell asleep with a face unknown to the world.

I took a quick look at it, put on the covers and dug into Perez's side seat.

"Lady Florentia?"

Kylus approached with a tilted head.

Why did I lie down here leaving my room intact?

"I don't want to be alone right now."
A very grumpy voice kept asking in the corner of my mind.

'Are you sure Bomnia is the answer?'

I don't know.

But if Bomnia isn't really the last piece.

What am I supposed to do then.

Will we be able to find another answer in time?

Dad, can I save him?

My head went round and round.

My body, which had not slept all night, has finally reached its limit.

Perez' warmth, which was secretly conveyed from not far away, seemed to soothe my mind.

Finally, looking at the black hair scattered over the white pillow, I slid to sleep.

"Lady, lady......."

Laurel shook me up.

My eyes opened wide.

The surroundings were dimmed.

Perez, who was sleeping next to me, had already woken up and stood wearing new clothes.

"What's going on?"

Laurel's expression is strange.

I jumped out of bed without an answer.

Something's going on.

I could feel with my skin that the atmosphere around me was chaotic.

My heart thumped uneasily.

Don't tell me.

Don't tell me.

I quickly ran into my father's room.
There were already a lot of people in.

Grandfather, Shannanet, and Viege and Laurels.

The whole Lombardi family looked back at me in unison.


Uncompleted words flowed out of my mouth.

I tried to read anything from the faces of the people looking at me, but it didn't go my way as if my head had stopped.

I moved my heavy feet as if something were dragging me to the ground.

A little by little, I approached the bed.

People moved out of the way without saying a word.

And finally I could see my father on the bed.


"......Oh, Dad?"

When I heard my bright father's voice, my legs loosened and faltered.


Many people reached out to me like that, but it was my father who held my body.

To be exact, it was my father's right hand.

It was the hand that was taken away by Tlenbrew.

"How can......."

It was stable.

It was powerful and it wasn't tremble.

The bones were scrawny, but they kept me from falling.

"I think the new medicine is working, Tia."

My father smiled softly and said.
"After a few hours of drinking, I felt it slowly......."

My father slowly squeezed and stretched his right hand.

I was watching the gentle movement blankly.


My father called me.

"Dad, I think you're gonna be fine now."

A relieved smile, as if all the burdens had been laid down.

"Daddy, you're gonna be fine now."

I could hear something popping inside me.

"Hum, um...!"

Unstoppable tears flowed out.

"Daddy, daddy......

"Yes, my Tia. You were worried, weren't you?


"Dad's okay now. Tia's fine."

I jumped into my father's arms.

A friendly hand patted me on the back.

I didn't know how much I cried like that.

All I remember is that I cried endlessly in my father's arms that day and he said it's okay now.

And it was just that there was a voice from my grandfather saying thank you to Perez.

It was a perfectly sunny day.

A pleasant breeze blew, and the grass was fresh.

Outside, there was a performance practiced by the band, and there was a murmur of greetings from the guests who arrived in advance.
I was dressing up in front of the dressing table with the help of Laurel.

"Lady, do you like it that much?"

"Huh? What?"

"You haven't been able to stop smiling from your face since before."

"Oh, really?"

I smiled gloatingly at myself in the mirror.

"Today is a special day, so it will take a long time to get your hair done. Hang in there."

"Yeah, whatever Laurel wants. I'm fine."

Laurel laughed as if it were a big deal to my relaxed response.

"You were so lazy to get your hair done. You must be in a good mood."

"Sure! Good!"

I answered in a loud voice.

"Today is my eleventh birthday!"

Finally, the day has come when I can freely enter the mansion.