MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 70

Perez's statement that he had collected "as many" books as possible was true.

"Where the hell did you get all these books?"

"I took it from the royal library in the central palace, and these herbal books were originally mine."

He seemed very familiar with the way he handed over the bookshelf while answering.

Suddenly, I thought, I asked Perez.

"Perez, have you been looking into Tlenbrew's medication all by yourself?"

I saw it all.

Perez's shoulders wince a lot.

And no answer was proof if it was proof.

Perez would rather not say anything than lie to me.

"Thank you."

Perez' ears turned red as he rummaged through the bookshelf without a word.

I picked up a book with a silent smile.

Yeah, it doesn't suit my personality to just stamp my feet and leave it all to Estira.

I thought I'd rather do something to find the last piece of the Tlenbrew cure.

While we spent our time reading in the library, Caitlin and Kylus alternately packed us with food and drinks.

"Ugh, waist."

How many hours have passed?

I suddenly looked up because my back hurt like it was breaking.

It was already in the afternoon.

Looking at Perez, who was sitting across from me, he still had his eyes on the bookshelf.

Next to it was a small mountain of books that had already been scanned.

I was looking out the window because I didn't want to disturb Perez, who was concentrating.

"Shall we go out for a second?"

Before I knew it, Perez was looking at me.

"The garden is pretty good for a walk."

Unlike Perez's plain appreciation, the Poylac Palace garden was excellent.

Knowing that the owner of the palace frequently visited the garden, flowers and trees were naturally blending around the promenade.

"Oh, this flower is....... Isn't that the flower you sent me before?"

Pointing to a familiar-looking red flower, I asked.

"Yes, that's right. Springia flowers."

"It's a little different season from when you sent me these flowers."

"Last spring, I spread it out and lost. But I think it bloomed once more this year for some reason."

"Really? That's amazing. It blooms twice a year."

I approached and smelled the sweet scent of the flower.


Perez picked a Bomnia flower and handed it to me.

I opened a sweet petal and put it in my mouth and asked.

"What do you see down this road?"

"Sponsored by the Central Palace."

"I see......."

My head seemed to clear up as I moved my body even a little bit.

How long did I walk?

At the end of the road, Perez seemed to see the support he said.

And it just so happens that the patronage, who I really didn't want to bump into, was walking by.

"Let's go back."


Perez also replied with a frown, apparently annoying.

We immediately tried to turn back the way we had come.

"Hey, there you two."

Until the unlucky voice follows us.


I already have a bad feeling.

I turned around and said hello, engraving patience.

"Hello, Your Highness First Prince."

"Yes, you were right."

Astana approached with an unfortunate smile.

Perez was already staring at Astana with cold eyes.

As if he'd draw a sword like last time.

Let's just move on quietly this time.

I made up my mind that way.

But the commitment was immediately shaken by Astana's words.

"Gallahan Lombardi apparently died."

"You crazy bastard."

Unknowingly, profanity broke out in my voice.

Astana opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"You, now you're cursing me......."

Watching Astana puffing silently like a goldfish, I tried to calm myself down again.

I was so excited because it was about my father.

But ominous, Astana's face caught sight of something.

He smiled as if he had found a weakness that could haunt me.

"Your father is dying, and you're fooling around in the palace with that low-class fellow. Maybe you're not his own daughter?"

"Stop it."

Next to me, Perez spoke in a low voice, warningingly.

But Astana shrugged his shoulders once and continued to be sarcastic.

"If it was my father, I wouldn't leave his bed for a second. Well, I'm not saying vulgar things are vulgar."


"Your mother was a wandering woman of unknown origin, so who knows?"
"Shut up."

Perez said, reaching for the sword handle.

"You know what? Travellers sell themselves to anyone to find a place to sleep overnight....."


Astana's face turned sideways with a loud sound.

A red hand mark crept up on the cheek.

As hard as I could, it was me who slapped him.

"You, you hit me......?"

Astana grabbed his cheek with one hand and murmured.

I stared straight at a guy like that.

Tears are gathering in anger beyond the limit.

"Oh, I'll tell my mother, no, the Emperor! Do you slap me on the cheek?"

I thought In Seong was at the bottom.

A piece of crap.

"Tell him. I'll tell my grandfather what happened today."

Talked Astana like a chew on a word.

"Every word of it."

Only then did Astana's stupid face distort, perhaps recalling what he said.

No matter how much the prince is, about the Lombardi family.

He also talked dirty things about the son of the householder and his late wife, who are now bedridden, but there is no way he could get away with it.

I'd like to kick you between the crotch, not the crotch.
I'm not Lombardi yet, but I endure it.

I stared at him to the end and turned around.

I wiped away my tears with my sleeve.

The taste that was sweet until a little while ago has turned bitter because of the petals of Bomnia.

I was ordered a month's self-reflection period because of Astana's slap in the face.

Of course, it's not a big scolding.

Rather, I had a hard time stopping my grandfather from running to kick Astana.

In fact, I'm not free to go out of the mansion until after my eleventh birthday, so it's as if I wasn't punished.

I heard Astana, who likes to wander around all the time, is suffering from being ordered to keep a low profile for two months.

I was sitting in my study rummaging through herbal books borrowed from Perez.

I don't expect Estira to make a huge discovery even if I look at the bookshelf like this, not me with a plausible background knowledge here.

It was just because I felt comfortable doing something to find my father's cure.

Palak, palak.
It was when I was turning over the bookshelf with one chin resting.

"Huh? Bomnia flower? You can use this as an herb."

I stopped by a familiar flower picture and read the explanation.

Bomnia is a plant that is native only to the southern extremities of the continent, and has different characteristics of flowers, leaves, and roots......."

My fingertips, which were going down the line meaninglessly, stopped.

"But the most powerful effects of springia are when flowers, leaves, and roots are used together. I don't know the exact mechanism, but it reliably maximizes the efficacy of other herbs used together......."

A plant that originally grows only in the south.

And Estira from my previous life who went on vacation to her hometown.

It felt like a puzzle was being put together.

Then Estira burst open the study door and came in.

The wheezing with sweat seemed to have jumped all the way here.

"Ha, I got a reply from my grandmother....... Among the flowers that bloom around the village ......"

"Uh, how did you know?"


The last ingredient in the cure was Bomnia.

Estira, who looked at my smiling face, said with tears in her face.

"Yes, but Bomnia is a wild plant that grows only in the south, and it's already past its time to bloom....."

"No, I know where the blooming Bomnia is."

The patronage of Poylac Palace was red springnia flowers, obviously.

I ran to the desk quickly and wrote a letter.

The recipient was Perez.

I'd like to run to Poylac Palace and bring Bomnia grass.

I can't enter the palace because it's self-reflection period.

Damn it, Astana!

I scribbled down the words that my father's treatment requires springia grass and that flowers, leaves, and roots must be together.

My hands were shaking as I folded the stationery.

The joy of finding the last puzzle briefly struck me with anxiety.

What if the flowers of Bomnia were chopped up in a few days?

Perez also said.

Flowers that wouldn't bloom at this time of year.

Please, please.

I prayed earnestly as I sent the letter.
* * *

It began to rain at night.

I stayed up all night watching the heavy rain outside.

"Darn it, damn it.

The sound of rain hitting the window and biting my nails mixed.

What if the springia flowers are all gone in this rain?

The last time we saw each other was a few days ago.

If the remaining flowers run out.

I felt like my insides were burning.

It was then.

"Is that a carriage?"

With my head stuck in the window, I doubted my eyes.

A carriage was coming to the annex through heavy rain like a pole.

At first glance, I could see the imperial pattern through the gray rain.

No way.

I ran downstairs in surprise.

Boom, boom, boom.

With a heavy knock on the door, the butler of the annex was already approaching the door with his back.


The door, which had been tightly closed all night, opened with a long noise.

There stood a man soaked in rain.


Perez, who found me, took something precious out of his arms.

It was a big wooden box.


When the cover was opened, a small noise and the smell of wet soil in the rain clearly occurred.
The box contained a pile of red flowers, revealing their roots.

"Bomnia, I got it."

With a wet, white face, Perez grinned broadly.