MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 69

As if the situation itself was a play made for entertainment, Lulac's face was full of smiles, but his collar smelled of wind.

He ran from Lombardi to here without delay.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Angenas' guest, Ferdinand Angenas, screamed as he pointed his finger at Lulac.

"No matter how much Lombardi says he'll go, it's definitely crossing the line to barge into His Majesty's office!"

"Cross the line? So now you're here to ask His Majesty to take away Gallahan's business and ask him to do it for you?"

"Well, how do you......."

"Angelas has found out the secret of my family, and I can't read her dirty tricks."

Lulac strode and walked right under the nose of Ferdinand Angenas.

Lulac's shadow fell over Ferdinand, short and slender.

"Did you just tell me you crossed the line?"

"Oh, yes! How dare you in your Majesty's office......!"

Lulac held up one hand threateningly, as if to twist the neck of Ferdinand Angenas, who repeated the same words like a parrot.


Pressed down by the momentum, Ferdinand had to bite his teeth in order not to scream at the strong grip that seemed to break his shoulders the next moment.

Lulac said sluggishly, leaning toward Ferdinand's ears.

"Did you sell your conscience and your head, Ferdinand?"

Only in the ears of Ferdinand Angenas.

"Just as it is now your best not to scream, if I move, Angenas will be like you."

"Are, are you threatening me?"

"Yes, it's a threat. Listen, Ferdinand Angenas."

Lulac's voice became even lower.

"From the moment you set foot in the palace to steal the ready-to-wear business when you heard that my son was ill, you crossed the line."

Wrinkled brown eyes glowed blue with anger.

"You crossed the line that was protecting Angenas from me on all fours. Do you understand, Ferdinand?

Ferdinand Angenas gulped down.

Although he knew Lulac was ruthless in his work.

It was driven by a thorough calculation that things might end up like this.

Somehow, as Lulac said, he kept thinking that he crossed the line that he shouldn't cross.

Regret was raised inside Ferdinand.

And as if he had read the mind, Lulac said with a crooked smile on his face full of traces of time.

"Yeah, you'll think about it countless times in the future. you'll regret it, and you'll regret it again. You shouldn't have touched Gallahan at the time."

Finally, Lulac, who grabbed Ferdinand Angenas' shoulder hard enough to make a harsh sound, turned around.

"Long time no see, Durac Top."

"I'm sorry..." Croyton Angenas apologised unknowingly.

"No, it's not. Don't apologize now. There will be a lot of things to be sorry about."

Lulac smiled and said, but Durac's top leader's face turned paler.

Ferdinand Angenas looked at the Emperor Jovanes with a belated look for help, but he was only sipping his drink thoroughly on the sidelines.

"So Gallahan really has Tlenbrew disease? Is the rumor true?"

The emperor asked Lulac.

"That's right."

"Well, that's not good enough."

"There's nothing to worry about, Your Majesty."

"But if you have Tlenbrew's disease, if it's next season......."

Yovanes also slid away from Lulac's words.

But what he meant was as much as he had already said.

"Gallahan is being treated now."

"Cure? But Tlenbrew's disease doesn't have a cure, does it?"

"That's what it has been the case so far."

Lulac paused for a moment.

"A new treatment has been developed. He's recovering at a very rapid pace. So Gallahan will be fine."

"Oh, my God!"

A bewildered cry broke out from Ferdinand Angenas.

Tlenbrew's cure is ridiculous.

Galahan Lombardi could be better?

Lulac moved even though he knew he would be angry because he calculated that if he could have a ready-to-wear business, he would be worth the risk.

But if Gallahan really does survive.

Cold sweat ran down his back.

"What if Gallahan doesn't recover? What are you going to do then?"

Yovanes looked at Lulac with snake-like eyes.

"At that time, Lombardi was responsible for continuing the business. That's not going to happen. Gallahan will shake off his seat and stand up."
Lulac said that and left the office.

Never forget to stare at Ferdinand Angenas for the lastly.

"Well, let's see what we can do. You can't kill Gallahan, who's fine."

Yovanes said, gently shaking the glass small.

Ferdinand Angenas had to swallow bitter water rising from his stomach.

* * *

Madame Sushou stared at Shananet, who sat in front of her.

"To hear rumors of Gallahan's illness. Is this how Lombardi treats the family he's trying to partner with?"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you in advance."

Shannanet bowed his head politely.

The sight made Madame Sushou even angrier.

"What an excuse! How can I trust Gallahan and start a big business!"


Shannanet called Madame Sushou in a quiet voice, and took out a letter from her arms.

It was a letter from Gallahan.

When she opened it, Madame Sushou let out a low-pitched sound.

[To Aunt Bertrix

I'm guessing you must be very upset to hear about my situation by now.

I'd like to tell you that I tried to let you know when the time came, but that would make me lie to my aunt.
For the future of my daughter, Tia, I tried to keep it secret for as long as possible.

However, in this situation where everything is known contrary to my intention, I would like to ask my aunt a shameful favor.

Trust me and wait for a moment.

If you don't believe me trying to deceive my aunt, trust the person I trust who took this letter.

I will try my best to meet and deliver good news in person.


"A shrewd fellow......."

She thought he was just a gentle, soft guy.

The father-like nectar is done.

It's heartbreaking to get angry at her sick nephew when he lie down flat and say 'Auntie'.

Madame Sushou, whose face turned angry, asked Shannanet.

"I can't believe you're going to tell me in person. What do you mean?"


Shannanet tried to hide the confusion.

She's not showing it, but she's trying to come to terms with it as much as Madame Sushou.

When she heard that Gallahan had Tlenbrew's disease, she was preparing to visit, when she came to Florentia.
She then reached out Gallahan's correspondence and was suddenly asked to visit Madame Sushou.

Please come back as Shannanet Lombardi, not as my dad's sister.

"A researcher who is a Lombardi scholarship student has just invented a medicine for Tlenbrew."

"So, Gallahan could be better?"

"We're in the middle of treatment."

Gallahan, Shannanet, brother and sister can't lie either.

Madame Sushou looked at Shannanet with her squinty eyes.

"What if I believe in it and wait and it shoots me in the foot? Angenas came to us at any moment, ready to jump in, holding Sushou by the hand."


Shannanet clenched her fist after confirming what she had guessed.

"Auntie, Gallahan is my brother, but he is foolishly incapable of telling lies. It would be nice to behave a little less, but he's a foolish man who can't."

It hasn't been hours since she heard that such a brother was terminally ill.

But now there's no room for grief and confusion with Shannanet.

It was best for a brother who would be bedridden to get this done properly by Gallahan.
"I believe Gallahan is doing his best to overcome the disease at this moment. However, if Gallahan fails to fulfill his promise......."

Shannanet recalled the words of her little nephew.

'Please go as Shannette Lombardi, not as my father's sister.'

Did the child expect to have to say this in advance?

Shannanet smiled furtively at the thought of nothing.

And said Madame Sushou, looking straight in the eye.

"Then please trust Lombardi. The Gallahan child is also the founder of the Gallahan Garment Shop, but is the son of Patriarch Lulac Lombardi. And Lombardi never disappoints those who believe in Lombardi."

There was a moment of silence.

Then Madame Sushou let out a low sigh.

"......Tell Gallahan not to worry about Sushou, but to focus on treatment. I'll definitely say I'll stop by sooner or later."

"Yes, Aunt."

Shannanet rose from her seat, hiding her slightly shaky hand in the wide dress sleeve.

"And, Shannanet."

Madame Sushou said, rubbing her forehead with a tired face.

"Tell your husband we don't want to sell the mine, so stop persuading me."
"...... a mine?"

Shannanet was embarrassed for a moment and soon hid his expression and nodded.

"Yes, Auntie. I'll do that."

Three weeks have already passed since the commotion.

Fortunately, all that happened at once was over, but it was all a stopgap.

The only solution is to make Tlenbrew's cure and recover my father.

Estira is working to her best, but has yet to find a breakthrough.

My father's illness was steadily deteriorating like in his last life.

"...I'll be back."

And in this situation I had to go in to act as Perez's supporter.

I'd like to stay by his bedside, but my father pushed me to go play with Perez and get some fresh air.

It's what my father wants, but I have to go.

I loaded myself into the carriage with a glum face.

In the hours of arriving at the palace from Lombardi's mansion, all sorts of thoughts went through my mind.

And finally, I arrived at Poylac Palace, where Perez lives.

"Hi, Tia."

Perez greeted with a smile that seemed invisible.

To be honest, I was annoyed.

It was also a waste of time with Perez in this situation where I had to spend another hour with my father.

After receiving my dry greeting, Perez stared at my face for a moment.

It was one of his habits.

"Let's go."

Then Perez's hand took my hand.

"What? Where are you going?"

"Where we're going to play for the day."

"I'm not in the mood to play."

"I know."

What the hell do you know?

It was about time my patience reached its limit.

Perez pushed the big door open with the other hand that didn't hold my hand.

"This is......."

"It's the library of Poylac Palace. Here's a collection of books and herbal books about Tlenbrew disease. As much as I can."

Perez said, pulling out a chair at the table in the middle of the library.

"Let's find out about Tlenbrew's disease together. Maybe we can find a way if we look for it."


"I'll help you this time."