MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 65

"Hmm? Gallahan? What are you doing here?"

Lulac paused the meeting and returned to his office.

It was because of a message that the Second Prince, who was supposed to meet after lunch, urgently came.

But it wasn't just Florentia and the Second Prince waiting for Lulac in the Oval Office.

Gallahan, who was on crutches, was also with them.

"The Second Prince said he had something for you, so I came in a hurry."

"To me?"

Lulac looked at Perez.

Since he is a guardian, he has been looking into stopping by Poylac Palace from time to time for the sake of his eyes.

But Lulac didn't get used to that eye of Perez.

Today, he also hid his innermost thoughts that seemed to twist uncomfortably when he met eyes with the second prince.

"Your Majesty told me to deliver."

Perez held out a gold envelope with a brief word.

"......I don't think it was supposed to be this way."

"I'm sorry."

Perez bowed his head deeply to Lulac.


Lulac looked disapprovingly at Perez and read the letter in two.

Before long, a low voice came from Lulac.


It seemed as if he would grab a piece of the letter and run to the palace.

Lulac's eyes sparkled with anger.

Viege and Bellesac, though, were entreaties.

This was a situation in which the emperor, Yovanes, was squeamish to Florentia with his son at the forefront.


Lulac opened his eyes wide and looked at his surprised granddaughter.

Looking at the innocent and beautiful face, making him more angry.

"How dare you look over my granddaughter?"

It was said that the sεメ of the same sεメ was a close friend, but the opposite sεメ was different.

Since ancient times in the imperial family, it has often been the case that the marriage wife has been in charge of this way.

It was a method of preoccupying before the age of formal marriage proposal was reached.

There's no way Yovanes wouldn't know that.

Of course, it's not a formal engagement and this doesn't just determine the future of Florentia.

She's Lulac Lombardi's granddaughter.

But being in a bad mood was another matter.

"Don't worry, Gallahan. I'll take care of this."

He was going to visit the palace tomorrow and throw these two pieces of correspondence to his face.

"I accept that."


At Gallahan's words, Lulac was surprised and asked again.

"I accept the Emperor's offer. Let's put Tia on the double charge."

It was not a brilliant decision.

Lulac shook his head and tried to explain.

"But Gallahan."

"I know how far an act of self-indulgence can lead, Father."

"Then why......."

But Lulac shut up on the way.

"I went yesterday. The doctor my father called came late yesterday."

At first glance, Lulac seemed to break his heart at Gallahan's calm words.

Gentleman also said that he had diagnosed Tlenbrew's disease.

Heaven was trying to take his son early.

Lulac, who was silent in sorrow, suddenly looked at Florentia.

The granddaughter was bowing her head down.

Perhaps the smart kid already knew that her father's leg wasn't just broken.

A son who can't bear to tell his daughter that he's sick, or a granddaughter who pretends not to know her father's condition.

Lulac felt like his heart was breaking.

Gallahan continued in a calm voice.

"At one point, I thought when there was a storm, you just had to lower yourself and wait for it to pass, Father. But now I know that's not the way to survive."

Lulac read what Gallahan said and nodded somberly.

No matter how much Lulac was involved in what happened after the death.

"So I fought the storm and tried to protect Tia....... If I can't, I'd like to give Tia whatever it is that can be of help, Father."

Lulac gritted his teeth at the sight of his son preparing for his death with his young daughter.

Crush your fist so you don't curse the sky right away.

And somewhere in a very tired voice said.

"Yeah, I see. If that's what you mean, so be it."

"Yes, father. And... ... Isn't it just a stomachache?"

"Okay. It is just a stomachache. Nothing more, nothing less."

Lulac said as if promising to Gallahan.

"Tia, normally dad would ask you for a doctor. This Time...."

"I know. It's up to you."
"Yes, thank you."

Gallahan's big hand stroked his daughter's soft brown hair.

Lulac looked at Perez, swallowing a sigh in his face.

"Second Prince."


"You know that Second Prince and First Prince are very different."

Perez nodded.

"The First Prince has a strong mother. And his mother is the Empress."

The Empress and Astana are safe as long as they do not immediately commit treason.

But Perez was different.

Patriarch Lombardi acts as a guardian, but it's by deal with the emperor.

At the slightest misstep, Perez's position as the Second Prince will be shaken endlessly.

Lulac, of course, wasn't worried about Perez.

As a result, he was worried that Florentia, his granddaughter, would be adversely affected in some form.

"I think you know what I mean."

"I know."

Lulac still disapproved of Perez, but he did not intend to oppose the mobilization if Gallahan wanted to.

There was only one question.

"But why did you tear up the letter?"

"......I found it difficult for Florentia to be my supporter."
"For that reason, you tore up the correspondence?"

"That's enough for one reason."

Lulac said nothing for a moment and then spit it out.

"That's one thing I like."

Then he glanced at Perez for the last time and turned around

"I've stopped the meeting for a while, so I have to go back. The Second Prince has come to my house, so get plenty of rest and go back. I will send you a reply to the letter separately. And Gallahan."

"Yes, Father."

"You go back and rest, come on."


Lulac, who left his office again, headed for the conference room where people were waiting.

Then he stopped walking and called Mark, the butler following him from behind.

"Ask for a famous name in the ecliptic. Don't let anyone know, carefully."

Lulac hasn't given up on Gallahan yet.

Even if Tlenbrew's disease was correct, it was intended to create a cure for it by any means.

"That's what money is for."

Lulac returned to the conference room with a weakened mind.

Viege was walking frantically down the hall.
Normally he would have contacted Dr. O'Malley to come to his place, but he couldn't wait.

Just a moment ago, he was on my way to see Gallahan heading to the second prince and the governor's office.

He wandered for a while because he hadn't been there before, but he was able to find the doctor's lab quickly.


With a loud noise, the door opened and startled Dr. O'Malley jumped out.

"How did you get here? If you send someone, I will go......."

"Gallahan, what's the disease?"

"Yes, yes... What do you mean?"

"Don't try to lie to me. I know Gallahan didn't really break his leg."

Viege's words were half bluffing.

He already knew that there was a disturbance at the back of the National Foundation Banquet.

However, the disturbance heard through humans was only a matter of the two princes pointing their swords at each other, and Gallahan never broke his leg.

But Gallahan returned to the mansion without walking much earlier than scheduled, and was already recuperating for several days afterwards.
Although he spread rumors of a broken leg, Viege had doubts.

"Well, that's......."

Dr. O'Malley was, of course, restless, unable to answer Viege immediately.

Viege whispered in a nice way to coax Dr.

"Look, Dr. O'Malley. I've already known everything. I'm asking if I can help my brother as an older brother."

The doctor hesitated for a moment, but soon fell for it.

"......Even if you know the name of the disease, there won't be much you can do to help."

"What do you mean...? What kind of disease did Gallahan have?"

"Tl, Tlenbrew's disease......."

All of Viege's movements stopped for a moment.

"Tlen...... Brew. Isn't that a dying disease?"

His voice trembled.

O'Malley closed his eyes as if he had returned to the day when he had given the name of the disease to the Petriarch and Gallahan himself.

No matter how bad the relationship is, even if it's Viege, his brother has a death disease, so he must be very sad.

That's what the doctor understood.

"Ha ha! ......Ha ha ha!"

Viege began to burst into laughter.

Laughing for a long time, Viege cried with a smile on his face.

"The sky is giving me a chance!"

He looked as if his ten-year-old burden had gone down.

Every laugh was imbued with pure joy.

He couldn't find a single person who would soon lose his brother to a terrible disease.

"Thanks, Gallahan! Thank you!"

Viege laughed for a long time without knowing that Dr. O'Malley was looking at him with a tired face.

After leaving my grandfather's office and breaking up with my father, Perez and I headed to the garden on the side of the annex.

Laurel went home together to help my father.

Coming to a quiet fountain, I looked back at Perez.

"What's wrong with you?"


"So, you, why are you so glum and reticent, looking at me?"

Perez was even careful about footsteps as if he were walking on thin ice.

And I was bothered by it bothers me.

"Tia, I think you're thinking something. And... and your father's work."

Perez was being considerate of me.
It was so funny of me to be annoyed at the moment.

A 13-year-old is still watching my mood, and I'm angry.

I sighed softly and said.

"Don't worry about my dad. Of course he have a bad disease. He's not going back."

"Do you happen to know the name of the disease?"

Perez asked carefully.



Perez tried to look as calm as possible, but failed.

First of all, it's hard to look at me with a dog-like face.

But I put my hands on my back and said.

"The person who made the cure for Tlenbrew disease is on her way. With the cure."