MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 64

"......who's coming?"

I closed the book I was reading and looked at Laurel.

"His Highness Second Prince is visiting the Lombardi mansion....... A little while ago, Pabal visited the Palace."

I doubted my ears for a moment.

Perez is coming to Lombardi?

Is it a situation where he can walk around like that?

Of course, it wasn't in a situation where he had to live with his breath as he did before, but it took him a lot to get out of Palace and wander around freely.

But he's coming to Lombardi right now, out of the emperor's order?

It's a perfect picture to be attacked by someone on the way here.


"Yes. He'll be there around noon."


Perez is not stupid.

There is no reason for Lombardi to come overboard.

"No, why on earth?"


Laurel shrugged and whispered.

"By the way, lady. Did you know him?"

Oh, come to think of it, Laurel doesn't know.

"Well, back in the day, it was a little. In the meantime, we just exchanged letters."

"Ah! By any chance, the......."

I nodded instead of answering.

Sure enough.

A strange smile appeared on Laurel's face.

"Oh, my God. So the Second Prince is coming to see my lady!"


It was clear that she had a strange imagination again.

"It's not like that. I'm sure there's something else going on."

"But given the fact that the papal palace of the Imperial Palace called him, doesn't that mean he's coming to see you?"

"Is it... is it? Was Laurel the only one who was there?"

"Well, no. It was just me and the butler."

The butler oversees the mansion, but usually takes care of my grandfather's surroundings.

"That means he's coming to see me and my grandfather......."

But there was no reason to speculate.

Especially in this situation where he and I pretend not to know each other.

"Well, we'll know when Perez comes."

They said he was coming here anyway, but I couldn't stop him.

And since the royal palace's pavals knocked on the door of the mansion from the morning, everyone would already know that Perez was coming.

I kept reading and ignoring Laurel who kept looking at me with an emoticon-like smile.

The book contained information on various rare diseases such as Tlenbrew and examples of treatment.

Time passed so quickly that the sun set in the middle of the sky.

Far away, Perez was seen running the imperial carriage.

However, there was a royal knight behind him and even a large imperial flag.

It meant a very formal visit.

My grandfather sent me a letter asking me to bring Perez to his office after lunch because he had a previous engagement.

But I wasn't the only one out in front of the mansion.

"Shananet, Viege, and Laurens. They've all sent their families to greet."

Laurel spoke softly to my ears.

That's right.

Everyone seemed to send someone to see the situation because it was hard for him to come out himself.

It's not the first prince who came and went, but why is the second prince visiting Lombardi?

And why he called me.

I could tell by the constant gaze of the servants.

Dagdag, Clapdak.

Finally, the horse stopped walking and the door to the fancy carriage opened.

Today, Perez, who is close to expressionless, walked toward us.

But I could tell from Perez's sparkling eyes.

He's so excited right now.

I quickly bent my knees slightly and lightly courteous before Perez made a mistake.

"Hello, Your Highness Second Prince. Welcome. I've been waiting."

"Oh....... Hello, Lady Lombardi."

Perez looked around for a moment and adjusted to my rhythm.

"Unfortunately, my grandfather has a previous engagement, so I'll take you to his place. Let's have lunch together and go to Grandpa's office."


It's a success.

I managed to greet awkwardly like people I knew.

The persistent eyes of the servants who had been on duty persisted until we left the hall of the mansion and entered the annex.

Although the butler gave me a strict warning and I fell apart.

It was only when I came into my house after a long hallway that I was able to relax.

Fortunately, the knights accompanied by Perez settled down to protect outside the front door.
I asked, plopting down on the sofa in the drawing room.

"Whoa, what are you doing here, Perez?"

"To see you."

"Don't play with me."

"I'm telling you."

Laurel's eyes widened as me and Perez began to squabble.



"You're much closer than I thought......."



Laurel was surprised to the point where Perez called my name.

"How can the lady name......."

"Tia mentioned it a few times in the letter."

"Oh, yeah.... I see."

Laurel blushed red as she looked at me.

"Don't change the subject. Why did you come today?"

"Oh, Lady......."

Laurel looked with astonishment at my sharp voice.

As a matter of fact, I was a little embarrassed, too.

It shouldn't have been this annoying.

My nerves seemed to be much more sensitive than usual due to my father's work.

"I'm here to tell you this."

Perez pulled an envelope from his arms with a nonchalant face.

The one that can be recognized outside 10 liters by applying molten gold.

"Wait, is that the Emperor's letter?"

What do you mean yes?

I knew Perez was out of pint somewhere.

The emperor's letter is different from that written by ordinary people.

If the emperor officially has someone deliver the letter, he or she will have a heavy responsibility to deliver the letter to the person whose name is written on the envelope as soon as possible.

This is common sense for every Imperial citizen!

Perez was just glancing at me and Laurel, who were embarrassed.

I hurried through the envelope.

"Lulac Lombardi......."

"Uh, I'll send someone to the office!"

Rolled up the hem of the dress in one hand so that Laurel could jump.


I raised one hand and stopped Laurel.

"Perez, do you happen to know what's in this envelope?"

"He's going to use you as my man."

Perez had no hesitation in releasing the contents of the emperor's letter.

I sighed, grabbing my head.

"It's a pain in the neck......."

Being the emperor as father is nothing short of an official declaration that the child's family or family will support the prince in the fight for the throne.
I could tell just by looking at Astana and Bellesac.

After announcing that he went to the First Prince, such people gathered around Viege.

As Viege, who is expected to be Lombardi's next major, supports the First Prince, the stock price of Angenas was also rising day by day.

"Are you in trouble?"

Perez asked me.

"Well, not so good."

Already Astana, or the Empress, has gone haywire over this.

Astana and I had a fight, not the other way around, but the sword pushed down Astana's neck.

In addition, it spread widely that Perez could use aura.

At the same time, the fact that the second prince officially appeared in the official event of the National Foundation Banquet, and Perez, who is only 13 years old, used aura was a genius.

But falling out with Astana was a different matter from being a Perez person altogether.

To be exact, Lombardi's father, the third sons of the state, declares his support for Perez.

This can have a huge impact on my father's business.

It was when I was in agony.
Perez and I made eye contact.

The slightly frowned eyes stared at me and asked.

"So it's a pain in your neck to be my supporter?"

I nodded slightly and tried to explain to him why.


"What are you doing?"


Perez tore the emperor's letter in half exactly.

I think he's crazy!

But Perez said firmly.

"I don't need it if I'm putting you in trouble."

"Oh, no matter how much!"

It's a letter from the Emperor, though!

I stared blankly at the half-cut letter in my hands.

"Your thoughts were short."

Perez said rather calmly.

"I thought it would be nice to be on the move."

"Hey, are you mad?"

In a way, he deserved to feel bad.

I asked carefully, but Perez shook his head.

"No, I mean it. Forget this letter. I'll take care of it."

What are you going to do?

Perez is in trouble now when he is out of the eyes of the emperor.

"No, I have to attach it well and take it to my grandfather."

Grandfather was the recipient of the letter.

"What correspondence are you talking about?"

"Oh, Dad...."
My father stood leaning against the open bedroom door frame.

"Lord Lombardi."

Perez quickly greeted my father.

"What correspondence are you referring to, Prince?"

Perez looked at me for a moment and stuck out the half torn Emperor's letter.

My father agonized over these children and asked.

"Apparently, it's a letter to use Tia as the prince's supporter."

"Yes, it is."

"Your Majesty will eventually......."

My father seemed to have guessed that this might happen.

Was there a saying between adults?

Father looked at Perez with strange eyes for a moment.

Unlike my father, he had such a scary face that he was neither friendly nor friendly.

Perez's shoulders, which he met with such a father, flinched small and saw him struggling.

The two didn't move as if they were having eyes fight.


It was when I brought it up, which was worse.

My father, who was leaning against the door and standing hard, took something out of the back of the door.

It was crutches that Dr O'Malley left this morning.
"The Emperor's letter should be delivered immediately. Let's go to my father's office."

"I'm coming! My dad's legs are..."

"I can still walk."

Dad smiled and said firmly.

"I can walk on crutches. Your father has to help you."

The image of my father walking one step at a time on crutches was at stake.

The same was true when walking down the flat corridor, but even more so when walking down the stairs.

Me and Laurel offered to help, but my father refused.

"I can do it alone."

He was stubborn enough to show my grandfather's appearance in my father.

But at the same time the back was so big that I wasn't scared of anything in the world while heading to the office.