MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 61

As if to protect me from anything, the back that stood in front of me was unusually large and unshakable.


Astana stared at Perez as if he didn't even pray.

"Do you point the sword at me?"

Maybe you forgot the sword in your hand.

Astana said, gritted his teeth in anger.

I pretended to look at my father, sneaked my eyes on the back.

My grandfather was half way up from his seat, staring at Astana like he was burning his to death, and my father was pale-faced and tried to run to my rescue.

But my father was stopped at the hand holding his arm.

It was Emperor Yovanes.

"Your Majesty?"

Surprised father called, but the emperor did not look at him.

The two sons, standing at each other's swords, were watching with a look of interest.

When the emperor responded, the knights who were about to step up stepped back.

Then Astana was rather excited.

He seemed to think the emperor had taken his side and laid a platform for stepping on Perez.

The tip of the sword, still pointing at me, touched like a smiling face.

"What are you gonna do? I guess you've gone to your head today's head. Know the subject..." Astana, who was laughing at Perez in the middle of the conversation, stopped talking and alternated between me and Perez.

"Oh, do you both feel homogeneous about having a lowly mother?"

Two pads at a time.

As expected, Astana was a wanker.

"You're going to be half-baked or something like that?"

"Your Highness the First Prince!

Eventually, my father, who couldn't stand it, vented his anger.

But at a glance at such a father, Astana only identified the emperor who was still silent, and continued to be sarcastic.

"How dare you point the sword at me, the only Prince of the Empire?"

Astana said so and swung the sword loudly.

Of course you would have thought you'd win.

Perez was so small when he was young, and the period of formal sword learning was incomparably long.

With all his might, the weight-bearing sword came out and fell toward Perez.

No, it was definitely me behind Perez who was still on the edge of the sword.

I stared straight at Astana without backing down.

"What, what?"

To see that face.


Astana's confidently wielded sword-top side was cut off and fell to the floor.

It was a very neat cross section.

"This is now......."

Astana, who looked vainly at the cut cut sword, was speechless for a long time.

Then he yelled at Perez.

"You, you bastard! What kind of cowardice did you do!"

"Get back."

"What kind of cowardice did you do?"

As Perez's sober voice rather added fuel to the fire, Astana was completely beside himself.

Look at that nut job.


He screamed at the mill with blood in his neck, and looked around.

"Your, Your Highness! No!"

"Give it to me!"

Astana eventually took the sword away from a knight who couldn't completely block the prince's hand.

Shouldn't we stop it?

The knight looked at the emperor with those eyes, but there was no particular name.

The knight, unable to rescue the prince's body without permission, eventually had to see himself in Astana's hands.


Now, shouting, Astana swung the knight's sword.

The golden blade unique to the Imperial Knights flashed.


Too much.

The result was the same a while ago.

A sword cut in half fell on the carpet.

Now Astana couldn't say anything.

He breathed and stared blankly at the sword that had been cut off.

"Uh, how do you......."

Then, Perez's sword moved gently.

It was a flexible movement as if water were flowing.

"If you don't want to die, I told you to back off."


With a low resonance, Perez' sword had a blue glow.


"Oh, come!"

The knight was shocked to find out the identity of the blue light.

There was never a swordsman who spewed aura at that age.

The vivid blue color.

"Hey, that's ridiculous......."

Astana was rubbing his eyes now.

"How can you be such a...... come...."

So does he, and so does Bellesac.

Can't you just throw away that "you" word.

I've just seen him cut your sword like tofu twice, and you can't believe it.


Perez's sword tip with a blue aura headed for Astana.
"Cancel the half-baked one."

It wasn't like Astana's sword, which was restless.

Perez's black, which was not shaken at all, was threatening to stab Astana.

"I feel like I'm gonna apologize to you......."

"Not me."

Perez said, pushing the sword further into Astana's neck.

Huh? Me?

Naturally, I thought he was referring to what he called half-hearted, but I looked at Perez in surprise.

Perez's red eyes had sunk darkly.

His eyes, as smooth and sharp as a blade, glared at Astana.

He was really so angry that I was called half-hearted.

* * *


It was the emperor.

"Put the sword down."

But Perez was still aiming at Astana.

He didn't seem to intend to unload the sword.

I poked Perez in the ribs invisible to others.

If you disobey the Emperor and get caught, you'll be in trouble!

Fortunately, Perez slowly lowered his sword.

Then Astana cried out suddenly.

"The magic is clear!"

He pointed his finger at Perez and said as if he was angry with the emperor.

"Otherwise, how!"

"You too, Astana."
The emperor said with a frown.

"But Your Majesty! He pointed the sword at me! To me!"

"The first time the First Prince had done a disservice to my granddaughter."

My grandfather cut off Astana's words.

"Well, that's...."

"The Second Prince is guilty of protecting my granddaughter from the First Prince who pulled out a knife."

Astana looked at the emperor as if for help, but Yovanes seemed to have no intention of doing so.

He just looked at the situation by becoming a perfect bystander.


Astana was just huffing and standing at my grandfather's words.

My grandfather told the emperor that there was no sign of remorse.

"I think the First Prince is still very angry, so I think it's better to cool off alone."

"You'd better do that."

Yovanes, who immediately agreed with my grandfather, winked at the knights.

"Let go of me! Argh! Let go of me!"

Astana struggled as both arms were stitched together by the knights.

Joo-hae, Joo-hae.

I clicked my tongue at the sight.

Astana was dragged outside, and the room was barely quiet.
"Are you all right?"

Perez asked me.

"Yes, I'm fine......."

I was trying to answer without much thought, but I remembered where I am now.

Sure enough.

The emperor was watching us.

"It's okay. Thank you."

After bowing politely to Perez, I turned right around.

But the Emperor's strange gaze does not deviate from me.

What's wrong with him?

I pretended to be as casual as I could, and walked with a blank face.

"Tia, are you hurt?"

My father strode up and asked, kneeling on one knee, lowering himself and hugging me tightly.

"I'm not hurt. Oh, but I remembered the hem of my clothes teared by Astana.

"Oh, my... my Tia's painstaking dress is torn."

How powerful it is to be stupid.

The silk, which I thought was simply ripped off, will be torn at all and will not be repaired.

I should've whispered to Perez earlier to throw it away.

If I did, I'd probably stab without a little hesitation, Perez.

No wonder it must have been like that way.

"I apologize for Astana's rudeness."
Emperor Yovanes said, for some reason.

"And Perez."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Good job. A man should know how to stand up for a woman."

Perez probably couldn't find a word to answer.

Just looked at me for a moment and nodded slightly.

"But I was surprised, too. I can't believe you're so indifferent about everything....."

Yovanes looked at Perez interestingly.

"It must have been because the First Prince dared to draw a sword before His Majesty."

My grandfather intercepted the conversation sensibly.

My grandfather was the only one who knew that Perez and I knew each other and had been close.

"Hmm. Is that so....?"

The emperor was now back in his usual easy-going face, forgetting Astana at all.

It was a completely different look from my father, who still hugged me and was anxious.

"But it's the first time Perez has seen anything like that......."

"Don't put too much meaning into it, Your Majesty."

"Yeah, that'd be great. How's the exhaustion, Gallahan?"

My father's touch, which had been patting me on the back, stopped.
"What do you mean, Your Majesty?"

"Finally your daughter and Perez are about the same age, so why don't we put them in a boat? From the looks of your personality, you two look pretty good together."

No, which part?

I was dumbfounded.

It seemed to be the same for grandfather and father.

Perez was the only one whose eyes glistened at the emperor's words.

"......You'd better get up for today."

Grandfather said with a stiff complexion.

His lips twitching seemed very upsetting.

"Let's go, Gallahan."

"......Yes, Father."

My father also answered and raised himself on one knee.


My father's body shook.


I held my father's hand leaning to one side.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, no. Maybe one leg is numb......."


Grandfather shouted loudly.

But my father's body began to fall to one side again.

Flop, thump!

A loud sound carrying the weight rang the floor.


My father also sat on the floor and looked puzzled because he didn't understand the situation.

"What's going on?"
Grandfather asked.

"I don't know. Why is my right leg so......."

My father's hand clenched his right leg.

"Would you rather call a doctor?"

Yovanes also approached and asked casually.

I gritted my teeth, while everyone was bewildered and unaware of anything.

It finally started.

A disease that gradually doesn't listen to one side of the body, spreads quickly and eventually loses the ability to move the whole body.

Eventually, the paralysis reached the chest, so he couldn't open his eyes and breathe, dying in agony.

Tlenburg, which killed my father, has an outbreak.