MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 58

"Ha ha. Nothing has changed, Aunt."

I laughed as if my father had lost.

"Sure. Where does an old woman change easily?"

Madame Sushou also had a playful look at my father.

"Are your brothers not present?"

Viege and Laurels did not attend the banquet today.

I heard that the two have been busy trying new business together recently.

No one knew what the business was yet.

Shannanet wanted to come to the banquet together, but the twins caught a fever at the same time and couldn't join us.

Instead, my father sent me a decorative button to go well with the clothes he wore today.

"Ha ha, you're busy people."

Father answered as if nothing had happened, but Madame Sushou clicked her tongue.

"They've been sprouting since they were a kid. Laurels, that idiot was busy chasing after Viege's pant leg."

"Did they?"

"Yes, Viege was so greedy that he once lost his jaw while trying to take a bite out of the cookies that I had given you and Laurels. He'll never know if his stomach explodes after being greedy."


Gosh, I laughed so hard.


I quickly coughed and pretended not to be, but Madame Sushou's eyes sting.

She is a woman who hates people who are as naughty and bad manners as her fiery personality.

I felt like I was sweating behind my back.

I spoke to my father quickly.

"Can I take a look around the banquet hall, Dad?"

"Huh? Yeah, Tia's bored. Don't go to dark places, just stay in this banquet hall."

"Yes, Dad!"

I did not forget to bow politely to Madame Sushou and walked away.

For now, it's an operational retreat.

"Isn't her dress so pretty, Auntie?"

Looking at Gallahan smiling like a ten-year-old boy yet, Bertrix Sushou felt a little bit sad.

It was Natalia and Bertrix, who were especially close to each other when they were young.

The relationship may be awkward between a sister-in-law and Olke, but the two were as close as their own sisters.

Natalia left the world first, and her missing face was blurred in her memory.

Natalia's amiable figure in Gallahan's smiling face was alive and vivid as a lie.

It was also true that Gallahan, who inherited Natalia's gentle and quiet personality, was often worried about whether he would be okay among the brothers.

"It doesn't look bad."

"Is that right? But that lovely thing......."

Gallahan's eyes, looking at his daughter's round back head, fell with affection.

"I'm not saying it's because she's my daughter. Tia is a really smart kid. In fact, Tia decorated that outfit herself. She wears jewelry as she pleases and sticks different fabrics."

"Oh, really?"

Bertrix's wrinkled eyes captured a new Florentia dress.

It was a very sophisticated and eye-catching dress for her eyes.

She was also about to ask the name of the person who designed the clothes.

But the kid who's only ten years old was the one.

Madame Sushou, who was watching Florentia disappear inside the balcony for a while, said jokingly on purpose.

"She have a sense of beauty, I'm glad she doesn't look like her father."

"Au, Aunt! What's wrong with me......."

Instead of answering, Bertrix looked down at Gallahan with disapproving eyes.

"You're born with such a good look that you can only use that much and talk a lot."

A slight blush, Gallahan turned to the subject of Florentia again.

"Everyone says Tia looks like me......."

"That child?"

Madame Sushou smirked.

"A soft person like you is fundamentally different from that child."

"But she's my daughter. If she doesn't look like me......."

"Shan, it was. The name of that child's mother."

Gallahan kept his mouth shut.

It's been a long time, but it's still a painful name.

"Yes, that child resembles her mother. Especially those peppered eyes."

Somewhere calm, clear, purposeful eyes.

Apart from everything, it wasn't the eye a ten-year-old could have.

How did this soft Gallahan bring up such a child?

Madame Sushou also had a deep curiosity.

"It's not a big chunk of land. There are large mountains and rivers around one, and the land is fertile, so it won't be enough for a family to live on."
It was as if the reason for the funeral was a small country funeral.

Before the Lambrew Empire, however, it was a major transportation hub connecting the central and southern continents, and a large granary with perfect flat land and mild climate.

Sushou was nothing short of giving Gallahan quite a big piece of flesh.

"The land was originally intended for Natalia to take to Lombardy as a dowry. But it stayed in Sushou because she didn't want Lombardy's territory to grow any more."

"That's not much... I didn't know."

"I don't think she's the type to talk all the time. Now that you have your own land, don't look around anymore."

Gallahan's shoulders wince slightly.

"Maybe the eldest son, Viege, will be the next Patriarch. So when the time is right, you bring your daughter to Chesail. A warm south would be better for a child to grow up."

"Thank you very much, Aunt."

Gallahan bowed his head and said greeting.

Madame Sushou's funny voice stuck to the top of her head.
"Not for free."


"If you're grateful, open a branch of Gallahan's Garment to Sushou."

Gallahan's eyes were gleaming.

"It would be more appropriate for Sushou, whose garments and fabrics have developed than for their lands. Don't you think so?"

Gallahan can't answer easily.

'Ha ha...' laughed hard.

* * *

I kept an eye on my father and Madame Sushou, pretending to be distant.

I don't need to look into the curtain patterns of the banquet hall or check how transparently the wine glasses have been cleaned.

This meeting today was important.

It was obvious that wealthy people from each region gathered in one place under the pretext of awarding my father's medal would covet the branches of the clothing store.

So Sushou was the most appropriate candidate after picking a branch candidate based on this and that in advance.

There were simply two reasons.

One is that clothing and textiles have already been developed, so I thought it would be a good match for the ready-to-wear business, and the other is due to the climate conditions in the southern part of the country where Sushou is located.
The climate in the center of the empire is mild, with little difference in temperature during the four seasons.

The ready-to-wear clothes of the clothing store are tailored to it.

In the west, which is too hot, or in the north, on the contrary, the region has its own way of dressing, so it is necessary to create new clothes in order for a clothing store to open.

But in the south or east, where the climate is similar, clothes can be brought and sold.

However, the east has a disadvantage that it is difficult because there are many mountainous areas on the way.

So what was left was the South, and that was the center of the South.

In addition, some calculated that since she was a relative who cared about my father a little bit, she could save even a little bit of the tax he had to pay.

Fortunately, the atmosphere was still good from afar.

It was a moment when I swept my heart while looking at my father's smiling face.

A hand approached me with an arm against the balcony and pulled me.


It was a touch of consideration without pain, but it was the same as surprised.
I was standing on a dark balcony in a flashy, bright banquet hall.


Mi-sung, whose voice has not yet ripe, came from behind my back.

Dark hair and dark red eyes that can't be distinguished from the night sky.

"Hi, Perez."

He smiled at me when I called his name.

Look at the slightly raised corners of the mouth or slightly bent eyes, Perez seemed to be smiling quite brightly.


"You surprised me when you pulled me all of a sudden."


Apple's quick personality was similar before and now.

He had changed a lot.

Where did his physique go, which was small and thin and could not be seen at his age, and now he is much taller.

When he stood side by side with a male adult, his head seemed to reach around their shoulder.

"Long time no see. How are you?"

He looked down at me and asked.

But just in time, the moon came out of the clouds.

Perez' white skin shone beautifully in the moonlight falling from the sky.

Wow, his skin is so nice.

It was like seeing a sample of teenagers who ate well and lived well in a smooth-looking environment without blemishes.
I'm so proud.

It made me smiled.

"As I said in the letter. I've been fine. How about you? Imperial life, isn't it hard?"

"......are you worried?"

He spoke in a strangely pleased tone.

"Of course."

He's the future crown prince who gave me a seat in the palace.

"Tia, as you said. Eat well, learn well. Sometimes it's hard."

"Are you having a hard time? Is the swordsman giving you a hard time?"

I once heard from Caitlin of Perez' sword teacher.

I was worried because he was such a strict trainer, but I'm more worried because Perez did it without saying it was hard.

"Not really. It's just that sometimes..." Perez's eyes turned to me.

And stare without saying a word.


"No. Earlier, did I do well?"

The guy who didn't answer my question properly asked me.


"When I entered with the Emperor. I've had a lot of patience."

Perez replied.

"It was nice to see you after a long time, but I pretended to don't know. They said we shouldn't know that we know each other. So I put up with it."
Are you asking for a compliment?

"So, I did a good job, didn't I?"

You're asking for a compliment, right.

I think he's all grown up now.

He's still a fool.

Swallowing a sigh inside, I looked at Perez.

Even under poor lighting, sparkling eyes only look at me.

It makes me want to check his ass to see if he really has a black fluffy tail.

"Bow down."

I spoke to Perez in a gesture.


Don't understand me, a big question mark appeared on his face.

"Come here."

I flicked my finger again.

Only then did Perez, who understood what I meant, say a small 'Ah!' and slowly bend over.

Black glossy hair gradually approaches me.

In fact, it's a big deal for someone sees it.

Perez, the royal family, bowed to me.

But he didn't seem to have such qualms.

"Good job."

I stroked Perez's head hard.

"Well done, Perez."

His eyes were softened.