MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 57

The eyes with strange light were clearly looking at me and Perez.

Did we get caught?

It was a failure.

No one should know that Perez and I still know each other.

I quickly escaped the eyes of the emperor.

But I could feel it.

That persistent gaze stays with me for a while longer.

But a moment later, when I looked again, the emperor was talking to my father and grandfather with the same face as before.

Did it miss him?

There was a possibility that I was frightened by the gaze Yovanes gave thoughtlessly.

Either way, I tried not to look at Perez again.

"Let's start with the medal and enjoy the banquet."

Yovanes looked back at the nobles gathered and said.

My father, who had been holding my hand until now, said kindly as he stood me by my grandfather.

"Dad be right back."

He was nervous enough to get cold hands, but he take care of myself first.

The children over there were nothing like the emperor who made them best man for himself and didn't care.

I gave my father a little kiss on the cheek with my support.

My father smiled broadly, saying that it cheered him up.

Emperor Yovanes stood on the podium in front of the people, and his aides brought medals.

When I saw my father walking to the center, everyone looked up at the podium.

There was Perez, proudly a member of the imperial family.

Astana, who had just entered puberty, was next to the empress and was really staring at Perez with a poop-chewing face.

You still can't control your expression even when you get older.

Then suddenly, I looked at Perez.

He was still looking at me.

Whether it's a good feeling or a bad feeling.

The expressionless face, which is hard to understand, fits a hundred times better than Astana as an imperial family.

I smiled at him and turned back to the podium.

Depending on the recipient, the medal was different, and my father's medal was seen as a large gold necklace.

And then there was another aide standing behind it.

Like the medal, he was holding something preciously with his hands.

"Come out here, Sir Lombardy."

At the emperor's words, my father knelt in front of him.

"I, Yovanes Canabo Lambrew Durelli, present you with the International Medal of Merit."

Contrary to what had been grinning a little while ago, a low, resonant voice solemnly declared.

"You deserve this medal because you have contributed to my willingness to care for the people of Lambrew in an ingenious attempt that no one has ever thought of."

A necklace with an imperial seal stuck in my father's neck.

"I also give a special gift to Gallahan Lombardi, along with the medal, because the achievement is very good."

A special gift?

The second waiting official came forward.

And what was handed down to the emperor was an old leather scroll.

Yovanes spread it out, made it visible to everyone, and gave it to my father.

"As of today, the great Lombardy has declared himself the owner of the Chesail region."

Oh my.

I wasn't the only one taking a quick breath.

Everyone gathered at the banquet hall was shocked.

Except, as you know, a calm grandfather and a grinning emperor.

Although the Order of the Foundation International Medal had a special meaning, the biggest gift presented with the medal was the villa.

It was also a kind of villa ticket that was returned to the imperial family when the person who received the medal died.

What do you mean by "youngji"?

And that scroll made of leather is a land document no matter how hard I look at it.

Moreover, the Chesail area is not directly controlled by the imperial family.

It is the second largest river in the Lambrew Empire, the Nocta River, where grain production is high and population density is high.....

"Madame Sushou!"

Someone shouted in a small voice.

Behind the emperor's left side, the gray-haired old lady did not lose her noble figure, regardless of the concentration of people.

Beatrix Sushou.

My grandmother, Natalia Sushou, is an old lady who serves as the head of the Alkaya Southern wealthy Sushou family.

Originally, the Chesail area, the land of the West Sushou family, was granted to my father.

That meant the will of Beatrix Sushou.
My father looked at the land document in his hands with a blank face and said,

"Your Majesty, I will take good care of it."

The medal ceremony was short, but the afterglow was big and long.

"Come on, sit down and rest for a while......."

My father held the land document in his hands and murmured.

"Ha ha! Your liver is so small that you can be a lord!"

Emperor Yovanes came back to his chirping face and made fun of my father.

Yeah, I'm sure it'll feel good.

He's just showing off to other people's land.

Now Yovanes, who said he would enjoy the banquet, disappeared among the nobles, and I stalked beside my father.



My father smiled helplessly at me.

"What am I supposed to do with such a good thing......."

Rather than the joy of having land, the burden and debt were ahead.

"How can you do that? Thank you, you just have to say hello and live well."


What approached was Madame Bertrix Sushou.

She's the one who'll be the aunt to my father.

My father smiled helplessly at me to the point where I wondered if the rumor of her being strict was real.
Madame Sushou was famous for her unfortunate personal history.

She had two children, but they all died in an accident and sent her husband first.

The family members have been demanding that the family hand over her rights for years because she have no succession, but she ignore all of them and hold power firmly.

But there's also something that's so famous, her aesthetic sense and fashion sense.

The influence of Bertrix Sushou is so strong that the trend of imperial fashion begins in the south.

Will all kinds of textile merchants be located in the West Sushou estate?

Until the opening of the Gallahan Garment Store, what people think of when they think of "clothes" was Sushou, not Lombardy.

I pretended as much as I could, but I couldn't help being a little nervous.

Sure enough.

Madame Sushou's gaze reached me.

"Oh, this is my daughter, Florentia. She's a grandmother to you."

"Hello, Madame Sushou. I'm Florentia Lombardi."

Madame Sushou is proud of what she has achieved.
So I thought it would be better to call it an official name rather than a relative's.

Fortunately, Madame Sushou also nodded with a slight smile as if she liked my side.

And she went through the clothes I wore.

Plain but sharp brown eyes sparkled with interest.

"Oh, you look great in your clothes."

"Thank you for the compliment, Madame Sushou. It's from a clothing store in Galleria."

"Is this a ready-to-wear outfit that I've only heard of?"

The old lady's eyes are round.

"It, it's a little too much to call ready-to-wear. She want to wear her own clothes to the banquet today, and it's very different because she's dressed up with a lot of decorations."

My father quickly explained, shaking his hands.

"This dress, this kid?"

Madame Sushou stared at me.

"Do you like it, ma'am?"

I asked with impatience.

"Hmmm. Yeah. What a beautiful dress."


I was a little nervous, but it worked, too.

In fact, the style of neatly inserting silk with colorful embroidery on the corner of the closet was popular in my previous life.
But I wasn't sure if it would work now because it was three or four years from now.

But now that she can't take her eyes off my dress, she seem to like it.

"Yeah, if you use ready-to-wear like this, you can get quite a variety of doubles."

Madame Sushou unconsciously muttered, touching the fabric of the dress I was wearing.

Before I knew it, my existence was something like a mannequin dressed in clothes, but it didn't matter.

That's why I'm wearing this, so thank you.

"The silk produced in Sushou can be in good harmony with the ready-made suits. What do you think, Gallahan?"

Madame Sushou asked my father.

"Oh, that's......."

My father was in the middle of choosing words for a while.

Another voice burst into conversation.

"The jewel on that garment belongs to our estate, Madame Sushou."

The long white beard was Jerome Ivan, the impressive Patriarch Ivan.

"What happened to Patriarch Ivan to the ecliptic?"

"Madame Sushou, South moved, and it's no big deal that I came."
"It's not like running over a flat land and over a mountain and over a lake."

There was a tense war of nerves between Madame Sushou and Patriarch Ivan.

"Everyone was here."

This time, only the east Luman goes.

All rich people from other regions gathered in one place, except for Angenas in the west.

My father was likely to gasp at any moment because he was oppressed by the energy of the three, and the nobles around him were wandering nearby because they wanted to overhear conversations between themselves.

Last but not least, Patriarch Luman directly asked my father.

"Yeah, I heard that Gallahan is planning to open a branch in the middle."

In the meantime, the clothing store spread around the center of the empire, the Central and Lombardy territories, and the surrounding middle and large territories.

And this time, I was searching for lands other than the center, and the rumor seemed to have circulated.

"On that, actually, I'm not the person who's working on that....."

My father said, sweating profusely.
"Oh, there it is. Clarivan!"

Just in time, Clarivan approached this side and greeted politely.

Wearing a silk tunic with a tinge of color, it suited the colorful banquet.

"It's Clarivan Pellet."

My father introduced Clarivan to two owners.

"I'm still inexperienced, so I'm only taking care of external affairs, and I'm in charge of the practical work of the clothing store, so this is the question......."

Actually, to be exact, I and Clarivan were the working people.

People don't know I exist, so Clarivan's share price is increasing these days.

"Oh, I see. Hey, go over there and have a glass of wine with me......."

"I have a very good rose wine from Luman."

Patriarch Ivan and Patriarch Luman quickly rushed to Clarivan.

The business meeting begins on the spot.

Clarivan will tell them more about what's going on and on later.

As the wealthy people of each region stepped up, the middle-class owners who attended the banquet for my father could not even hold out their business cards.
They just turned on the alcohol with a discontented face from afar.

But Madame Sushou was the only one who didn't win against the Clarivan.

Rather, shr came closer to my father and I and said,

"Let's talk about Chesail land, Gallahan?"

It was a smile of a winner who had already taken the lead in a good move.