MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 56

The situation became more interesting as I entered the banquet hall with a series of people's eyes like a heavy dress.

Those who filled the huge space got out of the way like the sea was splitting, and looked at the three of us with faces with various emotions.

"It's the Lombardi family......."

The hall was quiet before I knew it, enough to hear someone murmur clearly.

But it was weird.

No one actually approached us even though so many people were watching us.

Everyone whispered among themselves a few steps away.

Grandfather even looked around the crowd with a relaxed expression as if he was familiar with this situation.

And those who have eye contact with my grandfather all avoid eye contact or bow their heads.

It was as if they had met a predator.

Meanwhile, the female aristocrats could not take their eyes off their fathers.

I looked up at my father holding his right hand.

He is taller than other men, slim figure, white skin, and fine brown hair that comes down to his shoulders, which is the best in the crowd.

In particular, sweet green eyes with long eyelashes sparkle in the light of the banquet.

To define it in a word, it's like a handsome guy with a warm atmosphere.

My father looked down at me, perhaps because he felt my gaze looking up.

And put on a comfortable smile.

Maybe it meant you didn't have to be nervous.

But it wasn't me who was looking at my father that the smile had the effect of easing tensions.

Seeing women stumble here and there with my father's smiling face and legs loosened.

And to my surprise, there was me who was in the spotlight as much as my father and grandfather.

"That's Gallahan Lombardi's daughter, isn't it?

"Oh, how cute. As expected, Lombardi's children......."

"She looks just like her father!"

Fortunately, the response to the first impression is good.

But then I heard other words right away.

"She's an only child, aren't she?"

"She's the only heir right now."

My father has a huge asset in the ready-to-wear business, and that's what comes out loud.

And when I walked by a group of old ladies, I heard this.

"Gallahan's daughter is so intelligent that she is loved by the household lord."

"Have any of the successors ever taken by the Lombardy household lord to the banquet?"

"She would be about ten years old. She happen to be about the same age as my grandson."

And there were reactions I was waiting for.

"Whose dress is that? I've never seen a design before....."

"I'll have to find out later. That's so cute.."

"Look at those jewels. Oh, my God, the Empire's money these days is all about Lombardi and Gallahan clothing stores....."

It's also good to be the object of someone's envy.

This is the best feeling, this is thrilling.

As people continued to walk along the divided road like the Red Sea, there was a person at the end.

It was Empress Lavigne wearing a blue dress with colorful blond hair.

As she enjoys being the center of society, she arrived separately from the emperor and was already enjoying a banquet.

As we approached the Empress, we felt the air around her tense.

Now everyone who knows knows.

That the relationship between Lombardi and Angenas is not very good.

After my grandfather publicly became Perez's guardian, the social circle had been in uproar for a while.

Everyone is gulping down what will happen if the Empress of Angenas and Lombardi's falsetto collide at such a gathering.

But then, something that surprised everyone happened.

"Here comes the main character of today's banquet."

It was because the empress approached us first with a beautiful and harmless smile.

Those who expected a sharp war of words between the two families were dumbfounded.

However, my grandfather greeted Lavige with a world-friendly smile, whether he expected it to come out like that.

"Thank you for preparing such a beautiful and grand banquet, Empress."

"Lord Gallahan of Lombardi has been awarded the Order of His Majesty, and that's enough. Don't you think so?"

On the surface, it seemed like a neighborhood cousin who could no longer get along well.

"It's been a while, Empress."
My father said hello first.

The last time my father faced the Empress, things weren't so good.

The empress tried to take my father's lead even by breaking the oath using knights, and he even formally protested against the emperor's actions.

However, I could not feel such signs at all when I saw the empress smiling softly and receiving my father's greet.

The empress then looked at me greeting my father.

"You've grown up a lot since I haven't seen you, Florentia. In a few more years, the beautiful Lombardy Lady will rattle the social scene."

Lavigne, who said so, asked my grandfather.

"Lombardi's children have long been quick to decide where to marry. How is Florentia?"

At the moment, I could see my smiling grandfather's eyes cooling down.

The Empress's comments were just a political statement using the crowd surrounding her.

Intended to make the Empress seem interested in me as Astana's mate.

"......that's an old story, too. My grandchildren don't have to."
This time, the Empress's face hardened.

She've heard the words "I don't need your son" in the face, so she deserve it's understandable.

I thought I'd giggle and laugh, but the conversation between the invisible blade and the blade was cut off there.

It was because the emperor arrived at the banquet hall.

The music stopped and the dancing, and the people who were talking, all bowed their heads of the emperor.

But the place, which was as quiet as a mouse, quickly began to tumble.

Emperor Yovanes was not alone.

He was walking with a beautiful boy with black hair.

He was tall and wearing noticeably luxurious clothes, and his expressionless face, which kept everyone down, had a charm that made the viewer unable to take their eyes off him.

People could quickly infer the boy's identity.


"Your Highness Second Prince?"

The people were shocked.

So far, everyone has known the existence of the second prince, but no one has ever seen the second prince.

So much so that the empress thoroughly excluded Perez from the imperial family, and the emperor left him so.
By the way, today the Emperor invited the Second Prince to attend an international banquet.

Take him with you.

The implications of this were great.

It was for the emperor to formally introduce the existence of a second prince to the nobles of the empire, and for the empress, do not exclude the second prince anymore.

I turned my head and looked at the empress.

Her face is horribly distorted, incomparably compared to the expression she had hardened in the conversation with my grandfather a while ago.

It told me how shocking her trembling eyelids and white face were.


A terrifying sound is heard from Empress's teeth.

I took a half step away from the Empress quietly.

Not only did Perez, who she tried to poison him in such a separate palace, receive a prosperous palace in the east, but now stood proudly in front of the imperial nobles as a Prince.

Now, like it or not, Perez as the Prince of the Empire can no longer be ignored.

Moreover, it would be even more upsetting that all this was the will of the Emperor who believed in it.
Emperor Yovanes had many things he didn't like in many ways, but this time it was a nice shot.

It's savory.

The Emperor and Perez were walking to where the Empress and we stood.

Perez, who had been hidden by a large Yovanes, is now beginning to be seen.

Dude, you've grown a lot.

Although he hasn't taken off his young T-shirt yet, he was the first to notice that he was tall.

Last time I saw him, he was so small and skinny that he didn't look his age.

Kylus and Caitlin grew him up very healthy.

However, his personality, which has less joy and sorrow than others, remained the same, and his expressionless face has not changed at all.

I was looking at Perez with pride as I watched my nephew after a long time, and suddenly our eyes met.

In between curiosity and astonishment, a guy who looked at the aristocrats with some eyes fixed his eyes on me.

And I could see his eyes bent as if to smile.


We shouldn't be caught yet that we know each other and keep in touch.

Of course, my grandfather knows that I'll be briefed by Caitlin, but I didn't tell my father because I didn't want to worry him!
I gave Perez my best eye contact.

Don't smile!

Pretend you don't know!

Fortunately, Perez seemed to notice immediately.

A smirky smile flashed through his face for a moment, and quickly returned to his original expressionless face.

There you go, there you go!

But he didn't even look elsewhere.

He kept looking at me with a face that didn't reveal his innermost thoughts as I told him to.

It's been a while since we met, so you want to say hello.

But it's not too late to say hello later.

When the banquet is in full swing and there aren't many more eyes to see.

It's been a while since I've said hello.


The emperor laughed loudly and called my father's name.

Next to Yovanes, who has a thick line and looks like a bandit somewhere, my father looks like a really delicate art sculpture.

A pot lid-like hand tapped my father on the shoulder.

"Can I see your face with a medal of honor?"

"I'm ecstatic, Your Majesty."

As I've felt before, the emperor is very good at pretending to be close.
In a way, I thought it was the virtue of a person who plays politics to hide his innermost thoughts and perform skillfully.

I realized one thing when I saw Yovanes exchanging jokes with my father and grandfather as if everyone else had to listen.

The conversation was going on without the empress intentionally.

I didn't even look at the Empress.

A moment ago, the pale-faced empress was seen red with anger.

The emperor was such a fox, too.

He look so far from politics, weighing Lombardy and Angenas in both hands.

Now the Empress and Angenas had to give more and try to curry favor with the Emperor, wary of the Emperor's further support to our family.

Watching the adult world like that, my cheek stings.

Looking where I could feel the gaze, it was Perez.

He was looking at me without even a blink.

Perhaps it was frustrating to pretend not to know each other, but his white face was a little red.

I didn't hate the look of Perez either.

Still, he has been so happy to see me since we was young and helped him a little.
It seems that exchanging letters from time to time is effective.

It was a really positive response when I think about the future.

I'll go somewhere in a little while and share half of the chocolate cookies.

It was time to look back thinking so. My eyes met someone watching us.

It was Emperor Yovanes.