MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 55


When I put a hairpin made of very red ruby in a half-hair bundle that Laurel carefully braided, I looked cute in the mirror.

It was simply a perfect banquet dress, combining Lombardi's wealth with the ready-to-wear clothes of my father's gallery.

"What do you say, Laurel? Does it look expensive?"

"Lady, do you know how much this emerald alone is? I don't think there's anyone wearing better clothes than you at the banquet today."

"That's fine."

Ready-to-wear is purposely more ornate to change the perception of cheapness.

"Ah, I'm free to die now."

Laurel said ecstaticly, touching my elaborate hair more carefully.

"To see my lady grow up like this and go to a banquet."

Someone might think you raised me.

But I knew Laurel's heart that cared for me, so I laughed.

"You look so pretty today. It's going to be a big deal at the banquet, too.

"Not to that extent. Don't exaggerate."

"No! You don't realize how beautiful you are! That's cuter, but......."

Laurel looked at me as if she wanted to bite me while saying "Wow".

"And today, in a way, is the first time you show up outside?"

"Is that so...?"

Come to think of it, Laurel was right.

Unlike my cousins, who diligently attend banquets here and there even before their formal social debut, I had never attended such a event.

My father wasn't interested in such things, and recently he was so busy that he barely saw his face.

Shannanet recommended me to go together, but I refused many times.

"It's been a lot of buzz for a while since Lalane made her social debut not too long ago! Lombardy's young lady combined with beauty! But it's not because I have a lady, it's because you're much prettier and cuter than Lalane....."

Laurel sighed deeply, saying, "It's too bad I can't see it in person."

"We'll have to go to the banquet together later."

A white smile blooms on Laurel's face when I say it.

"Yes, I think so."

Finally, after checking again looking in the mirror, I left the room.

In the drawing room, my father and grandfather were waiting for me over tea.

"My Lady, we're all set."

Two people raised their heads to Laurel's voice.



My father looked at me and covered his mouth.

Grandfather sitting next to him frowned.

It was unusual that the wrinkles between the eyes were deeply wrinkled.

What? Laurel definitely said I was pretty.

I felt anxious all of a sudden.

"Dad? Grandpa?"

Two people in my voice started moving like 'ice, wrong'.


My father ran over and hugged me.

He had a mysterious face that seemed like he was about to cry and burst into laughter.

"My daughter, you're so beautiful."

It wasn't my mistake.

"When did you grow up like this?"

My father's voice was clearly imbued with water.

I pulled myself apart and looked at my father's face.

Although my father's eyes were definitely looking at me.

I could feel it from the way he looked at the outline of my face, and from the way he looked deep into my eyes.

Now my father is looking at my mother in my face.

It's not in my memory, but it'll be a bright face for my father just like yesterday's.

"If it's still like this, it'll be nice to see her when she makes her debut in society."

The grandfather, who came up with his hands in his back, saw my father and said jokingly.

"Sa, social debut....... Humph."

The mere thought of it made me emotional, and my father, who was barely calming down, jumped up, turned his back on me, and eventually caught my forehead.


My grandfather approached where my father left.

And still spoke with wrinkled brows.

"If you go to the banquet today, stick right next to this grandpa or Gallahan."

"Yes, Grandpa."

"If any strange guys come and talk to you, you can just ignore them."

"Yes, Grandpa...... yes?

Something's wrong with the habit of nodding.

"But if they're bothering you, kick them. And leave it to this grandfather."

And there's a small murmur attached.

"Hey, you look so cute."

Neither my father nor my grandfather.

I think both of them are seriously ill.
At the same time, Poylac Palace.

Caitlin and Kylus, who were serving Perez, exchanged glances without a word.

The time when everyone gets drowsy after lunch.

As always, Perez opened the book, but the atmosphere was different.

Kylus looked anxiously at Perez, who had been on edge since morning.

If Perez, who seemingly has the same expressionless face, asks where he's nervous.

Kylus caught sight of the bookshelf, which had not moved for an hour.

Caitlin also looked at the figure and said, quietly approaching it.

"If you feel so uncomfortable, why don't you go out for a walk or something? There's still a long way to go before the feast begins."

Kylus also helped out.

"Or should I post a chocolate cookie that you like?"


Eventually, with a dull sound, the book Perez was holding closed.

"Nervousness...... Can you tell?"



Perez sighed a little as he touched the corner of the Brown Sword Book.

"You deserve to be nervous. It's your first public appearance......."

Kylus soothed Perez.
Unlike thirteen years old, he has little agitation, but today was a day for anyone to be nervous.

"In fact, it's an international banquet, but it's not that special. You just have to come in with the Emperor and come back with your face."

"I and Cyrus will be right by your side."

How much pressure would it be?

Forgotten even of existence, the first to stand before the people as the second prince of the Lambrew Empire.

It was too much pressure and a burden on the heart for the little prince to endure alone.

Perez, who was still looking at the pitiful faces of those two, said.

"I'm not worried about the banquet."

"Well, then...Are you worried about the Empress?"

Kylus asked carefully.

Come to think of it, it was because there was another thing that the Prince could be nervous about besides the banquet.

Now he knew it, too.

Why little Perez was left alone in the falling palace and had such a small body on the first day they met.

Fortunately, Perez never ran into the Empress after moving to Poylac Palace.
The empress still treated Perez as an absent person and excluded Perez from every event in the imperial family.

What changed from the past was that Perez lived in Poylac Palace instead of the annex, and that he was properly educated and cared for as a prince instead of a neglected life.

So Perez's only schedule as an imperial family was to have a meal with the emperor once a month.

"I'm sure the Empress doesn't know that you're going to the banquet. But even so, she's not reckless enough in front of everyone......."

"It's not either."

Perez shook his head.

said Caitlin, who was less than watching.

"Prince, if you'd like to tell us what you're uncomfortable with, we'd like to......."



"Tia's coming to the banquet."

Perez, who snapped the word, opened the book again and lowered his head.

His ears were slightly reddened through the fine black hair.


Kylus couldn't believe his ears and asked again.

"It's not a banquet in front of hundreds of nobles, nor is it a chance to see the Empress again. Are you saying you're nervous about meeting the Lady Florentia?"
Perez's head nods once small.

And spoke in a small voice.

"'s been a while since I've seen her."

Perez, who answered so, fled back into the book.

Finally, the bookshelf remained still until he left for the banquet hall.

We arrived at the palace in my grandfather's Lombardy carriage.

Emperor Yovanes said he would show the luxury of the imperial family this time, and whether he was determined to be very determined or not, the scale of the international banquet was different.

Unlike previous years when the Imperial Palace and the Empress Palace were used for the banquet, this year the entire large star palace was decorated for the banquet.

The bright lights of the banquet hall were visible from afar.

From the main gate of the imperial palace to the banquet hall, the carriage of the aristocrats standing in a long line was also spectacular.

But Lombardi's chariot, which had a long line on it, stopped in front of the banquet hall as quickly as it ran down the highway.

I realized one thing when I looked out through the window while the coachman prepared for the footrest of the carriage.
"Lombardi is the best......."

If they were invited to an imperial banquet, they would be a powerful aristocratic family.

I wonder how much everyone prepared to come to the palace.

However, the carriages of such families stand next to Lombardi's carriages, and they are nothing short of shabby.

Somewhere small, it didn't look solid.

Just before the carriage door opened, my grandfather looked back at me and said.

"Remember what your grandfather said. Just kick them."

"Yes, Tia. And call your father."

Now even my father has joined.

Fortunately, our conversation ended when the coachman opened the door.

First, grandfather got off, followed by father.

And I was the last to get off after my father escorted me.

As I stepped on the ground, I heard the sweet melody of music flowing from inside the banquet hall with cool night air.

Actually, it's the first time in my life that I've ever attended such a big banquet.

It was true that I was a little nervous.

I walked holding my father's hand in one hand and my grandfather's hand in the other.
That was all.

No one announced our arrival in a loud voice, just a few steps towards the banquet hall.

But every step we took has changed.

One by two.

They looked back at us as if there were rumors.

And by the time we arrived at the banquet hall, everyone's eyes were on us.