MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 48

"What are you doing here?"

He endured frowns, but a trembling voice came out.

Emperor Yovanes hurriedly coughed and corrected his words.

"I mean...... I mean, what brings you all the way here?"

"Yes, that's what you meant."

Lulac said with a smile, wrinkle around his eyes.

"It's been three years?"

Lombardi's head does not deviate from the Lombardi estate.

That was a relief and a concern for Yovanes.

The old man knows all the stories of the palace running, because he, the emperor himself, rarely knows what is going on inside Lombardi.

"That's enough."

Yovanes regained her composure and naturally sat at the top of the table, answering.

"You've become very mature."

But that's also for a while. Yovanes' thick eyebrows wriggled once at Lulac's words.

He was moved by the appearance of treating the emperor as if he were a child in a neighborhood after a long time.

"How many times did this old man want to come to the palace? The last time I saw him, he took into his heart what he said and turned around and turned around in front of the palace gate."

"......someone would think I persecuted Lombardi's family, which is no better than my uncle."

"I have no confidence in leading this empire in and out of the palace, as if Lombardi's householder is my home, so if you want to drag me out of the throne, keep your face in the meeting.""


Yovanes had nothing to say.

In fact, it was a natural reaction because it was what he said to Lulac.

"At that time, I was under heavy duty......."

Lulac, who was looking at Yovanes with a smiling face, said, giving a lame excuse.

"Despite all the patience, I couldn't help but visit His Majesty today. Forgive me."

"......What the hell is going on? From this dawn."

Yovanes was too curious to bear.

To come to the office and wait without giving a word in advance was both crying and unbecoming.

"With all due respect, do you know what's going on with the second prince, Perez?"


It was an unfamiliar name to say.

It took him a few seconds to realize that it was his son's name who had soon forgotten.

"If it was him, the Empress would be taking good care of him. Is it because of him that the landlord came today?"

It was completely unexpected, and Yovanes tilted his head.

"Let me ask you a question. Did you seriously trust the Empress to take care of the Second Prince?

Honorific to the emperor, not to the empress.

Lombardi was their signature way of saying that the owners were unique.

Yovanes replied in tears at Lulac's tone as if he were scolding himself.

"Now you're trying to interfere in the affairs of the royal family?"

Unlike the Great Emperor, it was Yovanes, a relatively calm emperor who had never publicly opposed Lombardi, but he seemed to wriggle quite a bit in the affairs of his successor.

"I'm not trying to talk to you about responsibility for your children. What's the use of such a thing in the imperial family. However."

Lulac shook his head with regret.

"Shouldn't your seed not be an excuse to fool you?"

"Playing with me...... excuse me?

Yovanes' attitude has become quite serious.

"What do you mean now? Explain it properly."

To impatient Yovanes, Lulac smiled leisurely.

But the words that came out of the mouth were not light at all.

"Angelas has reported half of its land revenue this year."


The fact that the Empress's family, Angenas, was tax evasion to some extent was not news to Yovanes either.

But the fact that it was half the size baffled him.

"But there's something else you need to pay more attention to."

"What is that?"

"The person who found something strange in the tax statement reported it to the superiors, but strangely nothing was done."

It was as Lulac said.

The face of the surprised emperor disappeared as if the color were fading.

Lulac poured oil regardless of the emperor's reaction.

"Isn't it true that there are already quite a few people working for Angenas who are paid by the imperial money.

That was also poured in.

"They don't pay taxes properly? I think it's a cute thing to do and I can overlook it at least once. One, if even imperial officials are cooperating on it....... It certainly does a disservice to His Majesty's authority, doesn't it?
'Well,' the emperor rubbed his temple with a headache.

Lulac, who was enjoying the scene as if he were watching a very pleasant play, threw in the second stone he had brought.

This time, hoping for a bigger ripple on the lake.

"I owe you an apology. Or do you remember the mine in the lower part of the river?

"......I remember."

"The iron mine you left us in Lombardi for emergencies was sold to Baraport by my son."

"If Barraport is......."

"It's one of the most vassal families of the Angenas."

In case Durelli was pushed out of the throne, the imperial family would siphon off assets and secretly leave them to Lombardi.

For example, 5,000 gold bars in the deepest part of the Lombardi bank vault.

Or, for example, mines that are known outside as "small and insignificant mines" but actually have vast iron veins underground.

Durelli and Lombardi don't turn their backs on each other' was a long-standing pledge.

"Although the documents bear Barraport's seal, it's too obvious who actually owns the mine."
Of course it was Vestian's Scholes family who took the mining business, but Lulac did not comment on that.

"I don't think Angenas knew what kind of mine it was, but it's proof that the liver has grown big enough to reach for the iron mines.

Iron ore was a very important military resource.

Iron, the material of the weapon, was a resource in the empire that very few families had, including the imperial family and Lombardi.

And they were, of course, the only families that had long been loyal to the imperial family.

Although Angenas was an empress, she was originally more of an aristocrat than an imperial family.

Iron ore was not their property allowed.

"And it is His Majesty who made them dream presumptuously."

"It's my fault! That's not fair! I'm just!"

"You gave her strength, didn't you? Not only did you see your first son from the empress, but you threw your second son to the empress. You didn't care if Lavigne Angenas killed or saved the maid's child.
"Kill or save?"

Yovanes was not a stupid emperor.

For one thing, Lulac's assessment was.

He was bright in his teeth, and he was quick to read between the inside of a person and the line of a word.

Just like right now.

"Then the Empress.... Are you saying she hurt the second prince?"

"Fortunately, he's still alive. I think he had been poisoned."


Yovanes lost what to say and just burst into laughter.

The affection for the son of a maid who could not remember her name properly was never.

It was rather due to anger and resentment at the Empress who dared to touch his own blood.

Lulac said, pushing a glass of water that had been poured before such an emperor.

"Of course, it was a very good move to empower Angenas with words against me, Your Majesty."

Yovanes, who was fully read inside, winced, but Lulac smiled pleasantly at the sight.

The teacher was close to the eyes of a well-grown student.

"You gave me one too much.

That was the problem. I don't even know my stomach is exploding, and I've been greedy....... Now it's time to take that power away."

"You don't have to do anything."

He pressed his throbbing forehead.

Lulac grinned at such an emperor.

And made an offer that the emperor would never refuse.

"I'll be your villain."

Me and Perez sat face to face on the bed.

The one sofa was covered with dust, and the floor was cold like a cold bone, making it an inevitable choice.

Still, black hair covering the neck, white skin, and eyes as red as lips faced me.

"Perez, you...... your long eyelashes trembled in a single flicker.

"I've grown a little?"

"I think you're tall."

Perez replied, nodding his head with a grim face.

"No way...... because one head is bigger than the others."

I murmured, recalling the image of him in my previous life.

Standing in a crowded crowd at the news of the arrival of the new Crown Prince, that was all I'd ever seen from a distance.

Perez' appearance, waving his cape with a more angular body than the knights around him, looked down at everything with cold eyes, instantly captivated the crowd.

"Huh? Oh, no."

But it's hard to imagine the one in front of me growing up into such an adult.

Compared to Perez, the crown prince, who was like a big wolf with black fur and gloss.

"Who are you thinking of?"

The same expressionless, but now Perez is a little more.......


He tilts his head at my sudden remark.

Look at that, it's like a real, it's like a puppy.

"Do you have a dog?"

"Uh, no. I'm thinking about growing one."

"You like puppies, don't you?" I like it too. I've never actually seen it, but I'm sure I will because you like it."

It was Perez muttering words that didn't mean anything.

"Did you do well with all the homework I've given you?"

"Eat, take medicine, lie down when your maid comes, and train for swordsmanship."

He answered right away, picking his fingers one by one.

"Yes, that."

"I'm done. I'm done. I'm done."

Is it my mistake to see a black tail flailing behind a smart face?

"Shall I show you?"

Perez grabbed the wooden sword and asked as if he would swing it right away.
"No, that's not the point right now. You did your homework well, so you should get an award. Don't you think so?"


I grinned as I pulled up the bag that lay on one side.

Perez's gaze never falls from my hand untie the knot on the lid of the bag.

"Come on, I'll give you a present for a good boy."

Do you know Santa Claus?

I said as I opened the bag wide.