MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 47

"Are you all right, Tia?"

My grandfather snapped off my clothes that Perez was holding and asked.

"I'm fine, Grandpa. This kid here is my friend....."

"Perez Bribachau Durelli."

It was a full name with no emotion as if he were sentenced.

Perez's shoulder flinched slightly.

However, the cold-hearted grandfather's gaze only looked up and down at him as if he were evaluating objects.


It was my first time seeing that, so I called my grandfather carefully.

"So this is the second prince. You'll know if you run into me on the road outside the palace."

"How come?"

Grandfather answered without collecting frowning eye from Perez.

"You look a lot like the former Emperor. Not Yovanes, the son of the former Emperor."

Perez's eyes shook at the words.

"Didn't anyone tell you?"

When my grandfather asked, he nodded his head small.

"Your mother would never have seen a good man, and Yovanes wouldn't want to think of his father. So he would have stayed away."

"Did the former Emperor have a bad relationship with His Majesty, Grandfather?"


Grandfather said with a big smile.

"I am still not sure that Yovanes has not poisoned his father's medicine."

You're a beanstalker, aren't you?

I thought Lombardi was a mess, but the imperial family added.

At least Viege waited quietly until my grandfather died of old age.

When I stayed silent, my grandfather looked at me and talked to me quickly.

"Of course, it's none of our Tia's business. Forget what your grandfather said."

"Yes, Grandpa."

I answered quickly like a good granddaughter who listens well.

"Yeah, yeah. And you...."

Grandfather's eyes turned back to Perez.

It was better than a while ago, but it was still somewhere cold-eyed.

"Are you living alone in this palace?"


"Without a nanny or maid?"


"You haven't starved to death yet, so sometimes someone brings you food?"


"What a mute the Emperor's son can't speak! People should know how to answer in words!"

My grandfather gave me a big rant.

Then Perez, who shrugged his shoulders, hid behind my back.

"He's a...!"

Grandfather also reached for Perez's backside, apparently unhappy with the look.

But for some reason, my grandfather paused and stopped acting.

I quickly grabbed my grandfather's hand and grinned.

"Grandpa, let's go inside and talk! My legs hurt......."

In fact, standing this much didn't hurt my legs, but I was so nervous.

"Yes, Florentia, you stay in for a while."

"What about my grandfather?"

"Grandpa, I'll talk to this guy a little bit and go in."

Grandfather's expression was determined.

If I insisted on staying here, I felt like I would lift Perez up again and put him in the carriage.

Now is the time to listen to my grandfather.

I had no choice but to turn my back and head into the annex.

Odokani stood there and said to Perez, who looked at me.

"I'm the one who brought my grandpa here with a hard time! I want you to look nice!


Florentia entered the annex, and the old door closed.

Lulac looked down at the second princes in front of him, with his hands behind his back.

He didn't hide his sharp, heavy spirit on purpose.

At times like this, even a sane adult couldn't raise his head easily.

But Perez was different.

The reddish eyes were looking straight up at Lulac.

Like a white porcelain mask, the face without change was full of sharp vigilance.

It looked completely different from when Florentia was next to him.

A little while ago, when Lulac reached out, he even caught his eyes for a while.

"That's pretty good."

When he saw him running out after hearing his granddaughter's voice or obediently listening to her, he thought he was a worthless puppy cub who lost his mother.

Now that he see it, he's a very clever criminal.

Lulac smirked.

"I thought you looked like your grandfather on the outside, but you have a different personality."

It was Yovanes, who was not bold inside and made a lot of hair and loudly mandible even if he was in a crisis.

But Perez, the youngster in front of him, was now evaluating by Lulac.

It's like a forgotten prince with a weak body that will stop breathing just by reaching out and twisting his head.
He's a loner who can't feel sorry for anyone even if he die.

The image supported by the evil resembles either a puck or a puck.

Even though it was far short of a human being, the emperor managed to control the empire.

And ironically, that very point poked at the deep end of Lulac.

I thought I'd let him die pretending not to know.

"Do you want to live?"

Lulac asked Perez, grinning.

"With one word I say, you live. What should I do? Do you want me to save you?"

Perez was still seen clenching his small fist to the point of laughter.

Bloody eyes glistened with enmity towards Lulac, who took his own life and mocked him.

If the empress was red, I could see why she was choking.

Ruby, who happens to come in as a gift, gets rid of everything without even touching his body. Dunney, it was worth it.

At the moment, Lulac, who imagined Lavigne Angenas clenched his teeth and trembled while looking at Perez, felt better.

In fact, that alone was enough for Perez to survive.

"Yes, I've decided. I'll save your life."
Lulac smiled at the hungry, holding moldy bread in his bread.

"You are lucky that your presence will make the Empress unbearable."

Perez was not happy.

Rather, he spoke in a voice full of hostility.

"Florentia doesn't look like you at all."

"What? Hahaha!"

Lulac broke his back and burst into a big laugh.

"Yeah, that's a good thing. No, you don't? That my granddaughter doesn't look like me, so there's nothing dirty about her."

Then, in an instant, the smile disappeared from Lulac's face.

And I warned him in a low key.

"So don't think about sticking to my granddaughter and getting your dirt on her. You're not the kind of kid I'm looking forward to. Do you understand?"

Lulac remembered Perez's eyes a little while ago, looking at Florentia.

It wasn't a child's pure friendship.

After a while, when it grew bigger, it quickly turned red and started a fire.

It didn't matter at all that Perez was an emperor's blood.

For Lombardi, being a member of the imperial family was rather a definite deduction factor.
Perez did not answer, but neither Lulac needed an answer.

As of today, Perez's right to escape was as good as Lulac's.

If he wanted to get too close to his granddaughter, whether it was a dog or a criminal, he could pull the leash in his hand.

Last but not least, Lulac looked at Perez and turned to find his granddaughter.

"Where are you, Florentia!"

The delightful voice that opened the door of the annex and shouted loudly seemed like a completely different person.

While Perez and Grandpa were having a conversation, I was looking inside the annex.

Although the building was large and spacious, it was not managed at all, but it was just shabby.

I carefully stepped on the stone stairs and went up to the second floor.

Even that was broken here and there, so I had to watch my step.

Of course, there was no one to light the fire in time, so the only open door was seen on the other side of the dark hallway.

"Wow, seriously...."

When I opened the bedroom door, I was speechless.

My prediction that a child lived alone without the care of an adult was completely wrong.
I wouldn't be surprised if I had.

Perez's bedroom was empty.

It was all about a large bed, simple furniture, and stacked books.

Except for the old utensils in front of the fireplace, there was no sign of people living in this room.

There were no common decorations or anything that looked priceless.

There's no way there's anything valuable left in the palace that a child is guarding by himself without a master.

Except for the two things I found sitting on the bed.

It was a wooden sword by the bedside and a medicine bottle I gave him.

The two items laid round on top of a bed of blankets.

Then, I heard my grandfather's voice.

"Where are you, Florentia!"

"I'm here!"

I ran down the stairs quickly.

Fortunately, Perez looked fine and unharmed.

That's right.

My grandfather isn't so bad as to be mean to such a poor kid.

When I jumped and stood in front of him, my grandfather bent slightly and said, setting my eye level.

"Grandpa has a place to visit, so wait here. I'll leave a knight out there, so don't worry."
A familiar knight greeted me with my bag in his hand.

"Yes, Grandpa. Come on!"

"Huh, this girl...."

Grandfather patted my head for the last time and went outside.

When he came to find the way, Lombardi's waiting carriage picked up my grandfather and started running along the forest path.

I waved my hand and asked Perez standing next to me.

"What did you talk to my grandfather about?"

"......not really."

"You've been out there quite a while. What did you talk about?"

"I didn't say anything."

So you came in after my grandfather scolded you?

Well, everything's fine.

I reached out to Perez, folding my curiosity.

He stares at me as if what this means.

"Let's go, 'cause I brought this and that for you."

The way up the stairs is quite rough.

Such a skinny guy might get seriously hurt if he fell down by mistake.

In that sense, it was the hand that I gave him to catch.

Perez, who blinked slowly once, held my hand to see if everything was slow.

I started climbing the stairs first, holding his hands tightly.
I wondered if he didn't like holding hands with me, but fortunately, he was following me quietly one by one.

And when I arrived in the bedroom, Perez was holding my hand tighter.

Yovanes walked down the palace hall with a stiff face.

It was a step that showed impatience.

When he arrived at the office, the knight standing in front of him quickly opened the door.

The sky was dyed with the rising red sun, and it shone thickly through the sunny window into the office.

And there was a man who greeted Yovanes with the light intact.

"Long time no see, Your Majesty."

It was Lulac Lombardi, who was sitting in his office drinking tea.