MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 44

I kept my eye on her and pushed a sweet cake into my mouth.

Caitlin seemed to be enjoying the tea at first glance, but her eyes were busy looking at Lombardi's employees working nearby.

The gaze contained warmth and happiness as if she had returned home after a long time.

At least I thought I knew what Lombardi meant to her.

"Tia, this is really good, isn't it?"

Before I knew it, Gillieu, who was scooping up a cake with me, smeared white cream around his mouth and grinned.

"Can I get you more?"

Mairon asked, sipping at Gillieu.

"No, I'll have something else in a little while."

"Yeah, let me know if you want to eat anything."

Mairon laughed at me as he "tipped" Gillieu's hand to eat the last piece of cake left.

Thank you.

I smiled as a thank you and put it in Mairon's mouth.

No wonder Mairon's cheeks turned a little red.

He seems to be a little taller these days, but he still likes sweet things.

"Now that I've had my cake, I'm going to walk around."

When I said that and started to move, the twins quickly followed.

I feel like a mother duckling carrying yellow ducklings, but it's much more natural to hang around with a child than to hang around alone.

I slowly approached the table where Caitlin was, pretending to look around.

"Oh, it's Clarivan Pellet."

I was placing cookies one by one on the palms of the twins, and I heard the men next to me whispering.

He said that while staring at Clarivan on the other side of the banquet hall.

There's nothing good about us being friendly externally, so Clarivan was keeping me at arm's length today.

"You're surrounded by women again today."

It was quite a frustrating conversation for Clarivan.

Women weren't the only ones crowded around the Clarivan.

In fact, even though his attitude toward people is not good, there were many male bureaucrats who wanted to get closer to Clarivan.

But well, there are a lot of women.

"Look at that bloody look. What's the best thing about women for that shameless man?"

"I know what you're right."

I wanted to tell the bitter losers.

That face.

His face is like a possibility.

But now that I was busy, I looked at the men with pathetic eyes and kept moving one table at a time.

And finally I managed to get to the table right next to Caitlin.

I have to talk to you now.

What's the excuse?

It was when I was thinking like that.

"Excuse me."

A soft voice came from behind.


It was Caitlin who stood just three steps away from us and bowed her knees.

"My name is Caitlin Brown."

I was thinking about how to get acquainted, but I'm lucky that she approached me first.

"Do you know us?"

Caitlin smiled softly when Gillieu asked with his eyes wide open.

"I don't know the lineages of the householder."

"But I don't think everyone here knows who we are."

Mairon tilted his head.

"The gravity of Lombardi's heart is different, so the behavior is different."

It meant that the affection for Lombardi was special enough to interest us, who are still young.

Suddenly, I remembered one day when I was helping my grandfather with his work.

Caitlin, who is middle-aged, visited my grandfather for a short meeting on a rainy day that was hard to see.

And on the way out, I walked out of the mansion in the rain like that pole.

But I hadn't forgotten for a while the way he kept looking back.

Although Perez joined hands with Lombardi to avenge the Browns, she was in real distress.

"Hello. I'm Florentia."

I greeted as politely and neatly as possible.

"The last time I saw you, you was just a walking baby. You've grown up really well."

Surely the affection in Caitlin's eyes for me was genuine.

Caitlin needs to make a good impression by saying something nice to hear.

What compliments would she like? Something appropriate came to mind.

I opened my eyes more brightly and asked Caitlin.

"But if the Browns...The family is very famous for their swordsmanship!"

"Oh, how do you know the name of my family?"

Caitlin seemed surprised and very pleased.

Caitlin's brother and her relationship, who would soon inherit the household title from her uncle, were known to be particularly close.
The affection for family and family is strong, even though he works alone in the Yellow Star.

"These two guys always talked about the basic Imperial sword. So I looked up the book out of curiosity, and I found out that the Imperial Basic swordsmanship was originally called the Brown Basic swordsmanship!"

I didn't mean to lie.

In fact, ever since they started taking sword classes, the twins' interest in the Brown family has grown.

It is the Brown family that is so greatly influenced and respected by the prosecutors of the empire.

Although the family's prestige has fallen completely since the disgrace of being expelled from his estate, which he had ruled for generations about forty years ago.

Caitlin grew up in Lombardi's trust as the family gradually collapsed and had nowhere to go, and after coming of age, she entered the palace as a maid of honor.

"What an excellent sword, the whole Empire would have learned and even named it Imperial Sword!"

Caitlin's face turned slightly red when I said it with a little fuss.
"I'm flattered."

Then the twins got excited and asked Caitlin in a loud voice.

"Well, are you sure?"

"A man of the Brown family?"

"I'm afraid so."


It was such a big cheer that a few people standing around looked back at us.

"Then did Caitlin learn the sword?"

In my question Caitlin showed me her calloused palms.

"My learning is so short that I'm barely able to protect myself."

"The Brown family said women learn swordmanship, and it was true......."

The twins couldn't keep their mouths shut as if they would join the Brown family's fan club.

"Then don't you hold the sword now? What does Caitlin do?"

I asked her job on purpose.

"I work at the palace, miss."

Luckily Caitlin gave me the answer I wanted right away.

In fact, she's not just a worker at the palace.

It was like a bushwoman at the Imperial Palace.

It was the three Bush ladies who actually had the real power because it was the position of a maid who was held by an old maid and maintained like an honorary position.
I clapped my hands like I was startled and said.

"I've been to the palace, too! With my father at the empress' palace!"

"The Empress Palace......did you?"

At the word "Empress Palace," Caitlin's face was briefly dark, but soon smiled for the children.

"Yes, but it wasn't funny at all. Except for making friends!"


Caitlin tilted her head.

"Yes, I was lost in the palace. But......."

I spoke in a small voice with the most depressing face.

"But I'm still worried about him. He said he was sick. He said he was alone......."


Caitlin called me anxiously.

"Hehe. It's nothing. But isn't it scary to work in a palace like that? I'm a little bit of an was scary."

Caitlin shook her head when I turned to the story of the Empress.

"I'm fine because we have the Emperor."

"Ah, I see......."

I'm sure you don't mean it.

The empress can't do anything about the empress, who is trusted by the emperor, but how about seeing the face of the empress from Angenas who ruined her family every time?
Besides, there's no way that Lavigne doesn't know that Caitlin, the Bushwoman, is from the Brown family.

How proud she would be in front of her nose.

Respect for Caitlin rose again.

I might have put a slap on the cheek of the Empress a long time ago.

For quite a long time after that, I continued to talk to Caitlin.

And by the time the banquet was over, I was sure.

The title of "Bushwoman" fits and prudence, loyalty to Lombardi, knowledge and experience of swordsmanship, and, above all, hostility to the inevitable Angelas.

Caitlin is perfect as Perez's caregiver and guardian!

"Caitlin Brown. The Lord is looking for you."

Caitlin, who was looking at Family Lord's cute granddaughter and grandchildren, who were moving away while waving their small hands with a bright smile, turned around at the sound of calling her name.

Marvin Dillard was the first son of Romassie Dillard.

The scholarship, which is held several times a year according to the will of the household owner, is held by a person from a different family.
It was Dillard's turn this time.

As it is a large event, it will be efficient if one person takes charge of it, but there was a reason for this way.

Caitlin followed Marvin Dillard on a familiar path.

After a while, the two arrived in front of the governor's office.

As if it were Caitlin's turn earlier, Clarivan was closing the door and coming out.

"Long time no see, Caitlin."

"Clarivan's still there."

The two people who once lived in the Lombardi mansion were acquainted.

"The Lord is waiting."

Clarivan opened the door to the office with good manners.

"Thank you."

Caitlin said with a small smile, and Clarivan bowed to Marvin Dillard in a small bow and turned his back and walked away.


Marvin Dillard muttered quietly at the back of such a Clarivan.

"Was the two of you that close?'

Caitlin tilted her head a little and entered the office.

There were only two people in the room, Lulac and Caitlin.

There was no secretary, no butler.

A completely different atmosphere from the raucous, amicable banquet out there.
Every time they saw it, there was a chair without an armrest in front of the desk in the office.

Caitlin, who breathed silently, sat on the chair.

"Your nervous personality doesn't change."

Lulac smiled at the figure and said.

"I see the Lord."

Caitlin greeted politely.

"So what news did you bring today?"

Lulac didn't talk nonsense and asked right away.

The reason why the Lombardi family holds a scholarship even at great expense every time.

And this was why the family hosting the banquet changed every time.

"The nanny of Perez, the second prince, was found dead."

Scholarship is a way for Lombardi owners to sit in their offices and look throughout the empire.

It was the day of intelligence gathering.