MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 39

It's been two weeks since the opening of my father's galley.

As a result, the ready-to-wear business hit the jackpot.

Even today, all the supplies were sold out before business hours every day and closed early, and the word "giseongbok" was now spreading to the Lambrew Empire, like the epitome of a galley clothing store.

I couldn't keep up with the influx of people, so I had to hire additional weavers and seamstresses a while ago, which was three times as many as the first ones.

And now I'm trying to find the right location to open a branch.

Many people were surprised by the introduction of the new concept of ready-to-wear and the price of cheap clothes.

But it was inside the Lombardi family who were perhaps most surprised by the success of the project.

The people of the family, who were such a light-hearted father and regarded as the timid youngest who liked to read books, were surprised and turned upside down.

Some of the family members said they checked with Clarivan several times, saying, "Is that the gallery I know?"

To that extent, my father's position had changed a lot from two weeks ago.

Even today, the mansion has been noisy since morning because of my father.

Like the last banquet, not everyone had to attend, but it was an autonomous breakfast gathering.

Over the weekend, Laurels' family and Vestian, who came to work early in the morning, gathered.

I sat next to my father, eating fruit with a fork and appreciating the faces of people sitting around the table.

Grandfather smiled gloatingly as he saw servants busily walking in and out of the restaurant.

"Ha ha! It looks so good. Don't you, Shannanet?

"Yes, Father. The employees are also very happy."

"That ready-to-wear thing is so convenient, Gallahan!"

Within a few days after my father's clothing store opened and hit the jackpot, a large number of orders were made to buy hundreds of the same kind of cloth from Lombardi.

It was the Lombardi family.

He chose ready-to-wear clothes from a clothing store he painted as uniforms for employees working inside the mansion.

With the order, my grandfather quickly became a VIP at a clothing store and today was the day the clothes he ordered were distributed to the servants.

The overall red bean porridge, or dark burgundy, uniform was a dress for women to wear freely underneath, while men were similarly pants and bests for wearing with autonomous shirts.

The clothing store, which originally sold only women's clothes, had to make a model of men's clothes because of the order, but it was a large order that was worth more than the cost.

"Thank you for the compliment, Father."

My father bowed his head with a slightly embarrassing face.

And among them, my favorite is this change.


Vieze coughs low and keeps drinking pure water.

"How did you come up with such a brilliant idea, Gallahan?"

Grandfather said to my father with a happy face.


As praise continues, Viege's face hardens.

It felt as if I were pretending to be calm, but the sporadic twitch under my eyes seemed to be boiling.

Ah, funny, Viege was unbearable when the attention of the family and empire went to my father.

I had to pinch my thighs so that I wouldn't laugh so hard as to stare at Viege.


Grandfather called the butler who was waiting next to him.

"Yes, Lord."

"What did the servants say? Like Shannanet said?"

"Everyone is very grateful that we don't have to worry about clothes anymore."

"Huh, yeah. Good, good."

Grandfather nodded his head continuously and said he was very happy.

"If there is a problem with clothes, or if you need extra clothes, you should be able to purchase new clothes at all times. It's possible, isn't it, Gallahan?"

"Yes, of course. We will arrange for John to be delivered to the mansion at any time he contacts the clothing store."

The butler seemed a little surprised by my grandfather's words and bowed down once with a smile.

It was an expression of gratitude and respect.

"Yes, and Gallahan."

"Yes, Father."

"Great job."

It was just that word.

A compliment that a father gives to his son casually.

But the repercussions were huge.

The actions of the people sitting around the table paused for a moment, and John the Butler looked at my grandfather.

Grandfather also hurried to continue eating, coughing as if he had felt the reaction around him.

"......thank you. Father."

My father was surprised for a moment and answered in a small voice.

Then Seral said as if to intervene in an exaggerated tone-up voice.

"A few days from now, our Bellesac will be visiting the Imperial Palace, Father."

It was intended to turn the subject of the conversation from father to his son, Bellesac.

"What kind of gift should I bring?"

She wasn't really asking for advice.

In short, she was asking you to give him the right one of the 'family stuffs'.

Shannanet, who could not have known the meaning, said, knitting a fine brow.

"Why do we need to bring presents to a place where young people hang out for a while?"

"It's not just another noble being a child, it's Prince, who will be Crown Prince in the future. It's his first visit, so I have to bring a gift to make noodles......."

"Then choose the right gift for your situation and go."

"But sister......."

In Shannanet's stern attitude, Seral made a face of tears.

Then she looked at my grandfather as if she were asking for help.

"......Take the warehouse key from John the day before your visit."

My grandfather's term "warehouse" means a safe deep inside the house.

It is a place full of all kinds of treasures that Lombardi has owned for hundreds of years, which I have never been in before.

It is a three-story space underground and is huge enough to get lost if you do something wrong.

In other words, the grandfather said, "Take the key" was to freely choose from it and present it to the prince.

It goes without saying that Seral's face became brighter as if it were a fire.

Shannanet seemed unhappy with such a grandfather's decision, but she didn't throw up any more.

"Thank you, Father."

Seral smiled as he stroked Belessac's head sitting next to her.

Viege also warmed up as if he was a little relieved.

Bellesac was too busy shoveling bacon into his mouth, not knowing what the grown-ups were talking about.
After looking at Bellesac for a long time, I happened to meet my grandfather's eyes.

Then, the eyes of the grandfather, who had been hardened, slowly unraveled.

As expected, my grandfather likes me.

I chewed the food in front of me as if I knew nothing.


Whether it was good to see delicious things in his granddaughter's mouth, my grandfather smiled continuously and beckoned at the butler.

"John, give me the key."


You mean the key to the warehouse?

Seral seemed to think as I did, but he was smug and dressed up to get a key.


But what the butler handed to my grandfather was not the key to the warehouse I knew.

And my grandfather called me.

"Tia, come here."


Anyway, when he called me, I walked in front of my grandfather.

Grandfather gently stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and held a rather large key in my hand.

"This is the key to the library I was supposed to give you for your birthday."


I forgot.

That's good for my grandfather's suggestion of a library as a birthday present, but I asked him to do me a favor later.
So I thought that was the end of my birthday present.

I'm about to use a request!

Don't tell me this is gonna replace it.

I quickly asked because I was anxious.

"Grandpa, but I got something else......."

"Take this, too. This grandfather gives it to you because you like books. Besides, don't you need the right place to take deep class with Clarivan?"

"Deep class?"

Shannanet asked me and my grandfather alternately.

"Ha ha, yeah! The other day, Clarivan came and told me. Our Florentia is so smart that she's ready for more difficult classes."

"That's great!"

Shannanet stroked my head, rejoicing as if it were her job.

"This library is only for you. So read a lot and learn a lot, Florentia."

"Thank you! I love it, Grandpa!"

I snuggled my grandfather's neck, screaming 'Scream!' on purpose.

"Hey, man!"

Grandfather seemed a little surprised, but soon patted me on the back and enjoyed his granddaughter's aegyo.

Indeed, it was a gift at the perfect timing.

I held the key in my hands tightly to my chest and shouted for everyone to listen.
"I'll learn a lot from the library you gave me as a gift, and I'll be a great person soon!"

* * *

After breakfast, seeing my father off at the front door, I quickly moved with the library key.

I had to tilt my head when I first heard where the library was located.

"It's near my grandfather's office?"

"Yes, miss. That's where you go."

It's a gift for me, so I thought it might be near my father's residence.

"Why is it there......?"."

"Well, the Lord has chosen......."

Well, it's up to the giver.

With a fluttering heart, I headed to the floor where my grandfather's office was located.

My library was two rooms across from my grandfather's office.

And the moment I arrived, I could see why my library was set up near his office.

"Here you are, Miss Florentia."

Lombardi's knight, who was guarding my grandfather's office, looked at me and pretended to know me.

Perhaps the guards guarding my office also restricted my library.

As my grandfather said, this library is for only me.
After bowing politely, I carefully put the key in the door and turned it around.


The door opened with a small sound of iron.

It was a small space compared to the public library available to everyone in the mansion, but it had quite a few books at a glance.

Except for the window, all three walls were filled with books, making it quite cozy.

I closed the door behind my back and walked one step at a time to stand in front of the window.

"I missed you."

I slowly swept the wall by the window.

And I looked around the study room.

"This is how we meet again."

The coincidence was so scary.

This room, which has become my own library now, was my office in my previous life when I helped my grandfather with his work.

I whispered quietly as I looked inside, which was a little different from my memory but still gave me comfort.

"I look forward to your kind cooperation again."

Then, I heard a knock.

"Come on in."

My answer opened the door and Clarivan came in.

"I'm here with a message, miss."

Before I came here, I moved the place of the advanced class through the butler.
Clarivan had a thick book on one side as if he had really come to teach me.

The thoroughness of caring about other people's eyes was so cleric that I laughed and said.

"Then shall we begin the class, sir?"