MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 38

Clarivan's frowned face looked as if he had been notified of a breakup.

"Well, sir?"

"If I'm not good enough to assist you, I'll try harder. I will learn more and gain more experience. So please reconsider."

The smile on his face last time, but it was so different from the Clarivan I knew.

Clarivan didn't hurt his pride in front of anyone.

Even in front of my grandfather, he remained stiff enough to wonder if he could always do that.

To be honest, I'm flustered.

I asked in disbelief, confirming.

"So you're saying you're going to help me?"

"No, I'm asking you to allow me to help you."

"Why on earth......?"

My heart came out without realizing it.

Did I do anything big enough for Clarivan to turn out like this?


Rather, I moved quietly in case people noticed or drew attention.

But why does that Clarivan Pellet look like this?

Me mumbling in a daze, Clarivan looked at me once and replied.

"Because I saw the possibility in the lady."

"Do you mean the possibility that I'll be a smart adult in the future?"


Clarivan shook his head.

"The possibility of saving the Lombardi."

I felt caught off guard.

I'm running to save this beautiful family that Viege is mixing up in the future.

I've never talked that idea out of anyone's mouth.

I managed to keep a straight face and came back to the innocent face and asked again.

"Do you mean, right now, our family is dying?"

When asked by me, Clarivan gave way and corrected his words.

"Not yet. Because the singer is firmly established. But......."

Clarivan, trying to explain something long, suddenly cut back and stared at me.

And smiled a little despondently and said.

"You're testing me again, miss."

And spoke to me in a tone of no doubt.

"Don't you already know that, miss?"

Clarivan smiles furtively.

Oh, you're not fooling me again.

I was forced to shrug and say.

"That means Viege Lombardi shouldn't be the next head of the household."

Instead of saying centurion on purpose, I called it Viege.

Anyway, except for Shannanet, I didn't feel blood ties to my father's brothers, so it was comfortable.

Clarivan didn't seem to care about that at all.

Rather, I seemed pleased that I knew exactly what I was saying.

"You have to be Lombardi's future, my lady."

"What's the reason?"

"Of course, Viege Lombardi is not a household name......."

"No, not that."

I cut off Clarivan's words.

"As you say, it's definitely much better for me to grow up and take over as a householder than for Viege to be a householder. That's not what I'm curious about."

I smiled like a habit.

"I'm asking you why I should trust you and have you next to me."


For the first time, Clarivan appeared hesitant.

I didn't rush.

I just sat back and waited for Clarivan to organize his thoughts.

"I'm originally from Dillard."

It was the first word that came out of the mouth carefully.

"My father, Romassie Dillard, is the current Lombardi chief."

I've known it from my previous life.

But there were very few people who knew this.

Even so, only the owners of other vassal families with deep ties were involved.

Romassie Dillard had never officially admitted that he had a child out of wedlock, and Clarivan did not say that he was the son of Romassie.

He was helping my grandfather with his work and found out by chance.

Even then, my grandfather kept him company.

He asked me several times even though he knew I wasn't a person who told stories to others.

To that extent, the fact that he was out of wedlock raised in the shadows was an indelible scar to his great pride.

But now he's telling me his secret to himself.

"When I became an adult, my father wanted me to live in Lombardi. I'll give you enough support, so you can be a royal official, or you can go somewhere else to make a living. But I came into Lombardi. The reason is."

Clarivan's blue eyes looked straight at me.

"Because my loyalty to Lombardi is great. More than anyone else in the Dillard family."

Then he added, like a self-excuse.

"That doesn't mean I have any lingering feelings for Dillard. I just wanted to get out of Dillard Family and build my own territory and contribute to Lombardi in my own way. But......."
Clarivan said after straightening his eyebrows, apparently thinking of something he really hated.

"He's a great singer, but he's a great farmer.... to the point of devastation."

I have no choice but to admit it.

The three sons' bud is almost wiped out, and Shannanet, who shows the sprout of the household, is a daughter.

"Especially in the case of Viege, who is already a householder, is his head full of poop instead of brain?"...."

Clarivan, who was pouring out harsh words, looked at me and quickly turned away.

"So I was disappointed and work for Lombardi until the livelihood of the householder. I became an education officer just in case, but the result is......, but I saw a lady."

Clarivan looked at me with his eyes dripping with affection and said seriously.

"I haven't achieved anything yet, but I'm confident that I won't lose to anyone, at least my loyalty to Lombardi."

To be honest, it's a little surprising.

Clarivan, who was always icy, has passion for Lombardi.
I guess that's why he grew up crazy as if he had waited as soon as he was in charge of the top of Lombardi.

And it's a bit strange, but I kept overlapping myself in the past in that Clarivan figure.

He does his best with his affection for Lombardi even though he knows he won't be properly recognized because of his natural background.

I finally made up my mind and opened my mouth.

"The reason you haven't achieved anything so far is because you haven't been given a chance."

Clarivan opened his eyes wide at what I had said.

"But now it's different. Although the beginning is just a clothing store, you know how big a move your business is going to be, don't you?

"Then why did you send Gallahan to me......."

"I expected you two to be a good match. You can do whatever you want to do to my father and teacher."


Clarivan let out a little groan-like exclamation.

I asked Clarivan again.

"Can you handle it?"

There's no reason for me to push Clarivan Pellet when he wants to be my person, showing his wounds.
No, you can't do that without going crazy.

For me, who is still young and not free to enter and leave the mansion, the Clarivan will be my eyes, mouth and feet.

He will also be my mask until I become an adult.

"It may be a little difficult for you to follow my steps."

Clarivan's blue eyes fluctuate as if it were an earthquake.

"And most of all......."

I asked the last thing that matters.

"Will you be able to keep it a secret?"

Until I'm ready, no one should know what I'm doing.

For as long as possible, I just have to remain the granddaughter of a slightly intelligent householder.

So that Viege doesn't feel a serious sense of crisis.

At some point I realized that I was already ahead of him in every way, so that I could be in charge of the next big deal.

And I looked.

A smile as bright as the last time he tied a ribbon around my sleeve.

"I look forward to your kind cooperation, Clarivan."

At my changed title, Clarivan shrugged and kissed me carefully on the back of my hand.

"I'll trust you and follow you, miss."
There was no need for grand promises or vows.

I'll trust you and follow you, that was enough.

Now that the conversation is over, I got up.

When I moved, Clarivan quickly followed me to my feet.

Tucking off a slightly wrinkled skirt, I told Clarivan.

"Soon tell my grandfather. I'd like to have an in-depth education."

"Deep education?"

It's like I'm asking you, lady?

"We can't talk to Clarivan forever in secret. There will be more and more things to discuss."

That's a lot too.

"So tell him you're going to do one-on-one classes on a regular basis, if necessary. I don't think my grandfather would object."

He'd be happy and laugh like, "Hahaha!

I walked to the entrance, leaving the cleric standing uncharacteristically blank.

When I opened the door, I saw two employees walking this way from afar.

I turned around and shouted loudly so they could hear me.

"Good-bye, sir!"

I even said greeting to my head over heels.

Then Clerivan, who came to his senses, said as he greeted each other.
"......take care, Miss Florentia."

I started to walk with a big smile once more to try and do well.

My steps were bouncy even when I looked at them.

It was humming to the point.

"Good, good."

I got the Clarivan much faster than I expected.

Now, what should we do?

With Clarivan in my head, my father's business and things is the top of Lombardi were busily making a list.

"What the hell is going on......?"

Robert, the owner of the bakery, looked at a long line of people in front of a gallery in bewilderment.

The long line, which started right in front of the entrance, stretched long beyond the next bowl store to the next store.

All the people in line were women, and they looked nervously as they looked inside the store.

"Come on, we've prepared plenty, so please bear with us!"

The woman who introduced herself as Violet last time gathered her palms in a circle and shouted loudly.

However, the more things that were in the hands of those who came out of the store, the more and more the faces of those who waited became tearful.
Then a man ran out of the hectic store.


The man with reddish brown hair and exceptionally fair skin took a glance at the people in line and immediately approached Violet and spoke quietly.

"I think we should put a limit on each person. At this rate, I think we'll run out of supplies in less than an hour."

"Yeah, I can't help it. Do it."

I expected it to be popular, but it's such an explosive response.

I didn't know that I had to limit the number of purchases per person because I didn't have enough clothes to sell.

The faces of violet and store employees, who were running around all day without knowing that they were having a hard time, did not know how to laugh.

Once deeply inhaled and exhaled, she gathered her hands in a circle again and shouted loudly so that even the person standing at the far end of the line could hear her.

"You can only buy up to two pairs per person so that as many people as possible can get the chance to buy! I ask for your understanding! Two suits per person!"
People who were greedy about her words burst into discontent, but people at the back of the line were delighted.

However, despite the staff's efforts, the clothing store was forced to close early, as all of its clothes eventually ran out long before the closing hours of its opening day.

And the popularity of the clothing store grew higher the next day and the next day.