MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 37

There was one story in the Heslot market these days.

It was a large green building built in the middle of Heslot.

The expensive green dye was spread all over a large building.

The four-story building, which was originally renovated and renovated, had a luxurious appearance that was slightly inappropriate for the market.

So there was a lot of talk among the market users about what the building was for.

Some said the building would be a luxury bar, some said it would be a luxury inn.

What everyone had in common was that they expected it to be a very expensive place to sell.

And today, finally, there was a big sign in the building.

"Gallery Garment Shop" People who were busy walking on the street would slow down looking at the sign one by one.

The sign, in handwriting as elegant as the exterior of the building, would have been more appropriate for the House of Sedacuna, a nobles' quarter over there.


Hanson, who runs a large fruit store nearby, muttered as he looked up at the shiny sign.

"Didn't you write the wrong dresser?"

Robert, who runs a bakery next to Hanson's, approached and said.

"I know. It's a dressing room. I've never heard of a clothing store before."

"I don't care."

Among the shabby buildings was grumpy Robert, who didn't like the towering glitzy building.

"But do you intend to use all those big buildings as a dressing room?"

Margaret, who runs a bowl store right next to the clothing store, asked as she joined the men's conversation.

"You're going to have to make this big wardrobe in Sedacuna. Someone's coming from this Heslot."

Others agreed with Hanson.

But with that said, they couldn't take their eyes off the dark green building.

It was then that the door of the closed clothing store opened and a young woman greeted the merchants with a grin.


She wasn't overdressed, but she was a woman of appearance who made the viewer feel intimidated and unable to take her eyes off.

"I'm Violet, the owner of the 'Gallery Garment' store! I look forward to your kind cooperation!"

Originally an intermediary manager of the textile department at the top of Lombardi, she was scouted by Clarivan this time and transferred.

She, who had a knack for dealing with all kinds of textile shops from all over the Empire, was as familiar as breathing.

Violet's greeting was greeted by merchants, nodding their heads.

And Felicia, the bakeress, couldn't resist her curiosity and asked Violet.

"A clothing store, like a fancy dressing room?"

"We're a little different from the dressing room.

You can think of it as a place that sells pre-made clothes!"

"Pre, pre-made clothes?"

People looked at each other's faces alternately and were puzzled.

Familiar with the reaction, Violet said with a grin.

"The store opens in two days. Come and take a look! You'll be able to buy clothes for less than silver!"

People who blinked a couple of times at her words burst into laughter.

"Pretty, man! A young man is also a good joke!"

"How can a piece of clothing sold in a place like this be two silver! No matter how cheap you go to the wardrobe, you have to give me 50 silver coins!"

"These days, you have to give a silver to take off the cloth!"

But Violet talked with a serious face.

"I'm telling you, look at the day we open. But you're gonna have to be here soon. The goods will run out soon."

One by one, people who were laughing in stitches at her serious attitude stopped laughing.

"Well, really?"

"Yes, of course!"

But people still looked half-hearted.

Violet shrugged her shoulders, saying, "Everyone will know when it opens."

And for the last time, she didn't forget to ask again.

"Don't forget to spread the word! Our "Gallery Garment Store" will open in two days!

* * *

Today was the day of class.

And another thing.

It was also the day when a clothing store named after my father opened in Heslot Market.

Perhaps nervous, my father, who couldn't sleep all night, left early in the morning, and I had a simple breakfast by myself, headed to the classroom a little early.

It was because there was a message that today's class would be a little earlier due to Clarivan's schedule.
Maybe in the afternoon he's going to the dressing room to see what's going on.

Passing the path that I'm used to now, I opened the door to the classroom.

The classroom was empty, though twins or Bellesac might have thought there would always be a Larane who came first and read books.

"Am I the first?"

It's rare.

I settled down in the classroom without much doubt.

It was where I always sat with twins.

But I heard the door of the classroom open again.

"Hello, sir!"

I smiled broadly at Clarivan.

It was a commercial smile.

It was Clarivan who always smiled with me when I laughed like this.

But today is something different.

I'm smiling like a habit, but my eyes look at me hard.

"Sir, is something wrong?"

Clarivan, who approached where I was sitting, took a small jar out of his arms and put it down in front of him.

"Do you know this Lombardi Ointment, is selling like hot cakes these days.

'......' I didn't know how to answer.

It was an association where I worked for a letter of recommendation and had a discussion with my grandfather.
In addition, I heard that my grandfather gathered Lombardi's family members and bragged that it was my work.

So it's safe to say 'I know you well'.

But the lack of a clear understanding of the intentions of Clarivan's question made me hesitate.

I looked at him for a moment instead of answering.

Clarivan's eyes, close to a pale sky blue pigment, faced that gaze head-on.

"......then let me tell you what I think."

Clarivan said in a low voice.

"Other vassal families believe that the last time the governor held a meeting and said that this ointment was made by miss Florentia would be nothing more than an ordinary granddaughter boast. I think that's why we've decided to order this ointment in large quantities through the top of Lombardi and distribute it to the staff."

In fact, that's normal.

Because I'm only eight years old.

"But I know you too well for that."


"Maybe the idea and the way you created this ointment is what you came up with. Estira just added technical knowledge. Isn't it?"
"No! I just really helped Estira."

For now, I pretended not to know.

But as expected, it doesn't work for Clarivan.

"So you mean Estira invented the ointment?"

"Yes, the important thing is that Estira......?"

"The idea of not simply selling medicines, but hardening them in wax and vegetable oil. It's a mix of hipsy."

"Estira is smart!"

"Of course, I know Estira has brilliant mind. But she's not the one who gets out of the box."

No, when did you get to know Estira like that?

Clarivan seemed to be already convinced.

The ointment was made not by Estira, but by my initiative.

In fact, I've been aware for some time now.

The day I had a meeting with my father about the price of ready-made clothes.

Clarivan clearly knew that this ready-to-wear business was a bargain-free business.

It must have been to sound out my intentions that he suddenly mentioned the high-priced policy.

It was already a while later that I felt dubious about Clarivan's attitude.

But after that, he didn't say much, so I thought maybe it was my mistake.
I can't believe we're being raided like this.

I asked with a smirk.

"I'm sure it's only for me that today's class has been moved forward, right?"

Then Clarivan answered, lifting one corner of his mouth.

"Yes, other people were told that today's class was canceled. I decided that I needed time to have a proper conversation with you. Forgive me."

"You didn't have to do that. If you'd just asked, I'd have answered."

Just like Clarivan did, I was just trying to get his ideas across and I didn't mean to take them out.

It was a little earlier than I had planned, but it was going to happen one day.

It's like Clarivan Pellet.

It was rather welcome that a commercial genius who had to make me my person at all costs first approached me with curiosity.

"Then tell me the truth."

Clarivan said in a serious voice.

At that moment I could tell.

If I don't answer Clarivan's questions properly now, I won't have the cooperation of this genius at all costs.
I straightened my back and straightened my posture.

"First of all, you're right. I made the ointment with Estira's help."

"As expected......."

Clarivan's eyes glisten at me.

"Then is Gallahan's business your idea as well?"

"That's not true. Making and selling ready-to-wear is what my father thought."

"Giseongbok. I see. That's how you call it."

Oh, right.

In this place, where there is no concept of "pre-made clothes," there is naturally no word "giseongbok."

Clarivan nodded, now looking at me with a look of complete emotion.

"I heard you say, 'We need to lower the price.' You're way beyond my expectations."

That's when it was then.

I can't forget the face of Clarivan smiling brightly.

He's so handsome.

"In fact, I've had it since the Coroy business."

"Well, since then?"

I'm sweating a lot of sweat.

What a sharp shot this guy is he?

"The reason why the business went from Viege to Gallahan was because of you. More precisely because you suddenly dragged Gallahan in front of the cart."
I blush slightly with embarrassment.

Clarivan's had some sense since then.

It's very unfamiliar that I acted as if I didn't know anything.

"At that time, it was important to open the door to my father."

"I understand, that mind. Gallahan is such a waste of time to just read books."

As expected, Clarivan has a good eye.

It was the first time he'd ever praised my father in front of me, so I felt good.

In fact, in this situation, I would like him to intervene in my father's business instead of me.

However, it should not be pushed too far.

Clarivan was a man who should never be missed.

I don't know if my grandfather's talent collection wall is inherited to me.

I said as I managed to calm down my seething desire to make Clarivan my own person.

"Anyway, please continue to pretend you don't know. I will try not to bother the teacher......."

I was speaking politely to please Clarivan as much as I could.

Once I successfully expressed to Clarivan that I was an extraordinary child, I decided that this was enough.
And I was determined to show better and better performance and build trust and make Clarivan my person.

But even before I'm done talking, Clarivan's face is grim and hardened to sound.


"How come?"

Clarivan was angry with me.


"Am I not good enough?"

"What do you mean......."

"I asked if this Clarivan Pellet's ability was not in your eyes."

"No way!"

You're the one who's going to do something!

In addition to making Clarivan Pellet's top, achievements were beyond description.

In particular, after he became in charge, the yield at the top of Lombardi rose by drawing a nearly straight graph.

At least in commerce, there is no one to match the Clarivan's animal sense.

Clarivan, who was looking at me, bit his lower lip slightly as if he was angry.

And spoke to me in a slightly shaky voice.

"Please don't push me away."