MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 34

"I'm on my way to see you too, so I'm asking you to accompany me."



Not just me, but the kids around me nodded convincingly.

Larane must have wondered if I was being dragged away by Clarivan and scolded for wiping out his chest sweep.


Clarivan squinted for a moment, seemingly unhappy with the reaction of all.

"Well, then shall we leave?"

"Yes! Let's go!"

The twins looked at the stinging eyes and crept up from their seats.


Then he greets and runs away before he even gets caught.

"Bye, Florentia. Goodbye, sir."

Lalane quickly greets and moves away from us in case he falls behind.

Bellessak, who was waiting for his sister in the doorway, glanced at me once and I saw him following her.

Everyone's scared of Clarivan.

Of course, I'm not that round, and his eyes are scarier than others.

I looked at Clarivan.

"Oh, I don't understand."

It's because he doesn't smile and has a strong cold impression, but it's definitely a handsome face.

Of course, I can concentrate well on the lecture, but it's because Clarivan is handsome.

Everyone is so scared of Clarivan.

"Right, sir?"

Clarivan shrugs at my words.

"Well, I think you're a little special."


Clarivan took the lead first, no more answers.

But I didn't walk out on my own or anything.

Rather, he walked slowly with his hands behind his back, looking as if he had come out for a walk.

I'm being considerate of myself who can't walk as fast as an adult.

Look at this.

He's such a nice guy.

* * *


I tried to put up with it, but eventually I yawned.

I saw two people in a meeting diligently, wiping tears from the corners of their eyes.

"But wouldn't that not be a business for the common people?"

My father complained to Clarivan.

"This price is affordable for a commoner with a little money."

Clarivan replied in an easygoing voice.

"Yes, it's a price that only people with money can afford. That's what I'm saying."

"The focus of this business is not on prices. It's quality. It's quality."

"No matter how high-quality it is, what good is it if people can't buy it?"

The meeting has been going round and round for a long time already.

At first, I was surprised, too.

I realized that my father was such a passionate person.

Until the beginning of the meeting, my father, who seemed to be having a hard time with Clarivan, had already taken off his appearance and was sharply confronting him.

But if my father was fire, Clarivan was like ice.

I was calmly and clearly refuting my father's burning ideas and pouring cold water on him.

Of course, that's why the two are a good match.

While I was tucking my chin to the table and flicking chips with my fingernails, my father and Clarivan also entered a lull.

"Let's take a break."


The father's face, which sighs as he touches his eyes, looked exhausted.

I approached carefully and asked.

"Dad, are you all right?"

My father, who was laughing helplessly at my question, sat me on his lap with a "Uhh"



"Will Dad be able to do well?"

Well, the business now was completely different from my father's natural personality.

The Coroy business last time was the same, but at that time, everything happened in a flash.

But this time it was different.

This business was led by my father from beginning to end.

Even the capital was.

Instead of Lombardi's tagged money, Gallahan will spend the money he has collected so far.

Of course, even if this business fails, it is possible because Lombardi person who will not be able to live and eat forever.

"Fighting, Dad."

I patted my father on the shoulder with sincerity, even with a phrase like a familiar nursery rhyme.

"It's nice to have pre-made clothes for someone to wear!"

I raised my hands deliberately and shouted exaggeratedly.

That's right.

The project my father is planning now was, in a word, a "giseongbok project."

It was said that it was an idea that he got when he made a promotional prototype during the last Coroy business and turned it on to the aristocrats.

You may think it's just a general clothing business, but the important thing is that there is no concept of "giseongbok" here yet.
People here usually go to the dressing room and get their clothes tailored.

It's a pretty convenient system for anyone who wants to buy clothes.

When a professional dress designer, tailor, and seamstress with a lot of experience visit the waiting dressing room, everything is solved at once.

Through consultation with a designer, I can make clothes in the shape I want and use the fabric I want.

You don't have to worry about being smart because it's tailored to your body.

But that's why it's expensive.

Clothes are treated fairly dear to nobles unless they are wealthy enough.

This is all the more so because dresses that are colorful and delicate enough to be worn at banquets and social events cost a lot of material.

Even the nobles are not free from clothes, but the common people will be quiet.

Those who can afford it look for cheap wardrobes for the common people, but if not, they make their own clothes at home.

Because clothes are built while removing fabrics, there is an unsatisfactory situation in which the mother's skill determines the quality of the clothes of the family.
In addition, people in poverty were told that they would not wash clothes because they were afraid they would get worn out if they mixed them frequently.

In this situation, the father's idea is truly groundbreaking.

When I first heard it, I thought my father was a genius.

It's a lot harder to look at the obvious from a completely different perspective.

Well, Clarivan just got on the boat and said it all.

"We can't put off pricing any longer."

Clarivan said, announcing the end of the break.

"There's a lot to consider, including the cost of placing orders with the fabric guild, the price of making a model of the costume, and the cost of building materials."

I got off my knees and sat down in the next chair so that the two could talk comfortably.

Then my eyes met with Clarivan's.

As usual, it was a different look.

But that's also for a while.

That sign was lost in a single blink of an eye.

Am I mistaken?

"Listen carefully, Sir Gallahan."

Clarivan, who turned away from me, told my father.
"Sir Gallahan, I told you that the store should be in the Heslot market, not in Sedacuna, because I thought the commoners would be more open to a new way of buying than the nobles."


"This business has to be aimed at people who want high-quality goods among the commoners."

Huh? Hold on.

I looked at Clarivan in surprise.

This isn't right.

But Clarivan is serious.

There seemed to be no room for jokes in the way he looked at my father.


My father also began to think very carefully about the appearance of Clarivan.

"It's a luxury......."

No, Father! That's not it!

"Yes, it should be a business for those who use the Heslot market but can use their own money for something new."

What's wrong with you, Clarivan?

In embarrassment, sweat began to flow from behind my back.

"Is it right to raise the price......."

Eventually, my father worries with his fingers crossed.

You've done a great job so far!

This business should target ordinary middle-class citizens.

So naturally, the price should be set low.
People who can afford to try new things to save themselves the trouble of making their own clothes, but prefer cheap clothes to clothes tailored to the wardrobe.

Clothes for special occasions will still be tailored in the dressing room, but people who are willing to buy ready-made clothes at the risk of overlapping designs for daily wear.

"Think about it."

I trusted him. I trusted him.

He's trying to lead my father the wrong way.

I waited until the last minute.

May either Father or Clarivan notice a blind spot in this opinion.

However, the moment his father opened his mouth after deep consideration, he had to intervene.

"Then again, the price-raising side.

"Well, but I wouldn't like it!"

I shouted in a hurry, and my father looked back at me in surprise.

I can't help it now that I'm like this.

I said it as round as I could.

"You're saying that someone else might wear the same clothes as me? I think I'll just buy matching clothes in the dresshouse!"

"Is that so?"

"Because they originally bought clothes in the dresshouse!"
My father nodded his head small, saying, "That's true."

"So I think we need to lower the price of our clothes. So that they can buy it easily and wear it comfortably."

I thought I'd just give you a hint as usual, but I couldn't risk things going wrong again.

I looked at my father and spoke in a strong tone.

"And there are more people out there who don't have money than rich people, right?"

In short, it means that the market is bigger.

Of course, the profit from selling a piece of clothing will be small, but you should not ignore the sale.

The advantage of early ready-to-wear was right there.

"Florentia seems to have a point. What do you think, Clarivan?"

My father looked back at Clarivan, asking for his opinion.

I also turned to him with my father.

And I watched.

Like slow motion, the smile spreads on Clarivan's face.

It wasn't just a light grin.

Nor was the usual cold sneaky grin.

It was a bright smile smiling with real joy.

"Cl, Mr. Clarivan?"

I heard my father's embarrassed voice.
It was the same for me to be surprised.

This is the first time in my life and my previous life that I've ever seen a man named Clarivan Pellet smile like this.

I never thought he could smile like this.

Regardless of the astonishment beyond our father and daughter's astonishment, Clarivan was still smiling.

And at the end of his gaze was me.

Surprised by Clarivan's picturesque smile, however, I couldn't afford to think of such a thing.

Then Clarivan, who rose from his seat, approached me.


Surprised, I stiffened up for a moment, but I didn't move recklessly.

I just watched Clarivan do it.

Clarivan, who walked toward me, knelt down in front of me and lowered himself.

It happened before the embarrassed father said anything.

And the tip of the Clarivan's hand was my sleeve.

It was exactly a ribbon on the sleeve.

The knot was untied and the string was fluttering without knowing when it was untied.

Clarivan grabbed the end without saying a word.

His long white fingers made a soft, pretty knot, and he quickly made a nice ribbon.
"Tha, thank you......."

At my little voice, Clarivan looked up at me and smiled.

"Don't mention it, miss."

I couldn't take my eyes off that face.

I think those folded eyes have more meaning than I see.

Just a moment ago, something changed inside him.

I sat staring at Clarivan like that.