MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 33

Romassie Dillard, the current Lombardi's chief executive, entered the mansion early in the morning at the behest of the governor.

The Dillards have already been loyal to Lombardi for generations.

Funny enough, it was said that the Lord of Dillard lived in Lombardi, not in the Imperial City.

"Long time no see, Mr. Romassie."

The butler of the mansion greeted him politely at the front door of the mansion.

"Is the Lord in his office?"

"No, there was a person in the conference room today."

"Conference room? Hmm."

Romassie reacted as if it were a big deal, sweeping a short-shaven beard.

Romassie, the general manager of Lombardi's top, has never stepped down from the front line, although he has aged.

Still, all of Lombardi's top contracts and trade have gone through his desk.

I was nervous at heart, thinking that something big would happen because he called me in in a hurry even though he obviously didn't have to go to the top yet.

But come into the conference room.

Romassie asked the butler.

"Are there other people here besides me?"

Then the butler answered with a small smile.

"We've already arrived from Bray, Herringa, Bill Kay, Devongar and Ware. You are the last one, Mr. Romassie."

Romassie has become more confused.

All the families the butler said were the Lombardi, like Dillard.

Just as the Dillard family did, they were also responsible for major projects such as banks, education, transportation, agriculture and dry porridge.

The quick-paced Romassie hurriedly opened the door to the conference room.

First, Herringa's gazoo was greeted by Romassie.

"Oh, long time no see."

"Do you know what the hell is going on?"

But neither did he, shaking his head.

Romassie asked the same question to Bray's first son, who was sitting next to him in search of an empty seat, but the return answer was similar.

"I don't know either. I suddenly got a call yesterday and......."

"Oh, my God. It's not often called this......."

Romassie was right.

It was only at the New Year's party or Lulac's birthday banquet at the beginning of the year that this number of people gathered at once.

Then, the door opened and one more person came in.

"No, Clarivan, even you?"

It was Clarivan, still full of sleepiness.

After a brief glance at the crowd, Clarivan naturally sat next to Romassie.

Romassie, which was surprised for a moment by the appearance of the Clarivan, greeted first in a small, low voice.

"Long time no see, Clarivan."

Clarivan, who was rubbing his eyes tired of him, shook his head small and answered in a small voice.

"Yes, Father."

Clarivan last name was after his mother's last name.

Clarivan Dillard's extramarital son of Romassie, came of age and lived independently of Dillard.

Knowing the relationship between the rich and the rich, the family members in the audience pretended not to hear the greetings they shared.

After a while, Lulac Lombardi opened the door to the conference room.

Except for the old Weir family's household, everyone jumped up from their seats and greeted them.

Lulac smiled, beckoning for them to sit down.

"Everyone's here."

Contrary to my concerns, the glistening face looked very happy.

Thanks to this, the family leads gathered were all the more cryptic.

"I'm calling everyone today because......."

There was tension in the crowd.

When Lulac beckoned once, the servant came out with something on the tray.


One by one, a small complex was placed in front of each person.

I couldn't tell what it was, tightly bound by a pretty red string.

"Hmm? What's this smell?"

Romassie carefully brought its face to the jar and asked.

"It's sweet, it smells cool....... I've never smelled it before."

"I know...... the hot-tempered person has already picked up the jar and even shook it slightly.

Lulac, who was watching them with a smile, said.

"It's medicine."


I guessed it because of the bitter smell.

The thorns looked at each other's faces.

"Can I open it?"

When Clarivan asked, Lulac nodded coolly.

Lulac gave an extended explanation to them who unraveled the red ribbon out of curiosity.

"It's an all-around ointment for pain. It's especially effective for people with muscle pain and poor joints like me."

As they grew older, they, who had one or two uncomfortable places, looked into the ointment with their eyes shining even more.

"Oh, but they told me not to apply it to skin peeling or bleeding wounds!"

Lulac spoke firmly, raising his index finger.

"But why did you......."

Finally, the Devons asked in a small voice.

Lulac grinned as if he had waited for the question.

"Do you know who made the ointment?"

"Well, I don't know......."

"That's my granddaughter!"

It was soon followed by Lulac's loud laugh, 'Hahahaha!'

"If you say Granddaughter......."

The Lombardi third generation were still young.

Lerane, the oldest, was only 11.

But the granddaughter made it all of a sudden.

Everyone wondered if the owner had another grown granddaughter that they didn't know.

Then Clarivan asked in a quiet voice.

"Is she Florentia?"

Lulac, who was not able to stop shaking his shoulders, stopped laughing and looked at Clarivan.

The retainers in the audience became rather tumultuous and raucous.
"Florentia is Gallahan's......?"

"She's still young......."

However, he did not seem to be joking with Lulac, who proudly offered the ointment, saying it was made by his granddaughter, or Clarivan, who looked at such Lulac.


Suddenly, Lulac burst into laughter again.

Everyone was sighing, "Oh, you were joking."

"I'm not kidding. It was really made by my granddaughter, Florentia. It's a collaboration with a scholar named Estira who entered the academy as a researcher with my recommendation letter."

"Aha, collaboration!"

"Hahaha! It was a collaboration!"

Only then did people burst into laughter.

Of course, it is.

They was wondering what happened because it was still made by a child, and it was a collaboration with a great scholar.

By the way, you'd have picked the color of this ribbon.

That was the idea of the gods.

"It's going to go on sale next month. I won't be able to buy it because I don't have it then, so thank you

"You must be very proud of your granddaughter!"
The singer of Herringa laughed and replied.

"I don't know how far you'll believe me, but I should have seen my granddaughter bring that ointment and negotiate with me!"

"You mean negotiations? With the Lord?

One of them was surprised.

It took quite a long time for them to sit in one place and laugh and talk with Lulac.

The average child cries his head off in Lulac's arms.

But they can't believe Lulac negotiated with such a little kid.

"Florentia is not afraid of me. He's a very smart kid."

"Oh...... that's amazing."

Everyone didn't believe that Florentia created the ointment.

At least, he was not afraid of the singer and seemed to doubt that she was a good kid.

"By the way, I didn't know she were such a grandchild."

At the meeting, the oldest and most familiar Weir family singer smiled and said.

"You have to be smart."

It was a bit of a pushover, but Lulac didn't mind and grinned.

Thinking that something big had happened, he ran to the village in the morning and got the owner's granddaughter's pride and ointment, so the Clarivan was quiet amid the story.
He looked down at the complex in front of him with his unique cold but mysteriously deep eyes.

And he fiddled with his fingers with the tip of the red ribbon.

It was the same color as the hair tie that Florentia wore most often.

"Clarivan, what's wrong?"

Romassie, who was watching it from the side, called his son wondering.

"Maybe he's thinking the same thing as his father, and they're thinking the same thing."

At first glance, Clarivan's eyes looked at the smiling and chatting retainers in a comfortable manner.

But in between, there were moments when their eyes stayed in the jar.

"Everyone's trying to figure out why the Lord gathered them all together and showed them this ointment."

In the kingdom of Lombardi, it was the work of the household gods to read and carry out the spirit of the householder.

Everyone seemed to be talking thoughtlessly, but it was just appearance.

"Doesn't your father have any thoughts? When, where, and where to distribute this ointment at the top of Lombardi."
Romassie, he nodded, shrugging his shoulders, as if he had been caught inside.

"And one more thing......."

Clarivan once again caught a red ribbon in his eye.

Something to call instinct, or touch, was telling Clarivan.

Keep an eye on the owner of this red ribbon.

Clarivan cherished a round little jar in his hand.

* * *

The class is over.

"I think red looks great on Florentia."

Larane said, tying a red hair tie to my hair.

"Larane looks good in white."

I wasn't just saying it.

Whether it's because of Lalane's fair skin or the blue eyes inherited from Angenas.

Larane looked so good in white.

"......thank you."

You complimented me first, but when I got compliments, I feel shy.

He was so kind, pure, and tender that I wondered if he was really born with Bellsack.

It was too fine a flower to go to a faraway place alone and wither without being loved.

I said to Lalane with that thought.

"You like dolls, don't you?" There's something I got for my birthday present before, and I hate dolls. Do you want it, Larane?"
"Really? Wow, good!"

Larane gave me a happy smile that I would show when I got a gold bar from someone.

"What about me? I!"

"Give me a present, Tia!"

The twins cried as they arranged the books and cushions I was going to clean up.

"I see, I see."

There was only one reason why I was chatting with the kids like this.


I looked back, pretending to yawn loudly.

I'm still watching. I'm watching.

Clarivan was looking at me with a laser-like eye.

Even before the class started, he asked me questions whenever he had time.

Then, after the class, he is doing that outright.

I'm dying of trouble.

But that doesn't mean you can't say, "Look elsewhere, your eyes are killing me!"

I'm an innocent kid who knows nothing now, an innocent kid.

So someone tapped me on the shoulder, shouting a spell at myself.

"Oh, my gosh!"

"Why are you so surprised?"

It was Clarivan.

"That." He was over there earlier..... Why, what's wrong, sir?"

I asked with the most abominable smile.

"Come with me."

Larane and the twins next to each other also tilt their heads.

I didn't hear it wrong.

"I told you to come with me, Miss. Florentia."

What did I do wrong?