MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 32

I hid my trembling heart as much as I could and entered my grandfather's office.

Fortunately, the weather was also helping.

The sky was very cloudy and drizzling.

"Oh, my granddaughter is here?"

My grandfather opened his arms wide toward me with a slightly scrawny face.


I ran right over and fell into my grandfather's arms.


Next to me, Brochule was smiling with a surprised face at me and my grandfather.

Maybe he has never seen my grandfather like this before.

Well, I agree with that.

Lulac Lombardi looks so relaxed.

If I had seen it in my previous life, I might have been surprised and moved on.

I broke free from my grandfather's arms and bowed again to Mr. Brochule.

"Hello, old librarian."

"Huh. Long time no see, Miss Florentia."

My father seemed to welcome me even more because he didn't go to the library often after he got busy.

"I didn't expect you to be the one who wanted the letter of recommendation."

Brochule told me.

"It's not really me, it's a letter of recommendation for Estira. Dr. O'Malley's student."

"Ah, I knows that."

"She's still young, but she's very smart."

"Yes! Estira knows a lot about herbs. So I brought the medicine Estira made today to show you both!"

I took a pot of medicine out of my little handbag.

"Hmm? It smells unique, doesn't it?"

Grandfather sniffed and said.

He just looked very excited about what kind of medicine was inside.

Of course, I didn't mean to satisfy my grandfather's curiosity right away.

I opened the lid of the jar and approached Mr. Brochule.

"Your fingers hurt a lot, don't they?"

"Hmm? How did you know that?"

Brochule said in surprise.

It was common for people with jobs that used their hands a lot as they grew older to develop arthritis in their fingers.

I could tell just by looking at the slightly curved fingertips of Mr. Brochule.

"Estira did it! People who buy and hold a lot of pens like grandfathers can hurt their knuckles!"

I tossed all the balls to Estira and scooped up the ointment with my fingertips.

"Give me your hand."

After looking at my grandfather for a while, Mr. Brochule held out his painful hand.

Obviously, the fingers holding the pen were bent in an uncomfortable shape just by looking at it.

I carefully spread the ointment on each finger.

The response came immediately.


Brochule looked at the ointment with surprising eyes.

"How do you like it?"

"It was even worse to throb because it was cloudy......."

I spread it hard with my small hands to absorb it well into the joints.

In fact, it was a matter of moderation.

But I looked carefully at Mr. Brochel's bent fingers.

Books were the only place I could look forward to in my previous life as a young man who was left alone.

Brochule kept the library until late at night for me, and sometimes taught me if I didn't know anything in the book.

It may have been a small favour for someone who held the post of librarian, but it was a great comfort to me at the time.

I applied ointment to Mr. Brochule's hand with thanks for that time.

"Come on, we're done! How do you feel now, Borrower?"

"It's a lot cooler than before. I can barely feel the pain because of you, so this is a real."

"Hehe, right?"

Brochule was sniffing at the scent of hipsy in her hands as if she didn't hate it.


Then my grandfather called me.

Something didn't seem right about seeing Brochule with a sulky face.

"What about this grandpa?"

Perhaps he was envious of me being nice to Mr. Brochule.

I thought I was going to laugh, but I quickly took the ointment so that my grandfather wouldn't be upset.

When I approached, I spoke confidently to my grandfather who looked at me blankly.



"Grandfather, give me your knees!"

Grandfather asked in surprise.

"How do you know my knees are not good?"

"You patted it like this sometimes."

I said, imitating my grandfather's habit.


My grandfather couldn't say anything for a while looking at me.

He seemed very touched that I knew my grandfather's sick spot.

"Grandpa, come on!"

At my urging, my grandfather rolled up his trousers and showed me his right knee.

I also took a lot of ointment and applied it hard to my grandfather's knee.
With the thought of being a good granddaughter and rubbing my grandfather's sick legs.

Unlike Brochule, grandfather was quiet.

With the brow slightly narrowed, I just looked down at the knees where the ointment was applied.

"This is......."

Finally, grandfather opened his mouth with a serious face.

He moved his sore knee a few times and looked at me with a big question mark.

"Hey, what's going on here, Florentia."

"Estira's medicine!"

"So what medicine......."

Grandfather, quite surprised, kept folding and stretching his knees.

Perhaps it was amazing that the pain was not easily felt because of the cool feeling.

"Estira's a little bit of a variation on the family medicine! How do you like it, grandpa?"

The answer was already revealed in my grandfather's expression, but I asked.

Grandfather replied with a nod.

"If she can produce this much medicine, she deserve my recommendation."

Mr Brochel also said with a grin.

"I'm already looking forward to seeing what it's going to be like if we start researching at a well-equipped academy."
The two were already poised to write Estira ten letters of recommendation.

"Estira may need a scholarship. Research and living expenses!"

"That's about it...."

Grandfather agreed too easily.

This hardened the allowance for Estira in case of emergency.

But this is not the end.

Grandfather was seen reaching for the complex as if possessed.

I just put a lid on it and held it in my hand.


Grandfather looked at me in embarrassment.

I said with a big smile.

"Estira says, This medicine is very easy to make."

"Easy to manufacture such a medicine?"

Grandfather seemed as shocked as he was when he first applied the medicine.

"So I was told that I wanted to give some of this medicine as a gift to my grandfather and Brochule who wrote me a letter of recommendation."...."

Sure enough.

"Ha ha! What a case!"

A big smile was made on my grandfather's face.

Brochule also seemed very pleased to see him patting his beard with a smile.

I was looking at your reaction and threw it away.

"Then wouldn't other people like it?"
My grandfather's laughter, which had been going on in a big way, stopped.

Grandfather and my eyes met.

And I felt like I could see inside my grandfather's head for a moment.

Dozens of numbers seemed to go by quickly, and my grandfather looked at me and laughed.

"Yes, I think a lot of people will like it."

"Then I'll go tell Estira this good news! Goodbye, both of you!"

Florentia greeted politely, and vigorously opened the door of the office and left.

I could hear the pattering of light footsteps moving away quickly.

He seemed to be rushing to Estira.

"That's a strange medicine."

Brochule opened the jar Florentia had left behind and looked wonderfully at the yellowish ointment in it.

As soon as the medicine touched the skin, the pain in the joints, which had been dogged, quickly covered with a cool sensation.

And as Florentia explains, it wasn't just a painkiller.

The medicine, which is a raw material, is said to have the effect of healing wounds and injuries itself, killing two birds with one stone.
Then Brochule realized one strange thing.

Lulac has been too quiet since Florentia left.


Brochule called Lulac carefully.

It was then.

"Hahaha! That guy, haha!"

A surprisingly big smile broke out from Lulac.

Lulac was smiling so loudly that his shoulders were up and down.

"Now that I'm this age, I don't think I'll be surprised anymore!"

Lulac laughed once again when he remembered Florentia, who was speaking clearly.

"Two letters of recommendation, not enough scholarship, give her a portion of the proceeds from selling this medicine?"

That was the condition that Florentia put forward.

It was a legitimate request.

This brilliant medicine was Estira's invention.

The percentage of revenue required was also very modest.

If a trader has a conscience, he/she offered such conditions that he/she would no longer negotiate and accept.

So Lulac had no choice but to snap to it.

It is impossible to show a small figure to a young granddaughter.

Of course, that would be out of the question if it were anyone else.
'Do you happen to be?'

The idea that maybe even such thoughts were in the small head crossed Lulac's mind.


"Yes, Lord."

"Isn't Florentia very smart?"

Brochule smiled and nodded at Lulac's question.

"Lombardi's future is bright."

"Yes, Lombardi's future."

It could have been adult's fault for a child only eight years old.

But Lulac couldn't take his eyes off the small complex in front of him for a while.

* * *

The day has come when Estira leaves.

It was just a few days after I had a meeting with my grandfather.

While sponsoring, my grandfather shot like hotcakes.

Lombardi said he couldn't let Estira, who was carrying a recommendation letter from the state, live in a dormitory, and bought her a decent house near the academy.

In particular, with permission from the dean of the Academy, Estira came in a little faster than others and gave them an opportunity to adjust in advance.

Now all Estira had to do was study hard at the Academy and wait for the amount of ointment sold in Lombardiy Bank under her name.
All the luggage was loaded, and Estira wept at me in front of the carriage where the coachman was waiting with the reins of the horse.

"Lady Florentia..... How can I repay this favor?"

"It's Estira's outstanding opportunity."

I said with a smile, Estira shook her head as she stamped tears.

"If there's any way I can repay this favor......" I stared up at Estira.

And I asked.

"Do you really think so, Estira?"

"Sure! Tell me anything I can hear, miss!"

Estira was pleased with my words.

I hesitated for a moment and said.

"Well, Estira. I have a favor to ask of you. It's not a small favor."

Estira answered with her hands together with a determined look on her face.

"Tell me, miss."


I said, looking straight at Estira.

"There's a disease called Tlenbrew. Estira knows about it, doesn't she?

A terrible disease that begins with the loss of sensation of hands and feet and hardens the muscles of the whole body, and ends up dying slowly.

My father, Gallahan Lombardi, died in his mid-30s.
"And in the area where the academy is located, there's a native herb called Rosen. Make me a cure for Tlenbrew with it."

"The cure for Tlenbrew......."

Estira's voice shook.

"How can you, my lady, know that the rosen is the cure......."

I did not answer.


Estira's trembling eyes looked at me.

I also looked at such Estira face to face.

And at some point, the tremor in her eyes stopped.

She seemed to have found her own answer.

And she asked.

"Can I make a cure for such a rare disease?"

Doubt if she can pull off such a great job.

It's too heavy a burden to put on someone who's just off to be a researcher.

But I answered, looking straight at Estira.

"Yeah, Estira can do it. You can create a cure."

Because you're the one who's gonna create the cure.

Three years after my father died.

I was told that a scholar named Estira, who once studied at the Lombardi Council, created Tlenbrew's cure based on an herb called Rosen.

However, in this life, we have to produce a cure a little faster.
That's why I gave the clue 'Rosén' together.

"Estira will definitely make it."

This is why I had to send Estira to the Academy quickly at any cost.