MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 29

Lombardi's office.

The breathless heavy air was filling the interior of the office as if it were weighing down.

It was so stark that the criminal wanted to turn back and run out again as soon as he stepped in.

It was Lulac Lombardi, who was sitting at the desk in his office, that created such a dreadful atmosphere.

As a young man, Karisma, nicknamed Lombardi's lion, became deeper and heavier as she grew older.

Now, there are fewer cases of getting angry like before, but when I had deep thoughts like today, the overwhelming figure appeared again.

Lulac was looking at a statue of his wife Natalia by the window.

Not long ago, it was a bust given as a gift by his granddaughter, Florentia.

It was always appreciated with longing and affection for his wife, but today it was a little different.


Lulac called his wife's name low.

"We should have been more strict parents."

Viege was the first son of two couples.

On top of that, there was Shannanet, the eldest daughter, but she was a mature and untouchable child from a very young age.

Therefore, Viege, who thinks like a child and has a naughty side, stole the couple's affection, especially Natalia's attention.

And that was the problem.

It was too late when I realized something was wrong with the growing figure of Viege.

The Lambrew Empire was largely a society of thorough eldest succession.

Viege learned it too early in life.

For generations, however, Lombardi was a family that put personal ability before the eldest.

As Lulac grew older and his children grew older, his worries deepened.

If I had the right child, I wanted to pass the household post tomorrow and rest now, but there was no right person.

Not long ago, he secretly showed her feelings to her eldest daughter, Shannanet, but her answer was cold.

"I've seen my father carry so much that I've seen him for the longest time. And I have no intention of living a life like that, Father."

Lulac had no choice but to smile bitterly and nod.

No matter how much you are given, if you don't want it, you become a horrible chair with a splinter.

Not long ago, Viege made another big mistake.

Viege, who is in charge of managing the property owned by Lombardi in the central part of the Empire, sold the land at an excessively low price to a nobleman who was close to him.

The problem was that the land had been said to be buried steadily from before.

Knowing that, Viege sold the land for his own external influence.

Fortunately, it was thought to be a small vein from the beginning, so the financial damage was not that great.

But Lulac is clear on this one.

That Viege could forgo Lombardi's interests for his own personal gain.

It was time for a big sigh to come out of Lulac's mouth when his thoughts reached that point.

knock, knock

A small knock tickled my ears.

"Who is it?"

Lulac asked at an unfamiliar knock.

"Grandfather! This is Tia!"


A cheerful and clear voice answered outside the door.

Surprised Lulac jumped out of his seat and opened the door himself.


Florentia, with a reddish face as if there were flower water in her cheeks, smiled broadly at Lulac.

"Oh, my Tia is here!"

And at the same time, the heavy air weighing on the office and Lulac flew away in an instant.

He rushed in and hugged his little granddaughter, who hugged her legs, with a grin.


Lulac's smile continued to fall on the face of the Florentia laughter.

The face with wrinkles on his face was hard to think of as the same person who was serious a while ago.

"Are you busy, grandpa?"

Florentia asked.

"I'm not too busy. Why is something wrong?"

Florentia answered Lulac's question bravely.

"Write me a recommendation, Grandpa!"



Lulac tilted his head for a while and put Florentia down on the sofa.

It was always the seat of Florentia when Gallahan and his granddaughter visited the office together.

After a while, cookies and juice were placed on the table.

Looking at it for a while, Florentia soon took a big bite of the cookie.

It was too nonchalant for me to come for a recommendation letter from the governor.

"But now an eight-year-old child, to know what."
Lulac smiled at his granddaughter, so hard on himself.

"Is it good?"

"Yes! Sweet!"

Looking unspoiled, Lulac patted the head of Florentia.

"So, you want me to write a letter of recommendation?"

Perhaps Florentia didn't know much, but the recommendation letter of the gazoo wasn't a simple thing to ask for.

The person who received the recommendation letter bearing the seal of the household owner, in short, meant that he would receive Lombardi's unexpected support.

He also said that if anything happened to him, Lombardi would intervene.

"It can't be yours. Who was it for?"

"Estira, I'm a disciple of Dr. O'Malley, and she wants to go to the Imperial Academy and do some research. Herbal medicine!"

"Then I'll get Dr. O'Malley's letter of recommendation."

"He's already given the letter of recommendation to someone else....."

Perhaps Florentia came to visit her grandfather purely because she wanted to help him.

Lulac seemed to warm up once again.

However, the recommendation letter from the governor was, "How can I teach my granddaughter without hurting her feelings?"
"But Florentia. This grandfather's letter of recommendation is not something that I can easily give."

Florentia sat still listening with her big eyes wide open.

Lulac was already sweating in his head thinking about what he would do if his granddaughter started crying.

The corners of his mouth, smiling, trembled a couple of times.

An exceptionally weak personality to the blood was also expressed here.

"Yes! I'd prefer a librarian's letter of recommendation to this grandfather's!"

Brochule was a scholar who came into the Lombardi family, which had provided enormous support, after retiring as a vice dean of the academy.

So it was not as much of a recommendation from the governor, but it would be a great help.

"Send a child named Estira to Brochule for a proper evaluation......."

"I need both!"

Lulac stopped talking.

"If you say two......."

"Grandfather's letter of recommendation and Brochule's letter of recommendation, two of them!"

Lulac was embarrassed and looking for something to say for a moment.
Florentia asked such a Lulac.

"You said we needed a proper evaluation, didn't you?"

"Well, it was......."

"How do I get both of your recommendations?"

Florentia seemed to mean it.

"Estira is really smart and she's good at everything!"

"You're good at making it?"

Lulac asked curiously.


Knowing well about medicine and developing and creating knowledge were different stories.

There were many scholars who could do the former, but the latter was rare.

"Then, I'll get the medicine Estira made!"

Florentia asked, putting down the cookies in her hand.

"It would be hard to please me and Brochule at the same time."

"Estira can do it.!"

"You look pretty confident, man."

Lulac was flattered by his young granddaughter.

"Yes! So if you like the medicine Estira made, will you write me a recommendation, Grandpa?"

At the words of Florentia, Lulac smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, let's do that. I'll tell her in advance."

"Wow! Grandfather, you're the best!"

Florentia ran in great joy and hugged Lulac.
Lulac melted with aegyo that he had never received from other grandchildren who were always afraid of his grandfather.

"Yes, yes."

I didn't know Lulac was patting the child on the back and laughing his head off.

The fact that his granddaughter, who seems to be acting childish with her face buried in her grandfather's lap, is actually shining her eyes and rolling her head fiercely.

A library of offices and conference rooms for those who work for Lombardi.

A person who was not often seen here was hovering on the first floor of the library.

"Isn't that Gallahan?"

"But why are you so restless here?"

Everyone who was reporting to their superiors was puzzled as they looked back at Gallahan.


The hallway where Gallahan sighed was none other than in front of Clarivan's office.

The door with the name "Clarivan Pellet" in gold gourd looked so huge.

I came all the way here because I thought it was a good idea after listening to my daughter, but Gallahan hesitated.

It was because I was afraid of Clarivan.
"Should I just go back...... It was true that I received a great deal of help from Clarivan during the Coroy-Lending business.

But that was one thing, and the sharp eyes of Clarivan, were scary.

Gallahan's shoulders drooped down.

I felt so sorry for myself.

Before Florentia told me, I thought about getting help from Clarivan.

But I was also nervous to talk to Clarivan, so I just gave up.

But my daughter was right.

Of course, if you don't know anything, you have to ask.

In particular, it was right for those who were not good at business like him to receive all the help they could.

Gallahan, who took a small deep breath and hardened his mind, knocked on the door of his office.

knock, knock

There was a beep once, but it was quite loud.

But no answer was heard from inside.

Once again, knock knock knock.

Gallahan knocked again, but there was still no answer inside.

"Oh, you're not in there!"

Gallahan's face lit up strangely.

There's no one inside, so it's inevitable.

It was time for Gallahan to take a light step back, making a promise that he should come back later, perhaps not to keep.

Not so far away, the Clarivan stood.

With his arms crossed, leaning at the window, looking at Gallahan.

"Cl, Mr. Clarivan!"

"I was wondering when you'd be tapping."

Clarivan said in a cold voice.

I was watching it all.

Gallahan's face was slightly flushed with embarrassment.

"But it didn't take as long as I thought."

Gallahan smiled awkwardly and scratched his head instead of answering.

"You're here because you have something to say."

Clarivan stomped over and said.

Looking at the figure, Gallahan thought.

Florentia clearly said, 'Teacher Clarivan is always kind.'

Suddenly, I was worried that she would be so cold to her daughter.

"Come on in."

Clarivan, who led the way first, said as he opened the door to his office.

"Well, if you'll excuse me for a moment."

Gallahan stepped inside, greeting politely.

It was a stiff move that seemed to creak with tension.

Clarivan smirked at the sight.