MTL-ver [Be the Householder]

Chapter 28


The door rattled hard in my hand.

"Lady Florentia?"

Dr. O'Malley wondered when he saw me still holding the doorknob.

"Are you feeling any discomfort?"

It's uncomfortable, then!

You're flying a check to a guy you've never heard of before!

So I wanted to grab Dr. O'Malley by the collar and shake it off, but I struggled to raise the corners of my mouth and asked innocently.

"Is there anything good going on?"

When I asked, a shiny man, excited beside Dr. O'Malley, quickly approached and greeted me.

"Good evening, miss! My name is Jason. This time, Dr. O'Malley recommended me to go to the Imperial Academy."

There was no place to blame except for being burdensome with the polite and friendly greeting, but it was still unfriendly.

First of all, I don't like it when Estira intercepts the recommendation letter she deserves.

"Well, is he your disciple? I've never seen him before....."

I've been in and out of the lab a few times in the meantime, and it was really my first time seeing it.

"Jason is a disciple I taught a few years ago."

A few years ago, for a while? Not even now?

"I wrote a letter of recommendation because I wanted to go to the Imperial Academy this time. Hahaha!

"It's a really grateful thing. Dr. O'Malley's letter of recommendation! You'll probably get a lot of attention in the Academy lab, too!"

Jason couldn't hide his grin as if he were happy just imagining it.

Estira's face, by comparison, was dark.

I was forced to laugh, but I could see that he was quite depressed.

"Well, it's time to......."

Jason stole my wits and started talking to Dr. O'Malley.

"You haven't been feeling ill, have you, Miss Florentia?"

Dr. O'Malley and Jason seemed to have somewhere else to go.

Perhaps it was in return for writing a letter of recommendation.

I nodded with a trembling face.

"I'm here to see Estira. Don't worry and go."

"Yes, then I'll see you next time."

Dr. O'Malley took Jason out of the lab, still beaming.

In a quiet space, Estira was moving hard again.

Remove the teacups left on the table and arrange the refreshment bowls.

I approached such Estira carefully and said.

"Estira, are you okay?"

Estira smiled faintly at my question.

"Yes, miss. I'm fine. I'm rather sorry to you, miss."

"Me? You're sorry for me?"

I didn't understand what Estira said.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. Although Jason lost the player, if you talk to Dr. O'Malley well, he'll definitely write a recommendation letter to Estira."

But Estira's bitter laughter only deepened.

Something was out of the ordinary.

It's not something to be depressed about.


"Recommendation letter is......."

Estira, who had kept her mouth shut for a while, had a hard time opening her mouth.

"Only one letter of recommendation for the Academy is valid per year, miss."

"Ha, one?"


Only then did Estira understand the situation and smiled consolingly at me, who was dazed.

"Next year...." You'll write it to me next year."

I felt responsible when I saw him smiling but not smiling.

It was because I was complacent.

He said he would send it to the Imperial Academy, but he didn't pay much attention.

I missed Dr. O'Malley's letter of recommendation because the application deadline was approaching.

I looked at Estira's drooping shoulders and said.

"Don't worry too much, Estira."

I'll send you to the academy by all means.

If you don't get Dr. O'Malley's letter of recommendation, that's all you got someone else's letter of recommendation.

* * *

It was breakfast with my father after a long time.

I, who was chewing fruit tightly and changing my mind for what would happen in a little while, turned to my father's sigh, which burst out for the third time already.


There was a deep crease between my father's forehead, which was always smiling like sunshine when he was with me.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

When I asked, pulling my sleeve, my father looked at me, waking up.

"Ah, it's nothing. I was just thinking for a second."
I think it was more of a concern than I thought.

"If you're having a hard time, you can talk to someone else!"

My father patted me on the head as if he were proud of my words.

"You've worried Tia, too.

It's not a big deal."

It's not a big deal, but you can't sigh like that'

I kept giving my father a glaring look.

When I looked at my little daughter who didn't know anything with her eyes wanting to tell me anything, the father sighed quietly and smiled and said.

"I'm just trying to do something else like the last textile business. I'm hesitant because I don't have any experience."


Come to think of it, my father said that at the Empress' dinner.

Sooner or later, I'm thinking of pulling out of Coroy-Melt Textile and doing other personal businesses.

To be honest, I thought my father was angry because he was in front of the empress.

I guess he meant it.

Besides, I can't believe I'm thinking that deeply.

If there's anything I can do to help, I wanted to help.
"Daddy, that's cool! But what's going on? Can you explain it to me, too?

I sat a little closer to my father and said.

"I'm so, so curious!"

As expected, my weak father agonized for a while and began to explain his business ideas in easy words that a child could understand.

To be honest, the explanation was long and complicated.

The father himself did not seem to have an exact concept yet, but he was in between rambling and confused.

But listening to my father's explanation, I shouted 'Awesome!' inside.

I could feel my face burning red with joy and excitement.

My father's business plan was a new concept not here yet.

But it was so familiar to me.

If this business is well established, my father will be enormously successful on this alone.

Or perhaps I could be sure that the empire's commerce itself would develop into a completely different way.

"Dad, you're the best!"

I shouted, hugging my father tightly around his waist.

Father grinned and hugged me face to face, as if he didn't think I'd understand everything he'd just explained.
"Tia loves it so much that my dad is encouraged."

But it was his father who didn't understand all the repercussions of this business.

Because this was really awesome.

And in my head came a fantastic combination with my father.

"Daddy, daddy!"

"What's wrong, Tia?"

"If you have any questions, ask Mr. Clarivan!"

"Mr. Clarivan?"


My father has worked quite closely with Clarivan in this Coroy-Lending business, so he knows.

How Clarivan are up to the job.

Since he is about the same age as his father, he has a strange knowledge of the top for his relatively young age.

But somehow my father didn't seem to want to.

"Clarivan is. Mm......."

My father's ambiguous response made me cry out sweet.

"If you ask me something you don't know, teacher Clarivan always teaches me kindly!"

First impressions may be a little cold, but they won't hurt you!

"Okay. I'll think about it."

My father was forced to answer my torch, but he seemed really unwilling.

Someone might think you're scared of Clarivan.
Comforting my father, I was walking inside the mansion to watch my business.

Grandfather's schedule does not change unless there is something special.

The weekly recurring schedule for decades was the same until I helped my grandfather with his work.

So this morning, the second day of the week, is the day you work alone without a meeting.

I meant it was a relatively leisurely schedule.

I was heading to the office with a relatively light heart.

Until I heard a very catchy laugh down the stairs.

"Ha ha! Estira, do you want to go to the academy?"

I stopped walking and looked down the stairs.

It was a man named Estira and Jason who seemed a little upset.

"Estira, do you even know what the Imperial Academy is like?"

"Of course, I know it's a difficult place to get in, senior. But one day, I'll have to....... It's late this year, but one day......."

"Wait. Don't tell me you don't think I can't make it because I got Dr. O'Malley's recommendation letter?"

Jason, you've been so polite in front of me, and you've got a different attitude towards Estira.
Yeah, I knew it was Chuck.

I sat on the stairs and listened more to the conversation between the two.

"You know what my family is about, don't you?"

Jason asked Estira.

But Estira smugly answers before she even answers.

"Plan Corporation, Plan Corporation specializing in drugs."

Oh, I thought that shiny face looked familiar.

The first burn that incited Astalieu to the gambling table was the second of that Planc merchant.

Astalieu, who was much older, followed him later as a brother.

Later, Astalieu was in gambling debt, handing over Lombardy's property to Planc.

My outfit was overturned by the attitude of taking the money out of my pocket and accepting it instead of debt.

Thinking about that time makes me angry again.

"My connections at the Imperial Academy will be my wings in the future. But how dare you look over my recommendations?"

Jason smiled, looking up and down, as if his head was down.

"Know your subject, Estira."

At that moment, the words, full of ridicule, seemed to poke into my heart.
"You don't know my subject until the end.

What the hell is the subject.

Estira standing in Odokani without saying a word to Jason properly overlapped me in the past.

The days when I was more capable than anyone else in the family, but I was always ignored by the word "know the subject," came to my mind as if it were just yesterday, angering me.

What's wrong with Estira and why should she hear such sarcasm just by saying, "I want to go to the academy?"

I jumped up from the stairs where I was sitting.

And strode toward the office.

Originally, I was planning to ask my grandfather to get a letter of recommendation for Estira.

And I didn't worry much because I had to cover the insufficient research expenses from my allowance.

However, the plan has changed.

Jason Planc will get a lot of attention from the Academy for Dr. O'Malley's recommendations?

The thought that he, who seemed to have poured a whole bottle of hair oil, would show off in front of people with Lombardi's name seemed to upset his stomach again.
"We need to change operations."

I clenched my fists and headed back to the office.