[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 90

"Monster? That's mean."

Gakane grumbled lightly and moved his shadow alter ego. The alter ego holding Gakane while he was lightly hugging Jimmy fluttered out of the open window.


Jimmy screamed at the falling sensation, but what he felt with a thud was not pain nor shock. The shadow alter ego that hugged them landed on the ground without a sound.

"Hyung, please tell me first so that I can prepare myself for this!"

"Sorry, I forgot because I was in a hurry."

Gakane had learned during the Hellish Training with Yuder that such a thing could be done with his shadow alter ego. The shadow was hardly hit even if it fell from a high place, so it was a much better way to go out rather than running down each high castle.

"Let's run."

They ran out of breath and headed for the mountain behind the castle. The mountain was quite large and deep, but it wasn't difficult to find a pillar of fire that was seen even from the castle.

And when they finally arrived at the source of the soaring pillar of fire, the sight Gakane and Jimmy encountered was the two groups confronting each other.

On one side, most of them were wounded in shabby clothes, and on the other, there were armed guards in proper armor and a young nobleman who commanded them.

The two groups confronted each other sharply, clashing weapons, and stopped moving at once when they saw Gakane and Jimmy suddenly appeared. It was a tall man on the injured side who shouted first with a welcoming face.

"You, you're Jimmy, aren't you?! That's right! The one next to you must be Gakane!"

"A, are you Devran hyung? What happened to your face?"

Jimmy shouted with a shocked expression as he looked at Devran, who was so hurt that he couldn't check his face. But Devran just laughed out loud with a pleasant face.

"It's a cheap price to pay for being alive! I don't care. I'm in a good mood right now. Hahaha."

"Devran! Where have you been so far? Who are the others next to you?"

At Gakane's cry, Devran pointed to the guards holding weapons against him.

"That despicable young master tried to frame me and sell me. These friends next to me were imprisoned for similar reasons. They're all Awakeners. And this is my family."


As Devran said, an old man who looked like him and a young woman who supported him stood there next to him. The fact that those three were family was enough to be guessed from their faces.

"The families that Devran killed are alive. If so......."

As Gakane's eyes turned toward Zakail standing behind the guard, that man cried out loud, eyes glistening angrily.

"Do you believe that? It's all a lie!" (Zakail)

"But Young Master Zakail......."

The guards who were pointing their weapons at the escaped Awakeners, Devran, and his family at Zakail's command all had devastated faces.

No matter how much they rejected Awakeners, they had been living in the small village as neighboring cousins for a long time. Contrary to Zakail's words, they could fully see that the people in front of them were the real Devran and his family.

"Devran wouldn't be the one setting the fire if he didn't kill his family. Now that they're back, at least we should listen to what happened......."

One of the guards holding a spear murmured in a low voice. His words were reasonable to anyone but not to Zakail. The angry Zakail pulled out the sword he had brought and yelled at the guard.

"Trying to sympathize with the murderer, you must be a criminal!"

"N, no!"

The guard, whose neck was stabbed by the point of Zakail's sword, shook his head with a look of contemplation.

"I have nothing to say to the man who killed my father and sister! Get them and lock them up right now!"

"Y... yes sir."

But the guards couldn't easily step forward. It was because they were scared seeing Devran rise the pillar of fire and other Awakeners standing next to him use their abilities. Tension between the two sides had become more tense.

And what Gakane did to that point was very quick and concise.

"Devran, can I help you?"

Between the two groups, Gakane spoke softly to Devran, and everyone's eyes turned to him.

"I don't think you want to fight, and I think we just need to solve the problem quickly. Isn't that the case?" (Gakane)
"But what are you going to do?"

Devran asked with a curious face.


"What are they talking about......! Aargh!"

Watching a conversation between Gakane and Devran with an flabbergasted expression, Zakail suddenly screamed. It was because Gakane's shadow creeping behind him while they were confronting suddenly raised itself and lifted Zakail by the collar.

"Aaargh! What the hell, this monster! Let go of me! I said let go of me!"

"Young Master Zakail!"

The guards, who were only wary of Devran and the Awakeners, turned chaotic. However, no one was brave enough to approach Zakail who had been captured and struggling in the air.

When Jimmy pulled out his sword while approaching Gakane's shadow and pointed it at Zakail's face, the frightened cry grew even bigger.

"S, sword aura! That kid!"

"That kid, don't tell me he is an Awakener......!"

"Well, Young Master-nim. Now tell the guards to move back. And shall we have a chat?"

Gakane smiled gently at the terrified Zakail caught by the shadow. His smile looked like a devil in Zakail's and the guards' eyes.
"If you refuse, you will see Jimmy's sword skills here. Aren't you curious about how far he can cut? I heard people's arms and legs can be cut off just by his swinging the sword lightly."

"Uh, uhhh."

These people here were ordinary people who'd never even seen a knight handling aura, let alone a Swordmaster. Jimmy's sword skills in front of such guards gave a shock like a disaster. The same for Zakail who had ignored those sent from the Cavalry.

Looking at the shaking sword near his face, Zakail barely opened his trembling lips and let out a voice.

"E, everybody back off."

"But Young Master-nim!"

"If you want to back off, back off, or you die instead!"

In response to the harsh cry, the guards were forced to slowly back down. Gakane only gave Jimmy a glance and pulled the sword back after confirming that the guards had backed down to the point where they could hardly hear their conversation.

And only then did Devran also remove the huge pillar of fire that was still burning. Unlike the traces of fire that blackened the entire village, there was no trace left from where the fire actually started.
"The trail of fire left in the village wasn't from your ability. Isn't that right?" (Gakane)

"Of course."

Devran answered his question coldly, glaring at Zakail and came closer to Gakane.

"What the hell happened? What's the purpose of escaping here and starting a fire all of a sudden?" (Gakane)

"I did what Yuder told me to do. He saved all of us. He told me to call you out by starting a fire, and you will get the signal."

"What about Yuder?"

Opening his eyes a little wide, Gakane soon looked at the faces of the group behind Devran. But there was no familiar face in it.

"But why can't I see Yuder?"

"He said he would let us out first since he has something to do. I think he's going to catch up later after he finished taking care of all the fucking bastards there."

Gakane tried to ask Devran who the fucking bastards he spat out with such a hateful expression were, but stopped. It was a fact that they would soon know once Yuder returned anyway.

"Then the one with Yuder was left with him?" (Gakane)
"There was one person I've never seen before."

"I see. Does Yuder's message end with asking you to join us?"

"No. He told me to contact Commander-nim and tell him what happened here and go back the way I left Hartan."

"...... To escape?"

Going back the way he left? So when and where does Yuder intend to join us? A little worried, Gakane decided to believe in Yuder's ability and judgment.

Without Yuder here, he was the one who had to move everyone, including Devran, from now on. Not a single moment should be wasted in vain.

"All right. I will follow the order of the Commander's Assistant. All of us will have to move in this state, quite a while, too. Will you all be okay?"

When asked by Gakane, the Awakeners behind him scramble and shouted "It's okay". They were all injured, not so different from Devran, but their faces were very bright. Since Yuder saved their lives, everyone seemed to have their trust in the Cavalry.

But only one man, Zakail, currently caught in Gakane's shadow, could not rejoice. Listening to the story going on in front of him, he quickly figured out that something very bad was happening to him.
Devran who was supposed to be handed over directly to House Apetto had escaped intact, and the other Awakeners were also saved. And from here on, it would be the end for him.

It seemed ridiculous, but there was no way they wouldn't believe in the prisoners right in front of him.

'Fucking Apetto bastards. What the fuck did they do with all that confidence?!'