[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 88

In an instant, he fell to hell. Kiolle stared at Yuder with a barely alive face. Of course, the gaze faded like a small flame in front of a cold wind of Yuder's eyes.

"I acknowledged, apologized, and declared to do anything. All three are the best I've ever said. It's not a bad persuasion."

Kiolle gave a slightly hopeful look at Yuder's words. But Yuder soon returned with a cool face.

"And how can I believe it?" (Yuder)


"Anyone can say that. How do I believe in the veracity of those words? I don't want you to go out of here and then claim that you've never said that."

"Damn it, then what am I supposed to do? You want me to swear a knight here?"

"You can't take that oath."

"Then what do you want me to do?"

Looking at Kiolle's frown who had no idea what the hell he was going to do, Yuder smiled slightly.

"Alright. I'll come up with a way to make sure I can trust your persuasion, so just wait here for a minute."

"What? Wait, you have to release me first!"

Surprised, Kiolle desperately tried to grab the hem of Yuder's clothes and pull it in vain. Yuder got up from and shook off his hem, escaping the clutch effortlessly.

"It will take just a minute. You won't die in the meantime, so don't worry. Just shut up."

"What? No! You told me you would save me! Wait! Hey! Where are you going?!"

Even though he was comforted like that, Kiolle was still Kiolle. Yuder stopped trying to turn around and bent over toward him.

Although he shouted first, Kiolle closed his mouth with a rather scared face as Yuder approached.

'He's scared.'

Yuder grabbed the gag from his neck and pulled it back to his mouth.


With his eyes wide open, Kiolle struggled and shook his head. He thought he'd finally found a way to survive after all kinds of humiliation, but he could understand how desperate he was because he would feel like he rolled into hell again.

'But he has to know how to trust people.'

"If you're going to do anything, learn to wait calmly first."

"Mmmph! Mm!"

"I'll get going."

Yuder escaped the prison where Kiolle was trapped. He then waited for Nahan and the little boy to escape and closed the road door and locked it. He could hear Kiolle making a suppressed noise inside, but no one cared about it.

"He will probably never keep his promise."

Nahan said cold words with an expressionless face.

"I know."

"But how do you want him to keep his words?"

"I told you, I'm going to find a way."

Yuder strode forward, responding lightly.

Shortly after, three Awakeners appeared. When Yuder came here back then, he threw stones neatly without any wounds, and now they were simply a wreck. It was obvious who did it.

'They must've bothered Devran and the others a lot.'

Yuder lifted them with the force of wind, dispersed them into any of the open prisons, and moved again. Where he headed was a junction he saw earlier on his way in.

Previously, he headed to the prison, but this time, he had to go the other way. There would be the final target for today.

"... Aha."

Following Yuder's footsteps, Nahan nodded as if he had guessed something.

"Indeed. There's a way."

Soon after, the path became wider and smaller voices began to be heard from the inside. Judging from the calmness of the voices he heard, those people didn't seem to have noticed what was happening out there yet.

'Which meant Devran and the other prisoners cleared up the mess they encountered on their way out.'

Toward those who might not even be able to imagine the shadow of misfortune approaching soundlessly, Yuder proceeded without hesitation.

* * *

"...... It's late."


"What. Are you up already, Jimmy?"

After returning to the castle as instructed by Yuder, Gakane turned his head in surprise. He had been sitting next to Jimmy who was lying on the bed.

He just said it to himself because he thought the sleeping kid wouldn't be able to hear it, but he regretted it when he heard the answer.

"You didn't wake up because of me, did you?" (Gakane)
"No. Yaaaawn. I just woke up from a deep sleep. By the way, what are you saying is late?"

The boy's cheeks, previously flushed red because he had a slight fever before going to bed, had returned to its usual clean skin color, perhaps because of his good sleep.

He didn't feel any strange scent like those who were about to manifest a second gender, but just in case, Gakane lightly put his hand on Jimmy's forehead. As expected, there was no fever.

"Well... It's nothing. I think Yuder is late."

"Yuder hyung?"

Jimmy got up, rubbing his sleepy eyes. He could see the sun leaning out of the big window next to the bed. The scarlet sunset was beautiful, but it was hard to think of such things when he saw the burnt-out buildings underneath it.

Jimmy turned his head towards Gakane, also looking out of the window with anxious eyes.

"I know... I thought he would come before sunset. But if anything happened to Yuder hyung, he would've sent a signal as he promised. Don't worry too much, Hyung."
Looking at Jimmy comforting in a fairly cool and mature manner, Gakane smiled awkwardly once again.

"That's right. I'm glad you're awake now. Actually, I was going to start looking outside." (Gakane)

"Outside... Oh, to watch that Zakail guy?"

"Yeah, I went out for a bit while you were sleeping and checked the atmosphere, but I thought Zakail wasn't in the castle."

"What do you mean he wasn't here? Then where did he go?"

"I don't know. He might be back now, so I will go out and watch again."

"Wow. I'm coming, too."

Jimmy tried to come down from the bed with his eyes sparkling. Gakane reached out and shook his head as he pressed the boy's round head into place.

"You can't."


"People in this castle know you're in bed now because you're not feeling well after the long journey. Pretending to go out to fetch water or towels that I need while taking care of you is the best way to look outside without being suspected."

Not being able to find anything to refute Gakane's reasonable answer, Jimmy pouted his lips with a disappointed expression.
"... Then go ahead and come back soon. I'll stay here." (Jimmy)

"Yes, but it's important to look outside. You have to keep an eye on it until I get back. If you see Yuder shooting fire or other signals, run straight to me."

"All right."

Looking at Jimmy with a stern look on his face and nodding his head, Gakane immediately rose from his chair. Jimmy was a much cooler and smarter judge of the situation than his peers, so he would do well on his own. Now he had to do his job.

Shortly after Gakane stepped out of the room, there appeared maids talking among themselves across the hall.

The women showed signs of reluctance to visit the castle, but Gakane approached first, not offended by the attitude.

"Hello, can I get a towel?"

"Towel? Why do you ask that?"

The old maid asked with a look of doubt.

"The little one in our group is in a bad condition. I need a wet towel to treat the fever."

"The little one... you mean that brunette kid that was with you?"

"That's right. Poor thing, it must've been too much to travel too fast. It can't be helped since he's still young."
People in the East seemed to hate Awakeners for sure, but Jimmy was still a very young child to raise their guard.

The maids old enough to have a son of Jimmy's age exchanged looks of sympathy as they faced each other. The atmosphere quickly eased. Everything was exactly as what Gakane wanted.

"I'll bring it, so please wait here for a minute."

"Thank you. That's very kind of you."

In addition, how could they hate talking to a young handsome man with a smiling face?

Gakane was well aware that his appearance was good for people's favor, so he took full advantage of it to bring down the maids' defense.

Thanks to this, by the time the maid who brought the towel returned, most of the information he could get from them had been naturally obtained.

"Jimmy, I'm back. Something happened?"

"No. Did they say Zakail is back?"

Looking out of the window with a fine face, Jimmy quickly turned around. Gakane nodded, putting a new towel from the maid on the table.

"Yeah. They said he went out and came back in less than an hour."
"So he just met someone from the village?"

"No. I heard that since a year ago, he's been out of the castle by himself. But the way he went out and the people he met were a bit suspicious. It seems that the former lord was worried because Zakail was often seen meeting unfamiliar hunters around here."


"I don't know who they are. But I also heard a better piece of information."

"What is it?"

"They said Devran's sister had a close relationship with Zakail's older brother, and Zakail told the deceased lord about that. The lord got angry and locked Devran's sister in the castle, and then Devran, who went on vacation, came here."

Jimmy was surprised to see Gakane spitting out deep information that he hadn't been able to get while wandering around the village.