[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 86

"The ability to make friends." (Nahan)

Yuder couldn't immediately figure out what kind of ability that was since it was the first time he heard that even after regression. As soon as his eyes met with Yuder, the boy sneaked behind Nahan as if he was scared.

"Well, you've found your colleague, and that's what you were aiming for."

Yuder thought Nahan would disappear with his colleague. It was definitely time for him to do so. If he missed this moment, he wouldn't have a chance to escape without being seen.

"Yes, but this time I'm going to follow you all the way."

But Nahan said something different than expected.

"I don't need a spectator." (Yuder)

"I'm your helper who came all the way here. It's a little disappointing to just be a spectator."

What the hell is he thinking? Yuder felt that he became the most suspicious. However, he should not increase the number of enemies here, so he decided to stand back after glaring at the enemy with a wary eye.

"If you're getting on my way......."

"Never. Just like it's ever been."

The words were smooth and well said. Yuder ignored him and headed for the last remaining prison. When he opened the door with a key, the man tied with an ordinary rope inside lifted his angry eyes.

"Eu... Mmmph......!"

Of course, he was Kiolle Da Diarca, left unattended until the end.

He made a suppressed sound as if he wanted to shout something, but there was nothing Yuder could understand properly because of the gag. Yuder looked down at him for a moment and slowly began to talk.

"Kiolle Da Diarca."

It was already great of him to still have a name in his head that he didn't remember and tried to forget after the first encounter.

"I'm going to release the gag, but if you yell or make unnecessarily loud noises, I will knock you out immediately. If you understand, nod your head so I can see it well."


Kiolle struggled as hard as he could to twist his head, as if ordering him to stop talking nonsense. Yuder didn't think he understood what he said.

"Do you have to save him?"

Nahan, who was watching the scene, asked with indifferent eyes.

"He is not a brother of the same power. I don't think he's that big of a deal to save."

"Mmph!! Mmph!"

Kiolle shouted at Nahan with an angry face. He didn't seem to like what Nahan said very much.

'Honestly... I can't deny that.'

Would he be able to hear a word of gratitude for saving Kiolle? It would be a good thing if this guy didn't rush in right away with his fist clenched. Still, Yuder decided this guy shouldn't die here at Apetto's hands.

Whatever it was, he decided to prevent it from happening again and again like the past.

'And if he died here, his family could lay the blame on the Cavalry instead of Apetto.'

At least he should avoid the direction of damage to the Cavalry. Because of this, Yuder spared Kiolle to the end.

"I can't help it if you keep being so uncooperative. We don't have much time." (Yuder)

"Uh, mmph! Mmph!!"

"You don't like it? Should I just leave you behind?"


Kiolle shook his head with the gaze as if he wanted to rip Yuder apart to death.

"Then I want you to be quiet."

Instead of raising Kiolle, Yuder lowered the gag slightly, covering his mouth as he was lying on the floor. As soon as he did so, he heard a voice filled with anger.

"You, you're the one in the Cavalry, aren't you?"

Fortunately, he didn't yell, but Yuder didn't think it was any better. As Yuder looked at him without answering, Kiolle, who coughed up a few times, gritted his teeth and looked up.

"You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to seeing you bastard again. You don't know what humiliating things I've done in this countryside, being watched over by idiots."

"Are you saying that is because of me?"

"Yeah! I was the butt of everyone's jokes because you disgraced me in a cowardly way. Even my father kicked me out, telling me to come back after training for a while. He's never done anything like that before. No one would listen to me!"
'The Duke of Diarca seems to care about him more than I thought.'

Kiolle expressed regret for his father, but Yuder read the exact opposite meaning in his words.

Remembering what Apetto's Manager had said, Kiolle was probably the youngest child of the Duke of Diarca. The Emperor that Yuder served in his previous life was of House Diarca, so he knew the atmosphere in that household a little better than other duke families.

House Diarca was simply an extremely "noble" family. They were just woven under the family name and weren't very attached to each other, even if they were family and relatives.

Yuder had encountered the current Duke of Diarca several times in his previous life, but only the impression remained strong that he was a ghostly old man more suited to the nickname of old raccoon rather than a human.

The current Duke would die of chronic disease not long after Yuder became the Commander, but the eldest son, who later succeeded to the title, was not much different from him.
The Emperor was a bit closer to the Diarca than other families by the ties that supported him, but even so, he didn't fully trust them. The distancing used to be said between nobility and Diarca.

To be honest, it was a little strange that such a self-indulgent son came out under the old Duke of the Diarca and spent training without being scolded even though he had an accident several times.

'They said he is the youngest son, but didn't he just raise him with love?'

However, Kiolle eventually disappeared early in the previous life. Perhaps if he lived like now, the future wouldn't change so easily even if Yuder saved him this time.

"Are you listening to me? Get rid of this bond right now!"

Yuder sighed at the screaming Kiolle.

"How... how dare you sigh, you rude bastard?"

"What are you going to do next if I release you?"

Kiolle shut up at Yuder's calm question that showed he wasn't scared at all. And soon he opened his mouth with a spiteful gaze.

"You're asking me the obvious. I'm going to get you down on your knees."
"How? You don't even have a weapon right now."

Yuder pointed at Kiolle's empty waistline. Then Kiolle opened his mouth and looked down at my waist, as if he just remembered that his weapon had been taken.

"...... T, then. I will knock down Apetto's dogs and take it back......."

"I mean, without a weapon, what are you going to do about it?"

"You're going to do that! I'm sure I've heard you evacuate all the other prisoners earlier!"

"What if I won't do that?"

Yuder lied on purpose.

"Honestly, I'll just leave you here and escape." (Yuder)

"W, what did you say? Then why did you......!"

"So, what are you going to do next? Are you going to defeat all the Apetto people without any weapon alone?"


Kiolle exclaimed like hell.

"If you take anyone away from me, I'll be fine. So release me!"

"Is that all?"

Yuder stopped using honorifics* at that point.


"Is that all you can judge about in this situation, Kiolle Da Diarca?"

"How dare a commoner like you speak that way to a senior knight of the Imperial Palace Knights......!"
"Who do you think is weaker? A commoner, or someone who fainted twice and acted ugly because he didn't recognize the difference in skills? Look at yourself. Can't you judge that much?"

Perhaps he'd never heard anyone say such cold words right in front of his face. Kiolle froze with his lips slightly open, not knowing whether he was distraught or surprised by the abusive language uttered by a commoner.

"You've lost your colleague's life because of your stupid judgment, and yet you don't regret it at all." (Yuder)

"Colleague? What colleague. Who!"

Only then did Kiolle wriggle, shouting like hell. He managed to raise his upper body from the ground. However, the "noble" look on his face looking up at Yuder as if he was dirty had long since disappeared.

"Are you talking about the dead Fabiel?" (Kiolle)


"Did you hear that from the Apetto's dogs? Ha, saying that the traitor is my colleague is not even funny. He betrayed me and surrendered to the enemy to survive alone. It's natural that he's dead, but why is that my fault?"
"If it's not your fault, then whose else?"

Answering without a change of expression, Yuder's eyes seemed cold.

"He was your colleague. At least he trusted you and followed you to get there. You had plenty of ways to make better judgments to save your own life as well as your colleague's life, but you didn't do that. You were blinded to resolve your anger when it was time for you to make judgment, resulting in putting everyone at risk, and eventually he was forced to die himself. And yet you said he didn't die because of you?"

"Shut up! What the hell do you know? Should I have taken care of the man who betrayed me and insulted me for fear of death? Why would I do that?!"

Kiolle Da Diarca was just like a child so full of his family's reputation that he couldn't see his surrounding. He was never a man who could stand on top of others and take responsibility for anyone. Yuder leaned slightly toward the shouting Kiolle, grinding his teeth.

"That's why you have three flowers on your armor. Do you need any other reason?"
In the gaze that he saw, Kiolle looked at him with a mixture of anger and bewilderment.

Translator's note:

Yuder previously always spoke politely/with honorifics to Kiolle since he is a noble, but from a certain point, he speaks without honorific, which is a kind of insult.