[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 50

The blue belt meant the person who served the Emperor right next to him. The five knots meant that it had been more than 50 years since he entered the palace. And the golden tassel symbolized the most brilliantly shining sun, and the only one who corresponded was the Emperor's servant.

Yuder didn't remember seeing him in his previous life. Perhaps he disappeared upon the current Emperor's death.

"His Majesty is waiting in the second palace. Please follow me."

"Today, I'm visiting as the Cavalry Commander, not as Duke of Peletta. I'd like you to call me right."

"Oh, I see. This old man didn't think much."

He seemed quite intimate with Kishiar. Yuder didn't miss his gaze passing through the Cavalry briefly but carefully.


The Cavalry members couldn't even breathe properly while passing through the long corridors and gardens. But the most nervous of all was also Kanna.

Yuder thought the way she was walking with her head down too low was an extension of her bizarre appearance before she came here.

She seemed to want to hide herself from others' gazes.

He was curious about the reason, but it was a pity that he couldn't talk to her separately in such a quiet situation.

The chief of servant walked inexorably through the third corridor and through the garden. Since he said it was the second palace, they would have to cross a few more. However, after walking in the palace for so long, there was little sign of a human being in the palace.

In the memory of his previous life, the Sun Palace was always crowded with numerous servants, maids, nobles and foreign envoys. The quietness seemed unusual to Yuder, but the servant and Kishiar seemed familiar.

'Is it the will of the current Emperor that there are so few people in the palace?'

The moment he thought about it, the chief of servant suddenly stopped.

"Someone's coming."

After a while, as he said, he could feel the signs of several people over the pond on the right side of the garden. Those people stopped walking in unison when they found the chief of servant, Kishiar behind them, and the Cavalry members.

It was too much to see them wearing a belt around their waists. However, their belts were dark red like dusk. Yuder knew that red was the color of those who served him.

Red was the color of the Crown Prince responsible for the future of the Empire.

And the current Crown Prince was that very Emperor, Kachian la Orr, whom Yuder had served until his death in the future.

"I saw a familiar figure while I was taking a walk, and it was the Duke of Peletta visiting."

A group of tall servants split on both sides and a boy appeared from inside. His appearance was undeniably similar to that of the imperial blood of Kishiar la Orr.

The beautiful golden hair with the blessing of the Sun God, red eyes, and an outstanding appearance that was still young but stood out were clearly the same as the characteristics of the imperial family.

Although he was smaller and younger than he was in Yuder's previous life, how could he forget that face?

Yuder clenched his fist unconsciously. The sharp pain in the palm of the hand helped him distinguish between the past and reality.

The boy in front of him was still a crown prince. Kachian la Orr didn't even know who Yuder Aile was. At this moment, his eyes were solely on the chief of servant and Kishiar.

Looking at it, Yuder repeated himself several times.

This was not the past. So much had changed and would continue to change.

To prevent the Crown Prince in front of him from calmly ordering him of Kishiar la Orr's assassination a few years later. What he wanted to prevent was the future.

It would be a lie if he didn't resent the Emperor before he was decapitated. But even that feeling was all gone at the end. The regret of the Cavalry Commander, Yudrain Aile, did not come from there.

Just before he died, he recalled the thoughts he had thought of: horribly exhausted, self-isolated. There was no desire for revenge.

He wasn't back in the Cavalry for revenge.

Of course, I had to save Kishiar and live himself, so he didn't want to let Kachian la Orr become the Emperor as smoothly as in the past.

His appearance in his previous life was far from a good monarch. However, now was not the time to step up to the plate. It was too early.
Yuder opened his closed eyes and looked ahead. Coincidentally, the first thing he saw at the moment was the straight back of Kishiar la Orr. He just stood leisurely like a big tree casting shade over the members behind his back.

It was just that, but the moment Yuder saw it, the feelings that had suddenly boiled in his heart slowly subsided and his usual calmness returned. After a while, he took a few deep breaths and was able to watch the conversation between Crown Prince Kachian and Kishiar with a cooler eye.

"My goodness. I can't believe I've met the Crown Prince in such a place. Today must be my lucky day."

When Kishiar replied with a gentle smile, the Crown Prince's mouth also smiled.

He seemed to be genuinely pleased by this face-to-face.

"The Duke of Peletta is busy. I heard you're getting busier these days, but I'm glad to see you so healthy today."

"Are you worried about my health? I'm so happy."

"But who are the strangers following the Duke's footsteps? These are faces I've never seen before."
The Crown Prince's eyes crossed over the Cavalry members. In that short moment when his eyes turned on his face, Yuder clenched his fist once again and released it still.

"They're the Cavalry I just created. They're the power of this Empire in the future."

"Hoo, I've heard the story. Now that the Duke says so, I'm suddenly excited. I hope one day I will see their skills in person."

"Haha. I'm sure you'll be surprised."

The Cavalry members looked at each other while the pleasant conversation was exchanged. After a few more words about the Cavalry, the Crown Prince finally brought up the main point.

"In fact, I came here because I felt a strange energy from a distance, but I knew what it was only after I met the Duke. What's in the box where I feel like I shouldn't be approaching any further?"

It was a perfectly smooth tone, but the meaning was clear. Yuder turned his eyes to the little box Kishiar was holding.

From his sense of seeing Kachian la Orr for nearly a decade, that was not really a clueless question. The Crown Prince already knew what was in it. He just wanted it to be confirmed.
'Just because he knows it means he wanted to check it out. It may not be a big deal, but if that isn't it...? Maybe it has something to do with Kishiar and the man behind the Red Stone intruders.'

On his way here, Yuder continued to worry about the background of the intruders. There were simply a number of possibilities.

Kings of other countries who were targeting the Red Stone, the Sun God Church that said it was a new power given by God, and the Pearl Tower mages who couldn't wait to study the stone, and many other candidates.

And among them was Kachian la Orr, who in Yuder's previous life ordered him to kill Kishiar la Orr himself. It was unlikely that he, the Crown Prince, would have any reason to aim for the Red Stone that would give strength to the Empire, but it was still unknown.

Not knowing that Yuder was secretly looking at him, the Crown Prince just smiled.

"My apologies. But I have to say, it's a matter for His Majesty, and I can't open my mouth until I report it to him."
Kishiar was still smiling as usual. Unlike the Crown Prince who gave off a fairly cold and fierce impression when not smiling, Kishiar was armed with unknowing nonchalance and relaxation.

"Oh, I wouldn't be able to hold on to any more visits on such a busy business. If we meet again later, let's have tea together after a long time."

When the Emperor came out as an excuse, the Crown Prince immediately stepped out.

"I see. It's a fine day today, so I hope you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery."

Behind Kishiar, the Cavalry members bowed their heads together. However, the Crown Prince's servants were seen frowning at the untidy appearance of each of the Cavalry members. At a glance, the Cavalry seemed to be despised because they were people of low birth.

Yuder slowly turned his head after walking long behind Kishiar. The Crown Prince was seen disappearing far away with his servants.

"Would you mind waiting here for a moment? I will speak to your Majesty and come back."

Even after parting ways with the Crown Prince, the members walked across the palace for quite some time. Their arrival was in the innermost palace of several buildings leading to several corridors and gardens.
A total of seven buildings were constructed in a unique shape. Inside, it just feels like a strange structure, but if they looked down from the sky, it was said to look like a constellation.

That's why the number order attached to each palace didn't seem to be related to the actual location. The second palace was the farthest of the seven buildings, making it extremely inconvenient to visit.

In his previous life when Kachian la Orr was Emperor, he rarely used these two palaces. The previous Emperors used it when they were the oldest and most exhausting to reach as if wanting to block communication with the outside world.

That was where the current Emperor, Kailusa la Orr, was waiting for them.