[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 48

In the past, he didn't really care about Kishiar's outfit. Some members wore strange clothes with unusual abilities, so it was not unusual to wear gloves often. But come to think of it, Kishiar had never worn gloves since Yuder regressed.

As soon as he realized it, naturally last night's dream passed through his head.

Did Kishiar in his previous life really get injured the same as Yuder did in Red Stone Retrieval Operation? Was that why he always had to wear gloves and cover his body?

'When I think about it, it was always in the dark of the night when I had to meet Kishiar regularly.'

If he were injured by the Red Stone, there would be a purple bruise somewhere in his body. But not even Yuder, who might have seen Kishiar's body the most aside from his nanny, saw it.

That man always appeared in the dark and disappeared before Yuder opened his eyes. The reason why he never thought it was strange was because he thought Kishiar was just that kind of person before his death. And after his death, Yuder deliberately tried to bury those days in oblivion.

If he'd realized something strange earlier and been interested in his condition, what would have changed?

"I told you I don't need a thank you, but what is the look on your face? As if you're seeing a ghost."

Seeing Yuder's expression, Kishiar narrowed his eyes and asked. Only then did Yuder quell the shock and complicated thoughts and shake his head.

"It's nothing. ... Thank you."

"If anyone asks, it's a reward for accepting the assistant position."

If he said it was a reward given directly by Kishiar, even if he did it every day, people around him wouldn't think it was so strange. In addition, it would be weird not to wear it because it was a helpful magical thing.

At the same time as Yuder nodded, Nathan standing behind them opened his mouth quietly.

"We expect guests to visit soon."

"The other members are coming. Nathan, clean up the leftovers."

Kishiar casually gave orders to the continent's finest swordmaster like a servant. Regardless of the treatment, Nathan only followed his orders as if it were absolutely natural.

While Nathan quickly piled up plates and disappeared into the inner room, Yuder wore the gloves he received from Kishiar.

It looked like it was made of leather, but when he tried it on, he felt like a little cold liquid was sticking to his hand. Even when he clenched and unfolded his fist, he couldn't feel the unique stiffness of leather.

"It looks good on you. As expected, I'm not wrong."

Kishiar praised himself with a pleased expression. Yuder didn't answer. It was not necessary to forcefully agree that the unwelcome side of the truth was better than polite lies.

"Did you come to think of any other injuries?"

"Ah, yes. There wasn't any."

During his return, Yuder personally asked his comrades if they were injured. No one suffered the same injury as Yuder, although some suffered minor scratches or muscle aches while climbing the mountain. It was a relief.

Yuder was closest to the red stone when it exploded. He were only a couple of steps away, and at the same time, he thought he'd put up a wall for everyone, but that small difference made the same result as now.

'Now that I think about it, I should've just put up the wall and approached it from the beginning.'

He felt sorry for thinking so late, so he just shut up.

After a while, someone knocked on the door with a loud chat outside.

Nathan hadn't returned yet, so Yuder stood up and went out to open the door himself.

"I'm sorry, Commander-nim. I was going to come with Yuder, but he wasn't in his room...... Huh...? Yuder!"

"Yuder, have you been here? What happened?"

As soon as he opened the door, Gacaine, who had been apologizing loudly, shouted in surprise when he saw Yuder. The other comrades were also surprised.

Yuder looked at the faces of his comrades filled with betrayal and questions and signaled for them to come inside.

"... Come in for now."

When all the people who came in sat on the long chair, Kishiar greeted them as if he had waited.

"Did everyone have a good night? Yuder had something to talk about personally, so I called him first. I'm sorry I didn't tell you beforehand."
"Ah... Is that so?"

Only then did Gacaine calm down with a startled look on his face. Eldore siblings openly wondered what would've happened between the two.

"Everyone looks curious. You'll find out soon enough, but do you want to know first?"

"Yes, sir."

Hearing the firm answers, Kishiar smiled softly.

"Today you're all coming with me to the Imperial Palace with the Red Stone. We're going to show His Majesty the stone and receive a reward for completing the mission. It's a secret mission, so you won't be praised in front of many people, but please be satisfied with meeting His Majesty in person and receiving an reward. And I'm planning to appoint Yuder Aile as the Assistant of Cavalry Commander on the same time."

The members couldn't speak for a moment because so much information came out at once.

"The Imperial Palace?"

"Seeing, His Majesty, in person?"

"Yuder becomes Commander's Assistant?"

Each of the members, who shouted the most surprising facts, looked at each other's faces in unison. The Imperial Palace of the Orr Empire was not a place for anyone to go. In some cases, even those born as nobility could never step in.
Furthermore, the current Emperor was someone who hadn't been properly seen in public for years due to health reasons. It was natural that everyone's facial expressions hardened into surprise when they heard that they would see such an individual in person and receive an award.

In his previous life, Yuder had been in and out of the Palace countless times, so he wasn't stiffened. However, it was quite surprising to see the fact that he went to the Palace even before persuading Kishiar not to take the Red Stone to the Pearl Tower and that he would see the Emperor in person, whom he'd never seen in his previous life.

The Emperor, Kishiar's only brother. In his previous life, Yuder thought his health wouldn't be very good because he died shortly after now, but if he could praise himself today, the actual condition might be different from what was known.

'Anyway, I have to tell Kishiar not to send the Red Stone to the Pearl Tower... It's hard to find a way out at this rate. No wonder.'
"If we go today... When do we expect to depart, sir?"

"Right now."

Just in case, Kishiar answered Yuder's question neatly.

"Don't we have to prepare anything?"

"What is there to prepare? If you're in uniform, that's good enough."

Kishiar, who smiled as if he'd just heard an interesting question, stood up from his seat. The members also raised their bodies after him with a clumsy expression.

Yuder looked back at his comrades and suddenly stopped when looking at Kanna. She was unusually pale.

'... What is it?'

Was she nervous to hear that it was simply a visit to the palace? Her face was too pale. It was rather extraordinary at a glance.

After seeing Kishiar heading to the inner hallway, saying he would bring the Red Stone box, Yuder slowly approached Kanna and lowered his head.

"What's wrong?"

"...... Eeek!"

Kanna stepped back a few steps in surprise as if she had deliberately surprised someone. She looked at her comrades' faces and broke into a cold sweat.
"Sorry. I, I'm. Just."


"A, ah. Well, I. If I go there... then...."

Kanna's usual exuberance shuddered and stuttered. It was a series of incomprehensible looks.

"What's wrong, Kanna. Are you sick?"

As Hinn approached with a worried look on her face, Kanna stepped back even further. There was confusion and fear on her trembling face.

"Well, I...... If I don't go there, will it, be okay?"

"Where are you talking about? The Imperial Palace?"

When the word "Imperial Palace" came out, Kanna's face went beyond pale and turned blue. Anyone could see that she was overreacting to those words.

"Why all of a sudden?"

"No. No. No, nothing....... I'm sorry I said something weird."

"But I don't think it's nothing...?"

Finn, who was standing next to Hinn, also tilted his head and asked, but Kanna shut up. Their conversation couldn't continue further because Kishiar, dressed in a colorful cape, returned from the inside of the hall with Nathan.

"Well then, let's get going. This time we will take the wagon, so it'll be comfortable."
Kishiar, lightly hugging the Red Stone box, took the lead with a nonchalant look even though his skin must be quite numb because of the energy that penetrated from the box. Nathan and the members followed in his footsteps.

Their wagon had already arrived at the back gate where no one would come at this time. The wagon with the Imperial Palace pattern overwhelmed those who saw it with the splendor of generously using gold in a size that was large enough for seven people to enter.

Even when they saw that all eight horses pulling the wagon were actually Misty Wind horses, exclamation flowed out of the members' mouths.

"It's amazing......."

"Well, then Nathan. I look forward to your role as the horseman."