[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 47

It didn't make sense, but returning to the past after dying was already far from common sense anyway.

Yuder removed his hand from his head once the headache had subsided. It was getting brighter outside the window. He didn't think he would get any more sleep, so he thought it would be better to wash up early.

But the moment he saw a small table in the room, he thought of Kishiar in his dream again. Those red eyes of the man sitting in front of the desk staring at Yuder.

He said he had no regrets, but if he'd seen him, no one would've believed him.

What the hell was the feeling in those eyes?

Was that really what happened?

If there was something wrong with what he'd remembered so far, how far was it true and how was is it false?

Who dared to touch Yuder Aile's memories?

Yuder sighed after repeatedly agonizing over no answer.

'Even if the memory is true... This time everything was different.'

This time, Kishiar la Orr didn't get hurt during the Red Stone Recovery Operation.

Besides, he didn't get to use the Divine Sword when the intruders barged in. It was a secret that only those selected still knew that he was the master of the Divine Sword.

That was all it took. So far, Yuder's goal remained smooth. Yuder clenched his fist, determined to settle for the fact.

It was one hand smudged by a tiny purple spot.

Last night, Kishiar told Eldore siblings, Gacaine, Kanna and Yuder to come to his place after breakfast.

But Yuder couldn't go down to the large dining hall where the Cavalry members gathered to eat.

Half an hour before breakfast, someone knocked on Yuder's door.

It was Nathan Zuckerman with a calm face as always.

"The Duke is calling."

"... You mean now?


Yuder thought something urgent had happened to Kishiar that he needed to call in all the Cavalry members he went with during the mission.

But what he saw when he arrived was Kishiar sitting alone in front of a table with a simple meal. When he looked around, he couldn't see any other members.

"You came? Sit here."

Kishiar waved in a light manner, holding a bread cut into bite-sized pieces of meat and vegetables. If it weren't for the place, he would've thought it was a picnic.

Unconsciously, Yuder turned his head toward Nathan standing behind him. Nathan nodded silently. He meant that it was really right for Yuder to come alone.

Yuder glumly looked around and headed toward Kishiar. Throughout this space, he could feel the heavy and low energy of the Red Stone, but I couldn't see the stone box. Probably he put it somewhere in the innermost.

"What are you calling me for, sir?"

"I'm hungry, so let's eat and talk. I don't think you've had breakfast yet."

Yuder lowered his gaze at the plates in front of him. It was a little embarrassing, but not being able to guess what it was about, and in many ways, it was so Kishiar-like.

'Anyway, as long as I'm told to eat and talk, Kishiar will abide by that.'

Yuder sat in front of him, feeling that more words he said would get him nowhere.

"It's all simple meals to eat. You don't have to be polite, so eat comfortably. By the way, I like to be the dishes in front of you."

What Kishiar said he liked was food that was rolled into a circle of dough made from grinding several grains and stitched it on a wooden skewer.

It was easy to eat and delicious because it was made of various ingredients.

While waiting for Yuder, some empty wooden skewers were neatly piled on the plate in front of Kishiar.

Yuder looked at it and picked up a skewer slowly. When he opened his mouth awkwardly and put a well-baked chunk in his mouth, the hot warmth spread. The dish Yuder chose contained meat mixed with salty-flavored seasoning.

He wasn't hungry at all because of the nightmare he had last night, but fortunately, he thought he could eat some because those were not burdensome.

While chewing the food quietly, Yuder suddenly found red eyes smiling at his as if expecting something. Somehow he started to feel strange.

"... Do you have something to say, sir?"
"How does it taste?"


Yuder remained silent for a moment because it was difficult to figure out whether it was a question he sincerely wanted to hear or if it was a question to talk about something.

"It's... delicious."

First, he tried to answer plain and simple. But he didn't mean it. Yuder was born in his previous life and had never felt gluttony until he died.

For him, the soup he had at the shabby inn where he first met Gacaine and the beautiful skewer he had now weren't much different. If there was a way to live without eating, he would've used it before anyone else.

"No. Not that insincere answer."

Kishiar shook his head.

"To be my assistant means to answer these questions sincerely. Now, answer me again. How does it taste?"

Yuder's eyebrows wriggled slightly.

'I don't think all the assistant has to do is answer how the food tastes.'

Did he want to play tricks? Anyway, there was nothing he couldn't do if that man wanted such a "sincere" answer. Yuder put a specious word together and uttered it for a very long time.
"The shape is simple, but I feel it's been worked on for a long time. It tastes light and clean, so it is considered appropriate to eat for breakfast. I don't know how much of an honor it is to be able to eat this with you."

There. That would do, right? He thought he'd cut it off for the sake of doing what he wanted, but Kishiar's shoulders were shaking again as if holding back his laughter for a moment. And then he shook his head unexpectedly.

"I'm disappointed. That's not the answer I wanted. Don't you see that yet?"

What the hell did he mean when asked what the alternative tastes like? He'd never been asked such a strange question before, even when Yuder was his deputy commander.

Of course, even then, Kishiar was a very strange man, but at least he didn't do this from his first day as a deputy commander. Yuder opened his mouth feeling a little stuffy.

"I'm not good at tasting food from birth. There's very little difference between glue porridge and top-notch dishes on my tongue, so I don't think Commander-nim will like it......."
"That's it."

"Excuse me?"

"I wanted that honesty."

Only then did Yuder look blankly at Kishiar nodding his head with a gloating look.

"Did you want to hear from someone who eats with a grit-chewing look that it's really good?"


"If it tastes bad, say it tastes bad; and if it doesn't, say it doesn't. I want to hear that from my assistant."

A soft yet irresistibly heavy voice rang out.

Only then did Yuder realize the meaning of the question Kishiar repeatedly asked. He didn't want to hear the polite answer Yuder had made up.

He used a light and unexpected means of eating to break down the wall set up by Yuder and bring out the sincerity inside it.

He didn't know there was such a bone in the light question that he thought was ridiculous. It was great how to put a person off guard for a moment. It was amazing, but at the same time, Yuder was truly impressed.

'I knew Kishiar was good at using that method, but I was caught off guard for a moment.'
Yuder blinked and let out a small sigh

"... Then I will stop eating. Because I'm not hungry."

"Hahaha. Do as you please. But just drink that juice. Nathan ground it for us himself."

Kishiar smiled loudly and pointed to the two glasses on one side of the table. It was a juice made by mixing vegetables and fruits.

Yuder looked at Nathan, standing behind him and kept a calm look on his face, and lifted his glass and drank it all at once. It was green juice that would taste very strange, but it was unexpectedly sweet.

"Commander-nim has taught me a great lesson since my first day as your assistant. Did you call me first to tell me this?"

"Of course not. This is the real deal."

Kishiar gracefully wiped his mouth with a white cloth to finish his meal and reached out to Nathan. Then Nathan approached the huge desk, picked up something, and returned it and put it politely on his hand.

It was a pair of black gloves.

At the moment, Yuder's expression changed.

"You must've been surprised. The wound hasn't disappeared yet, so shouldn't we cover it? This is a special magic glove that sticks to the wearer's skin and invigorates it. It won't get damaged even if it touches water or blood, so feel free to wear it. You don't have to thank me for the injury you suffered to protect me."
Yuder himself was actually thinking of getting a pair of gloves. It was a good thing he didn't have to go out and live on purpose, but that wasn't the part that surprised Yuder.

In his previous life, Kishiar also often wore gloves like that. Of the gloves he wore, there were certainly gloves that looked just like the pair in front of him. The memories of that time suddenly came to mind, so clearly that he didn't know why he had forgotten.