[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 46

"The name was Cavalry, was it?"

"Maybe so. How loud the Kiolle was because of them."

The old man shook his head and frowned.

"My ears still hurt."

"Oh, is it because of the incident he was insulted by a commoner there not long ago?"

"I don't know how I got such a stupid kid out of this family. I put him in the Imperial Knights to take care of himself, and he didn't even think of staying calm. I'm worried that he came back after being insulted by a commoner. He still doesn't understand what he's done."

"Don't be heartbroken, Duke of Diarca. Not all children can excel."

The old man, Duke of Diarca, smiled at the young Crown Prince's cold consolation.

"Yes, it is clear that all the superior power in the blood of this family have gone to you, Your Highness."

"That's a lot of praise."

They focused on the game again. The Crown Prince's horses seemed at first in a hurry to escape the old man's. But as time passed, strangely, the runaway horses began to lie down and win over the old man's horses. Even his backing down was actually a meticulous tactic.

Eventually, the game ended with the Crown Prince's victory. The Crown Prince opened his mouth, knocking down the last horse that the Duke had placed.

"His Majesty will reward the Duke of Peletta and his men this time."

"It would be best to make a name known to the whole continent."

"I'm very curious about how much effort he's putting into playing a commander. I have high expectations."

"Is that all Your Highness curious about? You'll finally see that great stone. I'm actually most curious about that."

The Crown Prince just grinned as he listened to the Duke.

"Yeah, we will all see each other soon."

* * *

The Duke of Peletta, Kishiar la Orr, returned to the capital after a successful secret mission from the Emperor. Few people knew he was away in the first place because it was as quiet when he returned as when he left.

Only those accompanying Kishiar on all his journeys felt mixed feelings as soon as they entered the capital. Before returning to the capital, the time when were worried that someone might be aiming for the Red Stone was finally over.

"Good job, everyone."

Kishiar came to the front of the Cavalry's quarters, got off the horse, and briefly praised everyone.

"It wasn't an easy road, but thanks to you willing to follow me, I was able to come back safely. Neither I nor His Majesty will ever forget that effort. It's late, so go back and rest soon, and come up to where I'm staying after breakfast tomorrow."

Peletta knights, who fell far away because of the Red Stone box, saluted with moved faces. Fatigue and pride coexisted in the faces of the Cavalry members.

Kishiar turned his head and looked at the entrance to the accommodation. There was already Nathan Zuckerman, Kishiar's aide. His eyes stayed on the small box Kishiar was carrying. It was a gaze that had a good idea of what was inside.

"Nathan, I need you to return the Misty Wind horses, so call someone."

"Yes, sir."

"Before that......."

Yuder left behind the brief conversation Kishiar had with his aide and headed into the Cavalry quarters.

Fortunately, it was not that dark in the darkened accommodation building thanks to the regular wildstone. The stones, which looked like ordinary stones during the day but shone by itself as if it were lit at night, was too expensive for most rich families to use.

Since such things were stashed generously throughout the accommodation building, it was understandable how important Kishiar thought of the Cavalry.

"I'm really tired because we kept running without a break. I can't wait to go wash up and sleep."

"Me, too. They cleaned up while we were gone, right?"

Eldore siblings yawned and talked quietly. Next to them, Kanna was talking with Gacaine that it was still like a dream that the mission ended well. Everyone was relaxed and in a peaceful atmosphere, but only Yuder was deeply silent.

There had been so many occasions before when he was silent alone that the other members didn't take it unnoticed. Because they also knew well what amazing things Yuder had accomplished during this mission.

"Yuder, see you tomorrow."

"Don't think too much and get some rest."

Yuder nodded to his comrades who greeted him and entered his room. There was everything available to be a room for only one person.

But his eyes didn't stay in the clean room while he was away. The first thing Yuder did when he sat on the bed as soon as he put his luggage down was to roll up his sleeves and look down at his hands.
'So far, it's still there.'

The purple spot that hadn't completely disappeared even after receiving Kishiar's divine power treatment didn't get any bigger or smaller while coming here. But Yuder was not reassured, because he couldn't understand why this spot hadn't completely disappeared even though he was constantly agonizing all the way here.

On the way back, he pulled his sleeves or folded his arms to keep it from being seen. It would be unnecessary to catch someone's eye if they notice a bloody spot that would grow or shrink for no reason.

He was injured during an important secret mission, which he even wrote a pledge not to mention about. In order not to go through useless things, it would've been better to have a separate glove.

'And let's see if there's a curse or disease similar to this spot, and if it's treatable.'

There were so many things he thought he should find out when he came back to the capital, but the priority of the work suddenly changed because of the spot. He didn't like it, but he couldn't help it. He wouldn't be able to do anything because he wasn't feeling good.
Only after Yuder thought about it that far did he stop worrying. The accumulated fatigue from running without a proper rest for a long time flooded like a river with its bank burst.

He managed to take off his uniform and lay in bed after getting ready to sleep. As if he had waited, sleep soon came over.

'... I have no regrets. It's just a little disappointing.'

The voice held no power, but it nevertheless sounded very elegant. Yuder blinked blankly. Someone was seen beyond the blurred vision.

A man sitting upright in front of a beautifully carved desk with a faint smile. Underneath the haggard blonde, the dark red eyes sank.

Yuder realized who he was and when the scene in front of him was only by looking at that smile.

The man was Kishiar la Orr on the day of his death at the Peletta Duchy.

The desk in front of him was carved from a special wood found only in his estate, Peletta, and so were the chairs.

The rugged but stylish mana-stone fireplace was very dark inside, empty as if it hadn't been used for a long time. The only thing in the space that didn't lose its light was the Divine Sword sheathed in a transparent scabbard above the fireplace.
Everything was as clear as reality, but this was definitely a dream. Old memories were just unfolding once again. However, even though he was aware, Yuder could not escape his dream.

Since it was a nightmare that just began, did it want him to watch it until it was over? He didn't like it, but there was nothing he could do, so Yuder decided to hope it would all end soon. As he remembered, soon after, he would swing his hand and it would all be over.


'What do you mean?'

At the next moment, Yuder was stunned when he heard a voice flowing out of his own mouth.

What the hell was going on? He'd never had this answer in his memory. Kishiar opened his mouth again, unaware that Yuder was confused

'... Where did it go wrong. Come to think of it, it's around the time retrieving the Red Stone.'


'Yeah... That's right. That was when everything started to go wrong, obviously. I knew it, but I couldn't stop it. Because I already had no choice.'

In Yuder's memory, Kishiar had never said such a thing in his death. In the midst of tremendous confusion, Kishiar continued as if he was going to stop talking.

'If only the injury I suffered from the stone didn't break my plate.......'


Yuder opened his eyes, wet with cold sweat.

He could see the ceiling of the familiar accommodation. He finally woke up from a dream, but he couldn't calm down easily and breathed for a long time. It was understandable.

Kishiar and Yuder in the dream had a conversation that was not in his original memories.

That was exactly the part about the Red Stone Recovery mission.

It was terribly realistic that he couldn't think of it as a mere dream mixed with delusions. It felt as if the memory he had originally known was wrong.

Yuder pressed his throbbing head and reflected on what Kishiar in his dream said. He was self-deprecating, saying everything was wrong with his injuries when he recovered the Red Stone.
It didn't happen in a reality that he regressed to. It was now Yuder getting injured by the Red Stone. Yuder let out a long breathe, looking at the spot on the back of his hand that still unchanged in size.

'I'll have to think about the possibility that the events I thought I remembered are not a complete memory.'