[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 45

The Peletta Knight in charge of guiding when they came gave Kishiar a sign that he could handle all the horses.

If the lord he should serve said he would take the lead in the most dangerous situation, he would have to stop him, but the knights were relatively calm. Yuder read from them the absolute trust and faith in Kishiar.

"Let's go!"

They left the Confederate base behind General Gino. The atmosphere was very heavy and serious because they suddenly left because of something bad.

Eleven Misty Winds ran inexorably over the darkened fields of the night. The horses did not interfere with vision at night, so they easily avoided any obstacles.

The bodies of horses shining like pearls were the only light that existed there.

Yuder put up with the cold, creepy sensation and added more strength to his reins.

No matter how comfortable and fast a means of transportation, it was not a creature born in nature.

Kishiar ran his horse in a completely different way from when they came. Thanks to the harsh speed, they was far out of the mountain range at dawn.

"Yuder, I need to talk to you for a second."

While getting off the horse to rest for a while, Gacaine, who approached Yuder, lowered his voice and talked to him.

"What the hell happened yesterday? You know something more because you and Commander-nim took them down together, don't you?"

"I don't know either."

In fact, he knocked them down alone, but Yuder didn't bother to correct Gacaine's words.

There was nothing good about showing off one's ability.

"When I tried to leave the box and go back, they showed up. I just knocked them down in an attack." (Yuder)

"How could so many people be here in advance? I can't believe they found out so quickly that we've recovered the Red Stone......."

"Kanna Wand, come this way."

At that time, Kishiar called Kanna. Everyone's eyes were on her in unison. Kanna, who was opening the lid of the water bottle, turned her head in surprise.

"Yes, sir?"

"Will you be able to read these things while you rest?"

Kishiar pulled some things out of his arms. It was a torn glove, a broken dagger handle, and a piece of broken dice. Yuder recognized that those belonged to dead intruders.

Before leaving, he went into the mansion for a while and seemed to have packed those with his luggage.

"Of course, I will give it a try."

Kanna's expression was grim. She was still worried because she thought she was the only one who did nothing to help in this mission. In the meantime, she took a deep breath thinking that she couldn't miss another chance.

Kanna grabbed the glove first. She closed her eyes and concentrated her mind, and the feeble energy fluttered like a haze in her hands.

"... I could only read personal information about the owner. It was the toughest material the owner had, so he often fought with these gloves on. And... he used it when he shook hands with someone. I think it was a very strong memory. He put a big bag of money on the glove. After counting the money, he took off the gloves... because it interfered with his fingers."

After saying that, Kanna opened her eyes. She'd made a lot of progress over the months of training using her abilities.

There were many things that couldn't be read before joining the Cavalry, and most of them were only information that came to mind as fragmentary words, but now she knew he would read something. The information that could be read was also much more detailed. Most of them were the most intense memories of the object.

"The person who gave the money probably had something to do with the person you were looking for."

Kishiar nodded and held out the next thing. It was a broken dagger handle.

Kanna grabbed it and focused once again.

"Fear. I can read the great fear and regret the owner of this dagger felt at the end. And he blamed someone. He's the one who would have... entrusted him with the request. A master he's never seen before. A noble from the Empire."

"A noble from the Empire?"

Gacaine, who was listening still, was surprised and asked, and Kanna opened her eyes. Her blue eyes were full of serious signs.

"It's a word that the person holding the dagger thought strongly. I think they assumed it was probably an imperial noble behind the commission."

Kanna's words instantly dampened the mood. It was Kishiar who still looked interesting to break it.

"Yeah... given what they've done, that's a long shot." (Kishiar)

"But how dare a noble in this country do such a thing against Commander-nim who is an imperial family? Isn't it for the well-being of this country that we retrieve the Red Stone? Why on earth......."
As Gacaine muttered incomprehensibly, Kishiar smiled a little darker instead of answering.

"Nobles also depend on nobles. Gacaine Bolunwald. If everyone had the same loyalty as you, we would be very comfortable by now."

It was a significant word. Gacaine seemed surprised and thought he had said something wrong, but when he heard it, Yuder recalled his old memories.

In his previous life, as he toured many parties and gatherings under the Emperor's command, Yuder realized some of the power structure of the empire.

People believed that the Emperor had the greatest power in the world, and that all supporting him were full of loyalty and sincerity. But that was not the case. The four Great Duke families, which had long been associated with the history of the empire, were arrogant enough to feel like there were four more kings in the country.

He was able to understand Kishiar's meaning when he recalled the arrogant people under nobles' command. Indeed. Nobles were their own.

"Here's the last item."
Kanna finally grabbed the broken dice. Yuder could feel the deep concentration that he'd never seen before from her closed eyes and focused face.

"The owner of this thing... was addicted to gambling. He needed a lot of money. I think there were a lot of complaints about his life that didn't change even though he Awakened his ability. Other than that, fear and regret...... It's similar to what I've read before."

Kanna opened her eyes and examined the Commander's face. He was nodding his head with a satisfied look.

"Good. Thanks to you, I got some interesting information. But can't you read the stone in the box?"

Kanna's expression, which smiled brightly for joy that she was barely recognized for her ability, became serious again.

"I will only be able to read the history of the box. I'm sorry."

"That's a shame, but that's a great ability."

Kishiar sincerely regretted it. Yuder was also sympathetic.

How good it would be if Canna's ability developed enough to read information without direct contact and then allowed her to read stones again. Given the current pace of development, it didn't seem to take much longer.
However, if it went along with previous history, Kishiar would go to the Imperial Palace with the Red Stone as soon as he arrived in the capital. Even if Kanna's ability developed, it would've been after the stone had already become the World Sphere.

'I wish I could stop it or slow it down somehow.'

Previously, he had thought that the unskilled Pearl Tower mages had damaged the original by cutting the power of the Red Stone. However, after participating in this mission, he realized that the power inside the Red Stone was extraordinary, so he changed his mind.

In Yuder's head, there were many ways to protect the Red Stone, but it disappeared.

The easiest way was to remind Kishiar himself of the value of the stone.

Then he could tell the Emperor that they wouldn't need to send the stone to the Pearl Tower.

Yuder's eyes secretly turned toward Kishiar.

* * *

At the same time, the Imperial Palace in the northern capital of the Orr Empire.

A gray-haired man and a young boy were sitting face to face, standing up with horses carved out of several strange shapes and playing a tactical game. On the surface, the old man seemed to play with his young grandson, but their relationship was not very intimate.
The old man's eyes were well rounded but cruel and cunning, and the boy sitting in front of him had a fierce beauty not suitable for his young age.

"The Duke of Peletta seems to have retrieved it. He said he'd be back soon."

The old man murmured as he moved a horse piece on the board. His voice sounded indifferent.

"I guess so."

"Did you already know?"

"I can't help but know the news since the atmosphere of the palace is exciting."

The Imperial Palace was a palace built for the crown prince. And the boy had blond hair, red eyes, like the imperial family of Orr. He was Crown Prince Kachian la Orr, who would become the next emperor of the Great Empire.

"Then did you hear that there was an accident in the middle that those aiming for it appeared?"

There was one more horse piece that the old man sent out. It was an aggressive look, but the Crown Prince was not embarrassed. He skillfully moved on and opened his mouth, dodging.

"Yeah, I've heard that, too. Duke of Peletta's subordinates skillfully solved it. Where are the intruders from?"
"Unfortunately, they said it wasn't revealed."

"Yeah, that's too bad. Maybe it could've been in a good relationship with us."

It was meant to be heartless, but the Crown Prince's expression was very peaceful.

"The Duke of Peletta is by no means as stupid as others say. He created the organization in a sneaky way. We can never let our guard down."

"I thought he was in a hurry to take care of himself, but I didn't know he was hiding these claws. The contributors were not the Peletta Knights, but members of a strange organization created by the Duke."

At the end of the sentence, the Crown Prince stopped his first movement and raised his head.

"The name was Cavalry, was it?"