[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 44

"Then why are you keeping it a secret? Do you have to hide it?"

"Yeah. But it turns out to be a power that doesn't do much good. It just exists like this. It's better to think there's no such thing in the first place."

Kishiar smiled as Yuder blinked with a hint of wonder at such a joking answer.

"I've seen you throw yourself several times to save me and the others, so I've decided to use this power specifically to you. My aide Nathan would be furious if he knows I actually used this power. So make sure you keep it a secret. You see, we have our own promise."

Yuder looked at the smile. He didn't know how far Kishiar's words were real or false.

Was there anyone who didn't use healing power until the moment he died simply because of that reason? However, he could not ask Kishiar for an answer in the past.

"... I understand. But may I ask you one more question?"

"Alright. If you want to know about the power of Awakening, divine power, and sword aura, they all exist."

Yuder was speechless in an instant. Kishiar smiled like a successful boy doing a funny prank.

"You're the only one here who knows I'm chosen by the Divine Sword. As soon as you saw me use divine power, I thought you'd be suspicious."

Like the sun that could see through everything in the world, Kishiar's red eyes seemed to read all of human thoughts. Although he had already grasped Yuder's thoughts, he had no such smell until this moment.

"... Is it possible?"

Yuder deliberately swallowed the subject 'having those three power' and asked quietly. He knew that all his comrades were out and there was no one in the distance to hear their conversation at the moment, but you'd never know.

"Well, what do you think?"

"What in the world could harm you if it's true?"

If he saw the weapon attacking and didn't deliberately avoid it.

"... No matter who attacks you, they can't win."

He was very good at reading someone's insides, but at that moment, he couldn't read only the convenience of the past that passed through Yuder's black eyes.

"Haha. You're better than I thought. I thought you never know how to say nice things to listen to."

"I just told you the truth."

"Yeah, maybe what you're saying is true. But what does that have to do with anything?"

A strange look flashed over those red eyes.

"Whatever I have doesn't mean anything to me. That's not the kind of thing I really need."

It was as if all of this was meaningless. Yuder was speechless again.

That kind of thing?

How could he describe a man who had Awakening ability, divine power, and sword aura, and used it all?

Kishiar la Orr that he met again after returning to the past was more strange and mysterious than in his memory. Even Yuder, who had been through all sorts of things for more than a decade, couldn't understand what he was thinking.

"Then what do you think is necessary?" (Yuder)

"Do you want to know that?"

All the young and pessimistic energy disappeared at Kishiar's face.

He was once again the face of a relaxed and languid duke, bending his eyes gently.

"Then accept the position of the Assistant of Cavalry Commander."

"Assistant......  Wait. There's no such a position, right?"

In the past, such a position did not exist. Kishiar assigned all of his assistant duties to his aide, Nathan Zuckerman. Among them, the matters concerning the Cavalry were entrusted to the Deputy Commanders, including Yuder, and that was enough. But now there was a Commander's Assistant of the Cavalry?

"I can make it. You don't like the position of deputy commander because you feel burdened, so I'm thinking of making a comfortable position where no one has to take responsibility."

Kishiar replied in a smooth tone as if he had thought about this before.

"It hasn't been long since the Cavalry divisions were made, so we can make a spot like this. What a relief."


"So, you don't like that one either?"

Kishiar's hand, emitting white light, gave strength to hold Yuder's hand. Since the treatment was not completely done, he couldn't shake it off or run away.
Yuder gave a rather profane look to the man in front of him who seemed eager to see him in a difficult situation.

"Why do you think so highly of me?" (Yuder)

"Isn't that obvious? The determination to repay those who have sacrificed their life with the same determination to protect others regardless of their bodies. Combat power as skillful as a knight who has rolled a battlefield numerous times. If I don't admire you, who should I admire?"

"I'm not the only one. Everyone else was the same."

"The other members were good enough. But the composure you've shown is something you can't learn simply because you've been trained for months. I admire that point."

The light from Kishiar's hand stopped. But he was still holding Yuder's hand. A will was read there. Yuder opened his mouth, looking down at the hand held by Kishiar.

"If I refuse again......."

"Then I'll make the position of the Cavalry's training officer."

And even if he rejected the offer, a similar offer would come next time.
Yuder realized that Kishiar had already made up his mind. There was a half-poking feeling when suggested before, but this time it was different. There was also a limit to his refusal of the Commander's will as he entered the Cavalry again. Even more so if it was true.

"Alright, sir."

Yuder eventually nodded.

"Well thought. I'll go back and talk about the details."

Kishiar smiled and released his hand.

"... Hmm?"

But after a while, he opened his eyes wide and gave a questionable look. Yuder was also perplexed.

"This is......."

The bruise on the back of his hand, which was supposed to be clean, hadn't completely disappeared.

The two were silent when they saw the small black spots remaining on the skin, only to shrink to the small size it first formed.

"...... It wasn't an ordinary wound."

Kishiar's eyes narrowed.

"Tell me how you got hurt, Yuder Aile."

There was no need to hide the reason for the injury. Yuder looked down at his hand and began to speak.

"When Gacaine's alter ego exploded yesterday after touching the Red Stone, I was a bit late to put up the wall. I think it's a sign that the energy from the stone passed through my hand."
"Energy from the stone?"

Kishiar frowned and looked at the box near Yuder's foot. Numerous thoughts seemed to have passed through his eyes in an instant.

"Alright...... Did you say there was no pain?"


It didn't hurt at all when the bruise grew. Now was the same. Yuder felt strange and clenched his fist lightly. Then he opened it.

"That's a good thing, though. But if there's anything wrong, report it right away. We'll have to find out more about the wound as soon as we get back."

"Yes, sir. I'll ask my comrades if they have have the same bruise as me."

"Commander-nim, Yuder! What happened inside? General Gino is worried."

Then, just in time, Gacaine's voice came in. Kishiar and Yuder briefly faced each other and then walked out of the mansion.

Outside the mansion, there were Cavalry members, General Gino, and Peletta knights and soldiers who ran here instead of sleeping. General Gino and Peletta Knights could still stand about the same distance as the Cavalry members, while others could not. The face looking at this place from a distance was full of embarrassment.
Even after two years of protection, the Imperial Army did not help at all until those aiming for the Red Stone came in.

He was glad Kishiar is fine, otherwise he'd be damned, right? Naturally, General Gino, who lead them, also looked very bad.

"I'm glad to see you safe and sound, Your Highness. But it's all my responsibility that the intruders got in here. I'm so ashamed. Now that they're all dead, what should we do?"

"Don't worry, I'm not hurt at all. However, the dead have been hiding around here for several days, so please release the soldiers and search the area immediately, and let me know as soon as you find anything."

"Yes, Your Highness."

General Gino turned around and immediately gave orders to the soldiers loudly.

After most of the soldiers quickly turned around and disappeared, Kishiar called the General close and said he would leave soon.

General Gino, who saw the bold enemy's move, didn't stop Kishiar. He immediately called in one of the soldiers who remained with him.
"Go get the Misty Wind horses right now."

It was deep into the night, but the preparation to leave was quick. After wearing a long cape to cover his uniform, Kishiar received the Red Stone box from Yuder.

His light flying over the Misty Wind and snatching the reins was like the embodiment of the wise Sun God to lighten the darkness.

"I'm the one to stand in the front of all. Cavalry stick right behind me, and the knights continue to follow as closely as possible. We will run nonstop, so be careful not to lose your bearings."

"Yes, sir!"