[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 43

Yudor drew an unidentified client in his head. Money, power, and a very thorough man. Perhaps the client chose mercenaries so that he would not be chased by the tail.

Since more than 10 Awakeners were gathered and sent, they probably thought that at least they would defeat one Kishiar and get what they wanted.

If they had known the extent of Kishiar's power, they would've known that there would be no use sending even tens of them. But coincidentally, it was their loss that even Yuder was there.

"You said the client had an agent. How did you get in touch with him?"

"T, they were always different people. Furthermore, no representative has appeared since entering the Orr Empire. Always by letter......."

"Of course we burned all the letters."

"... Yes."

Kishiar was silent, as if lost in thought for a moment. His eyes turned to the box Yuder was holding. A box of the Red Stone was still generously giving off a heavy, sharp energy.

"Alright. Then I'll ask you one last time. What is the place you were going to go if you succeeded in stealing the stone?"

Where could dozens of people have been hiding from the eyes of countless imperial forces who took turns watching over the mountains and protected the Red Stone?

Everyone's eyes turned to the intruder's mouth.

"T, the, place, is...... Uh...Ugh?"

At that moment, the man who was about to speak suddenly dropped his head in a fit of rage and disgust.

"Uh, Keugh. Uuugh. U, aaaah!"

The man's body turned purple and began to swell grotesquely at a rapid pace. Seeing his eyeballs pop out in an instant, Yuder felt an ominous feeling.

'Protection wall!'

The man's body literally exploded as soon as he surrounded everyone with a barrier mixed with water and wind. Black lumps scattered all over the place and spread in a small space filled with poison.

"...... What the hell happened?"

After the explosion subsided, Finn murmured blankly. The situation revealed was simply horrendous. Even the rest of the intruders who were alive were all dead in an instant.

The room was also transformed into a horrible shape, melting with poison, regardless of the ceiling or floor. They would be in the same boat if Yuder hadn't put up the wall quickly.

"Suddenly the sounds...... Commander-nim! Are you all right?"

Gacaine who opened the door in surprise freaked out at the scenery in the room.

"I'm fine. Is everyone all right?"

Kishiar also looked around with a frown as if this was unexpected.

"I'm all right."

"We're fine, too."

After Yuder and Eldore siblings answered, Kishiar's eyes turned to the Red Stone box. Yuder nodded slightly, meaning it was fine. The Red Stone in his hand was safe. The same went to his comrades.

"That was a close call. I didn't think they would double-wrap the forbidden pledge." (Kishiar)

"Forbidden pledge? Didn't you just remove it earlier, sir?"

"Yes, I certainly removed one. But I didn't know they wrote two different kinds of pledges."

Kishiar smirked at Hinn's question. It seemed ridiculous not to laugh out of sheer humor, but to expect the enemy to go so far.

"Originally, only one pledge can be written at a time. Sometimes, however, there is a double prohibition on illegal pledges. It's a vicious trick because the stronger the ban, the more terrible the price of breaking it. You saw it yourself."

When Yuder was also the commander, he saw people using double pledges. Such people were usually aware of the prohibition on them and never kept secrets in their mouths.

But those men, who had just died suddenly, seemed completely unaware of the double prohibition of the pledge. If they had known, they wouldn't have opened their mouth so easily even if Kishiar had used his strength to lift the pledge.

'... Did they purposely aim to be in this situation?'

The man's body, swollen and shattered by the pledge, was permeated with poison strong enough to cause death instantly. If it had grazed his comrades or Kishiar, they would have been badly injured, if not killed.

Yuder felt surprisingly unspoken regret toward Kishiar. Right now, Yuder was here, so he could keep him from getting harmed. But what was it like in the world before he regressed? Was it really okay if Kishiar faced this kind of attack?

"Commander-nim, do you have any idea who's behind this?"

Yuder quietly talked to Kishiar.
"Well...... I don't know yet."

Kishiar shook his head with an expression that he really didn't know, or if he didn't want to let the members know.

"Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear where they were hiding, so I'm going to order General Gino to conduct a search."

"You mean now, sir?"

"We need to find it soon enough so that we can find traces that the leader hasn't erased."

After saying so, Kishiar once again looked at the box, which was gently placed in Yuder's arms.

"But we'd better leave without taking part in the search. I know you're tired, but let's all get out of here right away."

Kishiar seemed to have a strong idea that he should no longer be here. Yuder agreed on that point. It would be dangerous because it was in the middle of the night and not be able to move alongside the Peletta knights, but the unknown eyes behind it could've been better than here in the vicinity.

"Yes, sir."

The members answered in unison and left the mansion one by one with a serious look.
Looking at the bodies, broken windows, broken ceilings and furniture still scattered on the floor, Yuder thought the owner of the mansion would shed considerable blood tears later. Compared to when he first came in, the elegant appearance had long disappeared.


Kishiar quietly called Yuder's name behind his back who was about to turn. Looking back, Kishiar's eyes were looking toward the Red Stone box again.

"Oh, I almost forgot to return the box to you."

Yuder stretched out his arm, believing that the look was an unspoken command to return the box.

"No, it's fine. That hand, what happened?"

...... Hand?

Only then did Yuder realize that what Kishiar stared at was not the box, but his hand.

'Oh, the part where the exploded energy from the Red Stone left a bruise yesterday...... Hmm?'

The dark purple bruise on the back of Yuder's hand had grown to the size of a small bird's egg.

Obviously, it wasn't that big until the day when we went to retrieve the Red Stone. It was a small bruise like a nail shot, but when did it get this big?
There was no pain and no sign of the bruise growing, so Yuder looked down at the bruise curiously.

'It's definitely because of the mood.'

"Looking at the look on your face, you've finally discovered it."

Seeing Yuder's expression, Kishiar sighed quietly as if he had guessed the situation.

"I wanted to see how good you were, but I didn't want you to get hurt."

"No, I didn't know because it didn't hurt."

"What kind of person would I be when I told you that I'd be nice to you."

After saying so, Kishiar reached out one hand to Yuder. He raised his palm as if he were proposing for a dance. Elegant enough to forget that this place was a half-destroyed mansion, Yuder was instantly distracted.

"I'll treat you, put your hand up here. Put the box down just in case there's a backlash."

"... Are you trying to use your divine power?"

"What else could there be?"

When he asked just in case, a soft answer came back. He wanted to ask it was okay, but he was also curious to make sure that Kishiar was really able to use the strength.
As Yuder hesitated to put down the box, Kishiar immediately grabbed the bruised hand.

Yuder instantly flinched his shoulders.

"Relax, it's just pure contact with no impure intentions."

Perhaps he felt the movement, Kishiar grinned and whispered low.

"... I didn't think of that." (Yuder)


Kishiar burst into laughter at Yuder's stern answer.

Unlike Yuder's hand, protruding from living alone for a long time and left scars everywhere, Kishiar's hands were white and smooth.

But the beautiful hands were actually firmer and cooler than they looked. Every fingertip was proof of the hand of a swordman.

The touch of the hands that he had forgotten for a long time kept trying to force into Yuder's memory.

Yuder bit his lip and tried to push back useless thoughts. A white light flowed from Kishiar's hand and gently covered the back of Yuder's hand. It was more undoubtedly a sure sign of divine power when I felt it in personally.

'This is the highest level among the priests of the Sun God.......'
"Is it amazing that I'm using my divine power?"

Kishiar asked him softly. Yuder was a little surprised his thoughts were read, but he soon nodded.

"... Yes."

"Well, it's understandable because few people know this."

"If Commander-nim can... Is it possible for His Majesty to use this kind of divine power, too?"

"Of course he can use it."

It was an easy enough answer to blow his mind.