[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 42

"Finn, shall we start with the fingers? Or toes?"

"I like toes."

"Okay. Let's mash their toes first."

"Uugh, w, wait."

One of the enemies shook his head and tried to crawl back, but Hinn was faster to raise her foot.

"I'll tell you. I'll tell you... Wait! Keuaagh!"

BOOM. Hinn stepped on the enemy's leg with one foot and the sound of everything crushing.

"Spare me...... I, I'll talk......!"

"Wait, wait......!"

The enemies gasped and ditched in unison, but Kishiar just smiled and didn't stop the Eldore siblings.

After that, several ground-breaking thumps and small screams rang out in the room.

"Euuu... Uuugh......!"

"Well then. Are you ready to talk now?"

Kishiar once again laid back a question for enemies with burns all over their bodies and a runny nose.

"You tried to commit assassination of the imperial family. Wouldn't it be better to go neatly than to die and be taken to the capital and become the subject of the Pearl Tower?"

"It will work better if you say you're going to save the first person to speak that."

Hinn Elder, who returned to her original form, shook her head and recommended another way. Yuder also thought her way was much better.

"Is that so? Then......."

"I, I wrote, a pledge......."

One of the fallen enemies muttered before Kishiar changed his words.

"I must not say... So, I can't tell you......."

"A pledge?"

Kishiar's red eyes showed a strange sign.

What they were saying was a magic pledge similar to that written by the Cavalry members when they said they would not reveal what happened in Red Stone Operation.

The pledges were so expensive that they were rarely used except when the powerful fulfilled important duties. Besides, it didn't sell well to most people.

That means the man hiring them behind the scenes had such power.

Kishiar, who squinted his eyes, turned his head toward Yuder.

"Yuder, keep it for a while."

He handed the Red Stone box to Yuder and approached the fallen.

'What is he going to do?'

Yuder watched the figure mysteriously. Kishiar was a man of strong ability, but only physical ability. As far as Yuder knew, that was just it.

There was no way to break the power of a pledge, but it was known to be impossible except for a high-ranking mage or priest.

"Keep what you see secret."

After looking back at Eldore siblings and Yuder, Kishiar winked playfully and reached out.

Then the white light from his fingertips wrapped around them, and after a while faded away.

'... Is that a physical strength?'

Yuder's expression, which had always been calm, turned into a surprise. Unless his eyes were mistaken, what he had just seen was certainly the power used by the priests of the Sun God to destroy injustice.

"A useless force handed down through bloodline. I didn't expect it to be used like this."

The clueless Eldore siblings didn't react much, but Yuder wasn't so. He couldn't believe Kishiar had a strength from the blood of the Imperial family. It was a story that he'd never heard of in his previous life, even though he had brought the Emperor very close.

Moreover, Kishiar had never said he had such power.

Until the moment of his death.

'There used to be Awakeners among priests. But......'

The number was too small and only those with embarrassing levels of power were capable. Because of that, it was recognized as a standard that the strength of physical strength and the power of the Red Stone offset each other.

The fact that there was no Awakener-turning-priests in the Cavalry until Yuder's death also supported the theory.

But Kishiar la Orr was the most powerful of all Awakeners. In addition, he was recognized by the Divine Sword that was so picky about its master.

Those chosen by the Divine Sword as the master of all times, if not at the time of recognition, eventually became a swordmaster with strong power to go down in history.

There was no precedent for a swordmaster becoming an Awakener, but it existed in the future. A year or so later, one of the swordmasters in another country Awakened, and that would be the case.

And there were quite a few occasions when a strong knight, if not a swordmaster class, was Awakened. So Yuder did not find it strange that Kishiar, recognized by the Divine Sword, became an Awakener.
Never, however, had anyone strong enough to break the power of a pledge become a strong Awakener.

If he was recognized by the Divine Sword, it was certain that Kishiar had the ability to be a swordmaster.

But in addition, he was so powerful that he could forcefully break the power of a pledge, and he Awakened as a powerful Awakener?

That was absolute nonsense.

Was that really possible? It also felt like a tremendous fiasco to Yuder, who had five attributes at his disposal.

As far as he knew, there was no human being who had three simultaneous Awakening powers, aura and divine power. It was unbelievable even though he'd seen Kishiar use his strength in front of him.

He thought that the reason why Kishiar didn't use his ability fully despite his strong power was simply because of his style that prioritized leading as a commander. But he wanted to keep it a secret when he could use his physical strength?

'What is the point of keeping it a secret?'

There must be a reason if he tried to hide it even with his unprecedented ability. And it occurred to him that perhaps the reason might be the answer to the question that remained with Yuder regarding Kishiar's death.
At the moment of his death, Kishiar la Orr accepted everything as if he had waited and did nothing.

A man who lived a lifetime of celibacy as a nameless duke who couldn't seek the right to succeed the throne.

He had long wondered why such a smart and capable man accepted such a position silently without seeking the throne of the emperor.

If Yuder had the same power and was born a prince, he would never have lived with such bated breath.

'When I get back, I'll have to investigate whether it's true that the blood of the imperial family is really coming down, and what other princes who lived similar to Kishiar were like.'

While Yuder was lost in thought, Kishiar casually questioned the intruders.

"Come, you can tell me now, answer me. Who sent you guys?"

"W, we don't know exactly, we don't know."

The intruder answered, gasping from pain.

"We are all mercenaries from different places. The client did not inform us of his identity and always contacted us by letter with his agent......."

Eldore siblings muttered face to face. Only then did Yuder stop thinking about Kishiar and raise his head.

'I don't think they are assassins... I wonder if they were all mercenaries.'

"But you did hear something from your client in advance. What did you guys know? What were you going to do if you took the Red Stone? No, the Red Stone is an excuse. Did the client want you to kill me?"

"N, no."

When asked by Kishiar, the intruder shouted with a distorted face.

"We are low-lives, but we know we won't die beautifully if we do that. We can't accept such a request to kill an imperial family, can we?"

"What a ridiculous thing to say. They're scared of the imperial trials, but they're fine with taking away the Red Stone?"

As Hinn added words as if to listen, regret and anger flashed over the intruder's bloody face.

"... The client said there would be only Duke of Peletta here, so it would be easy to solve if the timing was right. We didn't expect anyone else to be here."
Fearful eyes secretly turned toward Yuder. Without moving a finger, Yuder reflected in the eyes of the intruders.

But Yuder was not looking at him. If true, this wasn't the main problem.

'The information was leaking completely.'

Yuder glanced at Kishiar's expressionless face. When was it decided that he would come here to retrieve the Red Stone? He didn't know, but it must've been very early to hear the information behind this bold scheme.

In addition, the real-time delivery of Kishiar's stay location meant that there was a much closer background than expected.

"He must've known this place very well. Is that all he's ever told you?"

The intruders scrambled to answer Kishiar's words.

"No, at first he told us to go to the Orr Empire and wait for the messenger to go."

"After waiting for a few days at the mountain range estuary, a letter arrived to move here yesterday...!"

"We've been monitoring the mansion and if we think you've recovered the Red Stone, it says to break in and take it away. I, I really thought all we had to do was to steal the stone. After recovery, return to the original hiding place and wait for the client to contact us......!"
"The letter arrived yesterday......."

Kishiar murmured significantly and lowered his eyes. He must've noticed the extent to which Yuder thought.

Only yesterday that even the Cavalry who came to retrieve the Red Stone themselves found out that only Awakeners could get close to the Red Stone.

Therefore, it was highly unlikely that the person behind the sending of these intruders knew about it in advance and gathered only the Awakeners. Nevertheless, the fact that only Awakeners were gathered and sent meant that they needed a powerful person with strong power.