[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 41

"Sir, I'll take care of them in a minute. It's safe inside the wall, so you can keep an eye on it." (Yuder)

"Will you be able to do it alone? They look like they've got enough heat in their eyes."

Kishiar looked back at the enemies and asked him with an interesting look. He also had no sign of nervousness, just like Yuder.

"Not a problem."

The enemies were disturbed for a moment by their usual way of speaking, as if they were saying that one plus one equals two.

"You don't understand what's going on? If Are you going to choose death......?!"

'Isn't that the sound of a dying man?'

Yuder shook his head at the masked man. He sighed when he thought he should use his strength against those who couldn't even grasp the opponent's skills properly.

"You guys are the ones who can't figure things out. Although you know the Red Stone is here, it doesn't seem like you know its characteristics. It explodes as soon as an Awakener's body or ability touches it. If you mess with it, you're dead."


Of course, Yuder had no intention of wasting the limited energy of the Red Stone on such a thing. But the enemies wouldn't know it, so they would flinch at the thought of it as nonsense. In the fight between Awakeners, those who did not use their abilities properly were absolutely weak.

"If you think we're going to back down with that kind of bullshit......!"

"Let me show you whether it's real or not. That is if you can break the wall."

Yuder moved the flame-clad sword as if to behold. Tension hung over the faces of the enemies looking at the dancing fire sword.

They didn't know what Yuder was capable of, but he easily took away the sword, made a water barrier, and used flame in that state. That magic was what legendary archmages could do.

"... What shall we do?"

"Even so, we cannot back down. It's no use."

One of the enemies, whose head seemed to be working, shouted loudly for others to hear.

"No one knows we're in here. You're trying to stall, but you'd better cut the idea that someone will come to help you. If you want to reduce the painful moments......."

"What. You've got a lot to say. Even if you're kind enough to tell me that...."

Yuder swung the blade slightly from bottom to top before his words were even finished. Then, in an instant, the flame-clad sword shot upward like a pillar and flew away.


It was a small pillar of fire, but the power was clear. The fire that pierced the ceiling and roof quickly lit up the night sky and disappeared. Even those far away felt something wrong and had enough power to run.


"Now they know you're here."

Yuder smirked as he watched the debris of a fiery falling skyward through a broken window. The enemies with dumb eyes were funny to look at.

"And what else did you say? You want to cut down on my painful moments?"

Through the mask, he could see the enemy's eyes shaking.

"You'd better hope it's your painful moment that will be cut down."

"Damn it. Attack him all at once!"

Watching the enemies rush in unison, Yuder swung his extended hand.

'If they wanted to overpower us, they should've attacked us as soon as they came in.'

The enemies who listened to Yuder couldn't use their abilities to their heart's content. Because they didn't know exactly where the Red Stone was. But Yuder was the opposite.

The enemy screamed and collapsed just by a flame-clad sword passing by. A normal sword would not be hit by a slight cut, but if the fire penetrated the wound, it would be a different story.

The flame that quickly penetrated the wound immediately spread throughout the body.

'I'm glad they're all physically capable.'

No one in the present world would be more comfortable with the fight between Awakeners than Yuder. The ability to strengthen the body seemed strong in close combat due to their strong offense, but their defense was weak.

It wasn't invincible if they could strengthen the skin. Even the moderately trained ones were not good at strengthening soft areas from the beginning. For example, parts such as the inside of the mouth and eyeballs.

Yuder slightly poked the sword into the eyes of the man who made his skin hard like a stone, avoiding the fist that hit him.

Subsequently, when a person who made his nails as long as a sword attacked, he blocked it with a small ice wall for a moment and drew his side with a sword when he paused. The body caught fire with the smell of burning flesh. Someone threw some daggers but those were made of iron, so it was enough to direct it to the ground, and some were made to go back to the owner.


It took less than a few minutes for Yuder to clear up all over ten enemies.

The mansion was filled with people in pain who could not die in a charred state.

"I'm done. I will lift the wall."


Yuder casually passed by those people and looked out of the broken window. Not far away, he saw torches of those running here.

"Fortunately, no one has escaped."

He solved it as fast as he could because he was worried that if he dragged on, there would be someone who wanted to run away. Nothing else should've caused information about the Red Stone to leak out.

When Yuder who checked the outside, approached the pillar with the Red Stone and brought it, Kishiar accepted it.
'Well, now... Let's see who's behind this.'

As soon as the stone was recovered, it was completely unexpected that the enemy had invaded the place where Kishiar stayed alone.

'Of course I initially thought they would come after we leave.'

The fact that so many people invaded meant that the enemy had been preparing for this operation for such a long time, and that they had made a mockery of Kishiar.

In other words, the enemy was someone who didn't know much about Kishiar's power.

Had they been aiming for this kind of moment before? Then Kishiar took the Divine Sword and dealt with it. It was understandable if he did.

Yuder confirmed the faces of those still breathing. Eight out of thirteen died, five still alive.

"Your Highness!"


While Yuder collected fire from the bodies of the living and compiled it in one place, the door was broken and the voices of General Gino and the Cavalry were heard.

"Your Highness, this is Gino. Are you all right?"
"There were some intruders, but have been subdued. I'm fine, so relax."

General Gino was quiet as if relieved by Kishiar's relaxed answer.

"I can't get to where you are because of the box. I'll send someone."

After a while, the Cavalry members passed through the hallway and entered the drawing room. Their eyes, apparently wearing uniforms in a hurry, turned into dismay at the sight of several bodies rolling on the floor.

"Oh my God. Just what......."

"Don't come closer, Kanna."

They were dead, but you never knew. Yuder made Kanna, who had no combat capability, retreat and looked back at Kishiar. Then Kishiar opened his mouth as if he had waited.

"Five of them are alive, so we're going to interrogate them immediately. This place is in chaos, so move them to the next room."

"Next room...?"

Gacaine swallowed his breath and asked.

"Yes, sir, but where the hell are these guys from?"

"We'll have to figure that out from now on."

The atmosphere subsided coldly at Yuder's so calm answer. It was the low laughter of Kishiar that broke it.
"Yeah, we'll figure it out."

The task of moving the intruders to the next room was carried out by Gacaine's shadow. At once, the shadow carrying five humans strode and threw them into the room.

"Kanna, Gacaine. Two people check outside the room to see if anyone is coming in and move the dead out. The rest of you, come inside."

"Yes, sir."

They all moved in unison under Kishiar's direction. After confirming that both Eldore siblings and Kishiar entered the room, Yuder closed the door to prevent the sound from leaking out.

"Well, then."

Kishiar approached the fallen who groaned, erasing his soft smile. Chilling red eyes fell on the enemies.

"Who sent you guys? Answer me."


The enemies didn't answer even though he was sure they were breathing. When Kishiar turned his head quietly and looked at Eldore siblings, they stepped forward.

"We just need to mince them and make them speak, right?"

"Leave it to us."

Eldore siblings' main specialty was not their ability to move something, but to strengthen their bodies.
Many had the ability to strengthen the body, but the Eldore siblings had a slightly different ability.

As soon as the innocent-faced twins smiled, their arms and legs as thin as fairies began to swell significantly.

The hem of their clothes was torn mercilessly with a thud and a squishy sound. The eyes of the enemies, who had kept their mouths shut, began to tremble mercilessly.

A short time later, a pair of man and woman stood at the place where Eldore siblings were located, with muscular bodies as if they had united huge rocks. It was Eldore siblings who used force to change.

'It's great to see again.'

Looking at their cute faces on the body that were so huge that they looked bizarre, Yuder thought the visual effects were a tremendous ability.

Their innocent appearance as children remained the same, but after seeing their bodies turned into a giant, most enemies lost their fighting spirit and were busy running away as if they had faced a giant monster. The enemies in front of them didn't seem that different either.