[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 40

Difference? Only then did Yuder realize that Kishiar didn't mindlessly order him to bring the box.

'Come to think of it.'

It occurred to him that he thought he had gotten used to the energy from the Red Stone today rather than yesterday. He didn't even talk to Gacaine.

Wasn't that just what he was used to?

"... I thought I was a little more used to the energy than I was yesterday."

"It's not that you're used to it. The Red Stone has weakened."

Kishiar's answer was succinct.

"The energy is a little lower today. Don't you see?"

Yuder turned his head and saw the box placed behind the post. He couldn't see the Red Stone inside it, but he still felt the energy clearly. Strange energy that made the surroundings heavy and squirm like deep water.

If it was slightly less than yesterday, as Kishiar said, there must be a cause. Was there a good reason for that?

'... Perhaps?'

"Is it because of yesterday's explosions? Because of the energy coming out of the Red Stone?"

Yuder opened his mouth just in case.

"Maybe it is. Other than that, there is no more explanation."

A unique smile that only appeared when he met a conversation partner he could communicate very well showed up in Kishiar's face.

"Yuder, you're smart enough to know what that means?"

"... There is a limit to the energy contained in that stone?"

Answer. He could see what Kishiar was trying to say without answering. Yuder tried to calm his surprise for a moment.

He'd never heard such information in the past 11 years. Compared to the Red Stone, the World Sphere was just a shell with almost all its strength cut off, and it was impossible to find what was already gone.

But now, Kishiar and he assumed, if the great power of that Red Stone was not infinite, but one day it would run out, like water in a bucket, then.......

'Maybe the refining work done in the Pearl Tower in the past was an attempt to separate the power from that stone?'

At that time, it was thought that the original power was scattered by the research-craze mages destroying and chipping away the normal stone.

But what if it was meant to be an act. Maybe someone was trying to force the power out of it? To have the power contained in it like Yuder of the past......?

'...... It's too speculative at this stage.'

Yuder listened to the ensuing Kishiar as he tried to calm his complex thoughts.

"What's inside that stone is a completely different kind of energy from all the mana ever existed. Being itself is great enough to affect human beings. We should pay special attention to the protection so that it doesn't spill anything inside. Do you understand what I mean?"

"... I'll go back and tell the others."

As Awakeners, they would return to the Capital, protecting the stone that could never be touched directly. At first glance, it sounded easy, but Yuder remembered some "accidents" that had happened during the mission in the past.

The accident Kishiar pulled out the Divine Sword and made it known to the whole world that he was the new master.

Groundless rumors and a scaled-down announcement by the imperial family. As time passed and few parties were found, there was not much information that Yuder had learned about the accident. There were no more people left to tell him exactly what happened back then.

But there was no doubt that Kishiar and his party had fought enough to draw the Divine Sword against some.

When did the battle take place? It would've been more likely to happen long after leaving the road than this place where many soldiers were guarding.

'It's tricky, because of that stone, our movements will be restricted or slowed, and the Peletta Knights will follow us from afar. If someone attacks when the members are separated.......'

Yuder frowned after thinking that far.

"Are you assuming that we might get attacked on our way back, sir?"

Right. Kishiar was trying to get back to the capital as soon as possible once the Red Stone was recovered. He even said he would leave without saying goodbye to General Gino, whom he hadn't seen for a long time, and ordered not to immediately disband the long-held Confederate army.

'The fact that Kishiar ordered to move after the message that he had returned to the capital means that he needs a better level of security than when he comes here.'
Nevertheless, if future events were to occur again, Yuder had to grasp Kishiar's intentions in advance and instill him with appropriate vigilance.

"Didn't Nathan explain when we came here? A single boundary in the bay is always needed. Everyone in the world knows that the stone is here."

"...... Yes."

"Everyone knows that the stone is here, but no one coveted it because no one has ever figured out or tried to touch it. But it's different now."

Kishiar was fortunate to have a proper vigilance.

"We have to get back to the capital as soon as possible. No matter what happens, I expect a lot from your outstanding skills."

"... Yes, sir."

Alright, it was now the Red Stone Protection mission that Kishiar had given them. He was very happy to be what I had hoped for.

'Even if another attacker appears as before, as Kishiar said, I am here this time.'

Therefore, he had to minimize what Kishiar had to do. Definitely.

Yuder had to inform the other members in advance about how to act a certain way as mechanistically as possible.
To do that, he had to get up quickly because it was urgent at this moment.

"Thank you for the drink. Then I shall go back first."

Yuder got up from his seat with the remaining tea in his mouth. Then Kishiar opened his mouth with a discontented look.

"You can't drink all your tea at once......."


It was then, with the sound of a window breaking, something passed through my head and hit the mana stone fireplace. At that moment, dense smoke spread and thickened enough to make his spine flinch


Yuder immediately put on the water barrier wide against himself and Kishiar.

With a popping sound, something was blocked by the wall and bounced off.

Then something more flew in, but this time it bounced again.

"What the hell is this?!"

He heard a deep voice of confusion.

'They've never seen anything like this before. Are they really professional?'

Many people thought the wall made of water was soft and thought it was funny, but what Yuder made was different. He could instantly freeze the water as hard as steel and melt it again. That was why he used water most often as a defense.
'I think there's a lot of people in, but I can't see because it's dark. Let's get rid of this darkness first.......'

If he had revealed all his abilities, it would be enough to call out dozens of fireworks and push out the darkness, but he couldn't. Yuder was thinking for a while. He got rid of the wall in front of him.

'If anyone is holding a sword, I'll take it away.'

It was pitch-dark inside as the mana stone fireplace broke and the smoke screen burst. However Yuder, who focused on his mind, clearly felt the positions of those inside.

"Commander-nim, please stay right there for now."

Yuder waved his hand lightly after speaking in case Kishiar moved to catch the Divine Sword. If there was an iron sword here, it would fly out of its owner's hands in response to his power.

"Eeek! J, just what?!"

Soon, not far away, one of the enemies sounded confused. A sword that flew through the darkness settled in Yuder's hand. Yuder immediately grabbed it and delivered a force into it.
With the sound of a burning sound, the flames rising on the blade quickly lit up the darkness covered by the smoke screen, showing the surrounding scenery.

Several people were seen inside, which was in a mess due to the broken mana stone fireplace. They were confused and helpless. And Kishiar, who was inside the water wall with his usual face.

'Good. Now the box with the Red Stone is.......'

A glimpse of the box was still there without anyone's attention.

That was a relief.

"Who the hell are you?"

Yuder opened his mouth in a more relaxed manner.

'Normal people may not be able to access it because of the red stone energy, but if they can come in here... all of them must be Awakeners. Where did they come from?'

"Where's the Red Stone?"

The masked man standing at the front growled in a low voice.

"Put it out. If you don't want to die."

"Are you all Awakeners? Who sent you?" (Yuder)

"We're the ones asking questions, not you."

The air surrounding the entire mansion was very heavy because of the energy emitted by Red Stone. If they knew that the energy got stronger they closer they were to the stone, they could track the location without having to ask, but the enemies didn't know it.
'They know the stone is here, but they don't know what it's like... It's safe to say that there were no traitors among those involved in the mission.'

Even though Yuder lit the darkness with a sword, the scope was not so wide.

It was fortunate that he had pushed the Red Stone box behind an inconspicuous pillar.

'I must not kill them because I have to investigate the mastermind, but I'll just stop them in advance because Kishiar might go get the Divine Sword.'

The tawdry energy emitted by the Red Stone was not good for Yuder and Kishiar, but the same went for the enemy. Furthermore, no matter how far back Yuder regressed to 11 years ago, he was not weak enough to lose to his enemies.

After finishing the judgment, Yuder looked back on Kishiar and said.