[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 39

"I was worried yesterday that it might be difficult to recover, but congratulations on your success."

General Gino, who went a little far ahead to avoid the energy emitted from the box, offered congratulations to Kishiar. Looking at the direction of walking, it seemed that Kishiar was planning to stay with him until he arrived at the accommodation.

"Thank you. Fortunately, it will be over soon."

"Thanks to Your Highness, we will be able to get out of here after two years."

"General must be happy to be free in a matter of months."

General Gino smiled faintly when he heard Kishiar's comfortable reply. He thought he always had a solemn expression, but he seemed to be tired of this place.

"By the way, that stone is going to explode when people touch it, and it's okay if you put it inside. How did you guess that?"

"Exactly, it's not going to explode when a person touches it."

Kishiar's eyes briefly turned toward the box that Yuder was carrying.

"So far, it's only speculation, but it's likely that the medium responds to it, or the Awakeners like me and the Cavalry I've brought. It responds to direct contact and the use of power."

"That's why you thought of using a shovel and a box."

General Gino, who had been rubbing his chin and lost in thought, asked Kishiar one more question after a while.

"Then the explosion wouldn't have happened if people like me, who weren't powered by the Red Stone, touched it. What do you think?"

"Well, that's possible. However, normal people cannot access it even if they can, and Awakeners can access it, but they cannot touch it directly, so what does that matter? It's best to just shovel it in. I'm glad we got through."

"How peculiar."

General Gino frowned slightly. He looked at a box of the Red Stone as he saw a magic bomb go off when touched.

"General. We will leave early tomorrow morning. As I said before, withdraw the Confederate troops from here after you receive word that we have arrived in the capital."

"Yes, Your Highness."

"If possible, I will skip tomorrow's greeting. It could draw attention unnecessarily."

General Gino sighed at Kishiar, who said he would skip greetings while he was at it.

"Now you're leaving without even saying proper goodbye to this old general, saying you don't know when we'll see each other again."

"Haha, I've played dozens of tactical games with you for two days for this time."

"I haven't seen you in years, and you should do that."

On the surface, there was not much age difference, but the way General Gino looked at Kishiar was as intimate as a grandfather looking at his grandson.

Yuder suddenly recalled information that General Gino, known for his integrity and silence, had never had children in his life because he focused only on the path of the sword.

"Now that I've arrived, I'll go back to my quarters."

Shortly after walking, Kishiar's quarters outside the village appeared. Unlike other relatively shabby houses, it was a beautiful mansion built of bricks.

Yuder was a little surprised that there was such accommodation in such a place, but assumed that it was a summer villa built by someone before.

"Always take care of your health, Your Highness."

"I'm always healthy. Isn't your retirement coming soon? Don't patrol the border and just come to Peletta after retirement."

"You always speak so sweetly."

General Gino shook his head, smiled, greeted, and turned away. Yuder also bowed to him, but, of course, there was no answer to him. Yuder stared at the General's back as he strode away.

He didn't have to talk to him personally this time. But it wasn't too bad.

It was enough to learn that Kishiar was thinking of calling a retired general to his side.

Since their friendship seems deeper than expected, if only Kishiar was alive, there would definitely be another chance to meet in the future.

"Don't be disappointed. The General is older than he looks. He doesn't even know the value of Awakeners yet."

Yuder was saddened by the General's apathy. Perhaps Kishiar spoke quietly. Yuder blinked because he didn't immediately understand what he meant. He then realized and shook my head.

"I'm not disappointed. It would have been burdensome if he showed too much interest."
I meant it. How much could a man like General Gino, who had lived high for a long time, show interest in himself as a young man who had just entered the Cavalry?

The Cavalry members in his eyes would not have been much different from the ordinary soldiers who were just widespread in the Confederate army.

It should be interesting to have a peculiar ability, but only that much. There was no reason to treat him like Kishiar who he'd seen since childhood as a young prince.

Yuder joined the Cavalry and was granted a surname. Therefore, there was no illusion that his position would have been as high as before.

"That's good to be consistent."

Kishiar opened the door with a smirk. An exceptionally high arch-shaped wooden door usually boasted a weight that was hard to open even when pushed with both hands, but Kisiar easily opened it with just one hand.

"Come on, let's go in."

Kishiar, who pushed the unusually high arch front door like an old architecture style, expressed his intention to move his head and go inside.
It was a very different movement than when he was walking gracefully with General Gino.

"... Where should I put the box, sir?"

"Leave it anywhere nearby. It's the one that has to come back tomorrow anyway."

It would be the Peletta's job as it was, but they could not even access the box of Red Stone. That was why he decided to keep his distance from the Cavalry when he went back tomorrow.

Yuder laid the box down inside the porch, beneath the shadow of an elusive pillar. His skin stung less as he moved away from the box even a little bit.

"Then I will be going back."

"You've had a hard time bringing it here, but if I just let you go, I would be a cold-hearted commander. Take a cup of tea with you."

"No. I......."

"Are you going to coldly refuse the order of the commander who spent two nights alone without an aide? No, that's not it. I don't believe Yuder Aile would do anything like that if he cared so much about Awakeners like his comrades."

'When did I even say that?'
Kishiar hit the ball first before Yuder could even refuse. Before he knew it, he had set fire to a mana-stone fireplace in the reception room of the mansion. A handful of mana stones he threw burned, brightening the inside and filling the warmth in an instant.

As the interior brightened, the scenery inside the mansion decorated like a summer villa caught Yuder's eyes.

When the lights were off, he thought this house was too old to stay alone without anyone, but it was not at all.

The interior was not luxurious but cozy, engraved with the symbol of a noble family, the original owner of this place. A blue bird with a long tail was attached next to the shield.

"I don't think you'll ever get another chance to drink tea made by me. Will you still go?"

Kishiar stayed here for only two nights, but he moved without hesitation as if he'd been the original landlord.

Yuder saw him fill an empty teapot with water and put it on the stove, scooping a spoonful of tea leaves from the shelf next to him. It was a natural movement like water flowing.

Finally, Yuder sighed and sat in the chair in front of the fireplace pointed to by Kishiar. Soon after, hot steam rose from the teapot, and the savory and fragrant scent stimulated the tip of the nose. Kishiar poured water into two teacups taken from somewhere and placed them on the table.

"You're not surprised. Usually, when I do this, everyone is surprised."

What a shame Yuder couldn't say that he'd had a lot of such tea in his previous life.

Yuder shook his head swallowing fragments of old memories.

"I'm surprised in my own way."

"It doesn't look like that at all."

"That's the way this face is."

A gloomy expressionless face. A creepy look as if he didn't have feelings. A face as pale as a corpse. It was a common comment that Yuder had heard about his face from a long time ago.

"There's never been a man like that. Anyone can make a bright face if they practice. Why don't you look in the mirror and practice? I can help you if you want."

"...... It's alright."
"Don't be too direct."

Why should he be having such a silly conversation with Kishiar la Orr?

Even though he thought he would never be swayed, Yuder was surprised to find himself answering his ridiculous conversation.

'I can't let my guard down.'

"How does tea taste?"

Previously, he didn't drink the tea made by Kishiar's aide, Nathan, but this time, he couldn't. As he lifted the tea cup and wet his lips feeling like he was lifting a very heavy stone, Kishiar asked as if he had waited.

"I'm from a commoner's background, so I don't know the taste of this precious thing."

"That means you're lazy to say. But still, drink it all."

Yuder couldn't say anything for a moment because Kishiar caught him off guard.

"...... I didn't mean that."

"I'm joking, too."

Even though he knew, he couldn't feel like he was being hit by his opponent. Feeling a little throbbing in his head, Yuder decided to drink the tea as soon as possible.
"Yuder, how did you feel while you were carrying the box?"

But Kishiar spoke to him again before he took a sip. Looking at his eyes, he had a hunch that this was the main point.

"What do you mean by what?"

"When you first saw the stone yesterday and you brought it in a box today. What difference did you feel when you felt the burning energy the closest?"