[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 37

Kishiar smiled at Yuder's frown. Neither the imperial family nor the nobles were at all difficult. He thought it was funny that a commoner who didn't think much of it couldn't hide his dislike for such a thing.

"Alright. ... I was going to ask you what you would do if you couldn't find a way to retrieve the Red Stone. Can it be done, sir?"

"A way to retrieve?"

Kishiar didn't care a bit about the way Yuder spoke slightly prickly.

"Was that what you were thinking?"

Well, you must be worried because it's your first mission. He muttered on his own and guessed Yuder's meaning, and moved his red eyes to look at Yuder's eyes.

"Before I came here, no. From the day the stone was reported to have fallen from the sky, it had been reported that some people had been moving forward to claim the Red Stone. No one could move as close as we were, but that doesn't mean others didn't do anything against the stone. I was literally just going to take a look today."

"So you're confident you will retrieve it tomorrow?"

How? Yuder's black eyes glowed silently in the dark, undoubtedly. Instead of answering immediately, Kishiar smiled.

"Are you curious?"

"Of course I'm curious."

"Then why don't you accept the position of deputy commander of Shin division."

"No, I don't want to."

"You said you wanted to know?"

"I will find out when I wake up later anyway, so you don't have to say so several hours early."

That was a wise answer.

"Others would've accepted as soon as I offered them a position, but you're not easy. Why the hell don't you like it?"

"As I said before, I'm not cut out for that position."

He knew his voice was a very cold. However, Yuder was never willing to accept the deputy commander position, even if Kishiar found him strange.

A general member couldn't become commander even if they died, but a deputy commander could take over that position. So it didn't work. Because he would never become a commander like before.

Kishiar let out a long sigh, perhaps reading Yuder's firm resolution.

"If we still can't get it tomorrow after trying a few more ways, then I'm thinking about digging the whole land around the stone and putting it in a box. It might be okay as long as we don't touch it directly."

How to physically block it and move it. It was the same as what Yuder was thinking.

"I thought you would say it's a ridiculous way, but you're surprisingly calm." (Kishiar)

"It's not ridiculous. On the contrary, that way, I would be able to help with what I have."

"That's very reassuring."

Kishiar gave a low laugh.

"I look forward to your cooperation tomorrow."


One topic was over. Then it was Kishiar's turn to speak. Kishiar opened his mouth after a moment of silence toward Yuder's gaze.

"What you told me during the day."

During the day, there was only one thing that Yuder said to him. It was related to the information that there were unusually many Awakeners among the general soldiers of the Southern army guarding the Red Stone.

'Did he already look into that?'

"I looked it up and it turned out to be true."

Kishiar immediately answered that Yuder's guess was true.

"And even though I knew it, I didn't think it was important at all. If I continue to be clueless......."

Not the usual gentle smile, but the ridiculous smile made him guess what Kishiar must have felt.

"That's right. What if I came and went back without knowing anything?"

What did he mean. A few years later, the news of the Special Force establishment would hit the back of his head.

Yuder shut up, regretting not being able to say so. He was sure Kishiar had similar expectations anyway.

"Your eyes and judgment may be what the Cavalry and I need most. But no matter how good my offer is, you keep saying no... What should I do about this?"

Yuder was so worried. At first glance, it was a joke-like murmur, but it contained sincerity.

"What do you mean by saying that? If you need my ability, I can help you here as well." (Yuder)

"But you don't want to get any closer with me, you don't want to be a deputy commander, how far can I trust someone who keeps putting up the walls?"

It was not without a point out. From the perspective of a commander who had to lead the newly created Cavalry, Yuder's rejection was right to feel strange.

Yuder wondered how to put it to convince him. But what Kishiar said next shattered his agony.

"Alright. Why don't you spend the night with me? I'm confident in that aspect. I can be good enough to make you forget the time."

At the moment, Yuder doubted his ears.

'What did he just say?'

"Just now... I think I heard something wrong."

"I think you heard it right."

"Spending the night? What do you mean?"

"Literally. Since both identity and walls are meaningless on bed, isn't it a good way to improve our relationships? Or... have you never spent the night with someone else?"

That was a bit of a surprise. Kishiar looked through Yuder's entire body. If he weren't Kishiar la Orr, Yuder would've dragged out the power he was hiding and beat him up.

Yuder managed to quell the urge and gritted his teeth. He felt dizzy.
'Kishiar la Orr. What the hell are you.......'

Yuder's shock was not simply because Kishiar proposed the most private relationship because his position and noble status were nothing.

'... I never thought I'd live to see him make such a suggestion twice.'

In Yuder's closed eyes, someone's words that he'd heard in the past briefly came to mind.

[... What can I do now that things have come to this. I admire your ability, so I'll never give you up. Isn't it enough to just share the night when it's necessary......?]

'Damn it!'

With the swear words swallowed in his mouth, the memories of the past scattered away.

He thought he'd never hear that this time. Wasn't he putting up the walls?

But after killing this person with his own hands, after so many years, the past Kishiar that he met again never moved as Yuder predicted.

Yuder looked at the beautiful face of the imperial duke who was suggesting a serious night-sharing relationship with a mere commoner.
It wasn't good.

Maybe this was a worse situation than it used to be. At least there was a reason why their relationship in the past had changed due to unavoidable circumstances. But now it wasn't.

His goal was to become a common and acceptable subordinate even with simple advice, but where did it go wrong?

'No, not yet. It's not too late. What he just said was just a throwaway.'

Yuder calmed the shock with a deep breath. He didn't know if Kishiar's proposal to share a bed and to become a deputy commander could be on the same line. It was possible if he knew Kishiar. He was the man who could do that.

'Let's just take it as a sign that he liked me that much.'

"No, I can't do that."

Yuder flatly refused. It was a rare sight to see a commoner subordinate cut off Kishiar la Orr's most private proposal at once.

"Why not? Are you on the same old-fashioned side that can't tolerate such a relationship? Or are you a devoted follower of the Sun God? Oh, or did you leave your lover back home?"
"...... Do you think there should be a reason?"

If Kishiar was trying to take a commoner man interested in him by using his strength and status as an imperial family, a duke, and a Cavalry Commander, he would rather understand. But it wasn't the case, right?

"Even if I asked you to give it a try?"

"No, I don't want to."

"How relentless."

Fortunately, Kishiar didn't recommend any further. He meant that he really suggested it without putting any meaning to the body.

'But he clearly recognizes that it's a proposal that he can use to approach others in a big way.'

So the quality was worse. No matter how good his ability was and how good he was at seeing the future, Kishiar la Orr was also incomprehensible. It'd been like that for a long time.

"I liked your face and body quite a bit, but it's such a pity."

"... If you don't want me to resign, please stop."

Yuder decided not to beat around the bush any more. Kishiar burst out laughing languidly.

"You can't do that. Okay, but if you have any thoughts, you can always tell me."
A long sigh came out of him.

He was such a good speaker. He was an Alpha Awakener who would only be attracted to Omega.

It was not widely known externally, but Kishiar la Orr was an Alpha Awakener.

Although Alpha Awakeners could have physical relationship with non-manifested Awakeners or normal people, they usually felt a clear desire only for Omega Awakeners.

In other words, it had to be said that Kishiar, an Alpha Awakener, would not feel desire for Yuder, who hadn't manifested a second-gender at the moment.......

After thinking about it that far, Yuder decided to change the subject.

"I'd rather wake up among the Awakeners than talk like that... Why don't you think about the problem with a second-gender that you might have?"

It was not a question clearly out of context, but it shouldn't be said for sure.

Yuder managed to repeat what he was trying to say was a problem that would happen and thought it was very difficult.

"Problem with a second-gender?"

As if there was such a thing, Kishiar tilted his head slightly.