[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 36

The members who hadn't seen the wall that Yuder had created were puzzled, but only Kishiar opened his eyes a little wide and smiled.

"Yeah...... That's great. You're not trying to protect yourself in that short period of time. You're using your ability for everyone."

"No, it's nothing much."

Yuder shook his head, but Kishiar's gaze lingered long in his face.

"It may not be easier to move than expected, for this to happen just by touching a stone."


Everyone's facial expressions darkened. Yuder was also troubled.

'Did this ever happen before? Then how did he get it?'

Previously, Kishiar recovered the Red Stone and returned to the Cavalry with it in his own hands. When he took it to the Imperial Palace, he wouldn't have been able to move it because he took it himself. But what had changed since then?

While contemplating, Kishiar issued a new order to Eldore siblings.

"Is it possible to move that stone in between? I wish you could at least try, even if it's short."

"Umm...... We will try."

But the attempt came to naught before it even started properly. Because as soon as the siblings tried to join hands and use their strength with the Red Stone between them, it tried to burst out energy again.

"... I'm sure it reacts to something without direct contact."

In the end, Kishiar said, "Let's go back". As if it were unnecessary to try any further.

The party went back the way they came. All the way back, all the members looked serious and said nothing.

"Good work today. I didn't think everything would end smoothly from day one, so take a rest and get back together tomorrow. If you have something to say about what you saw today, come see me at a late hour."

Kishiar's eyes, saying so, secretly turned toward Yuder. Yuder felt a great deal of pressure and turned a blind eye to the gaze.

'Even I don't know all the answers.'

He remembered living in the future, but what he didn't know back then was useless now.

Yuder returned to his accommodation, lying in bed, and kept thinking about what happened today.

The strange power of the Red Stone, the reason why only the Cavalry could get close, why the stone was about to explode, what had changed in the past and now.......

Numerous memories circulated in his head, repeating comparisons and analysis at a rapid pace.

'The biggest problem is that we can't move the stone.'

In the past, Kishiar returned to retrieve the stone quite quickly. A small accident in the middle revealed that he was the owner of the Divine Sword, but that also happened after the stone was recovered.

That being said, the retrieval operation itself was quickly completed without much delay to be known outside. The thinking side was right.

So what was the difference between then and now?

Of course, all the members selected by Kishiar had changed. But that alone wouldn't make a big difference.......

Yuder's expression that had been pondering suddenly changed.

'Come to think of it, when Kishiar brought the Red Stone in the past, he didn't hold the stone himself.'

The first time he saw the Red Stone, the past Kishiar brought it in a very thick cloth wrapped tightly so that it could not be seen. The second and last time he saw it, it was placed in a box made of transparent stone.

He didn't let everyone touch it directly.

Perhaps that was the answer? He didn't know, but it didn't seem to hurt to try.

Yuder got up after a moment of contemplation.

"Where are you going?"

Like Yuder in the next bed, Gacaine was also lying down without changing clothes. He turned his head in surprise.

"I'm going to organize my thoughts for a second."

Yuder quickly left the accommodation, wondering if Gacaine would ask him to go with him. It was dark and quiet around the accommodation after sunset.

After confirming that there was no one around, Yuder looked still at a stone lying near him. It was a little small, but he'd decided to think of it as the Red Stone substitute.
'And... wrap it around.'

The force from Yuder's fingertips moved the ground beneath the stone. The soil that crept up began to wrap the stone thickly and make it look like a round ball.

Yuder wrapped the stone in soil until it was of the right size, this time stirring his hand in the air to bring out water. The water flowing toward the dirt ball, wrapped itself around it shortly before turning white and freezing.

Yuder's ability was to freely use natural attributes. Just like being able to change the shape, he could also control the temperature. He felt a heavy weight as he approached it and lifted up the stone that turned into a big ice ball.

'It's so easy if it's just a normal rock.'

Did this work for the Red Stone, too? Just in case, it might be better to prepare a thick cloth together. Yuder decided to take a suitable piece of cloth in his luggage tomorrow.

When he dropped the ice ball he was holding and stirred his hand once more, the hard ice and soil broke and melted at the same time, seeped into nature and disappeared. The only thing left was the first stone.
While looking at it, Yuder suddenly wondered if there was a reason why Kishiar had to wrap the red stone tightly.

'I think the most likely thing was to prevent any energy from being emitted.'

The energy from the stone was powerful. Just by looking at Gacaine's shadow burst from being hit by the orthodoxy. It was still breathtaking to think of the intangible energy that was trying to penetrate inside of his body despite the barrier.

'That's the power of a small stone.'

Yuder slowly looked down at my palm. I didn't know until he came down from the mountain, but after he returned to the accommodation, he looked at it and found a reddish mark on the back of his hand.

He couldn't tell when the bruise was made as if something had exploded inside, but he suddenly remembered it when he looked at it like this.

'Just before I built the barrier, some of the force from the stone passed through my hand.'

Something invisible passed through his body. It was a subtle but strange sensation. If the force really caused this mark inside the skin, it would have been the right choice to built the barrier, then.
'If the force penetrated the head, the heart, the mana hole... I don't even want to think about it.'

At best, it's just the palm of his hand, so it's over. The Awakened body was much stronger than average people, but it was not invincible.

In particular, the mana hole, located below the navel, was usually a very important organ without presence. And if it was destroyed, it had neither developed nor detected energy. Yuder looked down near his lower abdomen, recalling the institution expected to be known about a year from now.

The body of Awakeners actually underwent many changes, even though it didn't seem to have changed much from before. Would this change be a natural change prepared by God as announced by the Pope and the Emperor?

He already knew enough before he died that he couldn't believe everything they said. But he didn't think it was an important aspect in life, so he didn't really think about it.

However, when he came back from seeing the original appearance of the Red Stone right in front of his eyes, it was very strange that the power of that small stone changed the body of countless people, including him, and gave him the ability that normal people wouldn't have.
Yuder kicked the stone he was looking down on with his toe. The rolling stone hit someone's foot and stopped. To his surprise, Kishiar la Orr was standing there.

"What are you doing here, sir?"

"I was taking a walk at night. What about you?"

"I'm... the same."

He was actually trying to sort out his thinking about the Red Stone, but it was roughly glossed over. How else could he meet Kishiar in this time like this?

Yuder tried to return to his quarters immediately, but Kishiar was one step faster to talk to him.

"Then shall we walk together for a while?"

How could a member refuse the commander's order? Yuder let out a small sigh and nodded.

Asking for a walk first, Kishiar said nothing for a while. Therefore, Yuder felt a strange pressure to talk to him first.

"... Commander-nim is—."

"You are—."

My goodness. Unfortunately, their mind and words overlapped. Yuder opened his eyes a little wide and bit his lips lightly, looking back at Kishiar.

"Please speak first." (Yuder)

"No, it wasn't a big deal. Go ahead."
"No, I didn't mean to say anything important."

There was no personal conversation between him and Kishiar. First, he was going to talk about what happened today and then say something related to the second gender because he had nothing to say. As Yuder shook his head, Kishiar squinted.

"Really? I wouldn't mind you saying it first if it wasn't important. Don't you want me to tell you first?"

'This guy.......'

Yuder's eyebrows furrowed.

In the past, he had been doing similar things to his subordinates under the invincible excuse of the Commander's commands, but that disappeared from his head for a while.