[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 35

"How is everyone feeling?"

Kishiar, who stopped walking and looked at the stone, looked back at others, showing that he had finished his judgment.

"We stopped a little further up here before. That's about the limitation of God's protection of the body."

General Gino was the first to answer. He seemed calm on the surface, but his movements slowed slightly as he got closer to the stone. It meant that he felt pressure strong enough to limit the movement of the Swordmaster.

"My skin hurts a little, but I think I can still move on."

"Me, too. I feel like something's poking me in the face, but it's bearable."

"The same goes for me."

Following Kanna's answer, Hinn and Gacaine also answered. Finn would have the same opinion as his sister anyway, so all that was left was Yuder.

"I feel the same way."

"I'm just like you. It's pretty unpleasant, but bearable. If all five of us feel the same thing, it's likely because we are Awakeners."

Kishiar smiled as if it were something funny. Looking toward the Red Stone, he gave a short order to General Gino before moving on again.

"General, you don't have to follow the line, so just stand there. The Cavalry and I will be back."

"... Yes, Your Highness."

They began to tread carefully. Now the stone was really close enough to reach if it fell.

The closer they got to the stone, the stronger the pressure on the skin, and the heavier each step became. As if to force their way through the deep, deep sea of rough winds and waves.

However, it was not painful enough to fall down with blood. Surprising that it was more tolerable than he thought.

"Everyone stop."

And when Kishiar finally declared that it was okay not to go any further, they had reached a position about ten steps away from the stone.

"That's the Red Stone."

He didn't expect to see it this close, like this. Yuder exhaled deeply, looking down at the half-buried Red Stone.

'It's just a stone, but...... Just in case, let's not let our guard down.'

"It looks more normal than I thought."

Kishiar looked at the Red Stone and said so. Everyone would think the same.

"And now...... Kanna Wand."

"Yes? Yes."

Kanna replied in surprise, "I didn't expect my name to be called here." Kishiar smiled softly at her like that.

"Do you think you can use your ability to read that stone?"

The same thought came to everyone's mind except Yuder.

'That's why he brought her here.'

Others had a useful ability to fight, but Kanna didn't.

It was understandable that the reason why he chose her was to read the information of the Red Stone.

It might be impossible, but if possible, it would have come as a great surprise.

'Yes, very little information about the Red Stone has been known before.'

After seeing Kishiar choose Kanna, Yuder assumed he might let her do this. Even if he was the commander, if he had the same ability as Kanna, he would have tried.

He thought he should get Kanna into the Cavalry in the first place because he wanted something like today to happen.

'At that time, it was very short of information, in every part.'

Only after everything was very late did he realize that something was off in the past. The people who disappeared over the years and the information that disappeared could not be found again no matter what.

But with Kanna, the story would be different. Of course, if she could touch and read it.

"Well, if I can touch it... I think I can try. But if it's possible......."

Kanna's ability was only possible if she touched the object directly to read the information. But could she touch that stone that put so much pressure on their skin just by standing nearby? Was she sure she wouldn't get hurt? It was something that no one would know.

And as if waiting for the word, Kishiar's red eyes turned toward Gacaine.

"You're right. That's why you need help. Gacaine Bolunwald?"

"Yes, sir!"

Gacaine answered loudly with a surprised look.

"Move your shadow to contact that stone first."

'... I didn't think of this either.'

Yuder was truly astonished. Gacaine's ability was to call out his shadow, mainly as a liaison or as an aid in combat.
But he couldn't believe that man was thinking of putting dangerous things like Red Stone in contact with them first. It was a brilliant and expected order.

Gacaine looked surprised as if he'd never imagined he would receive such instructions, but he soon used his ability without question.

The black shadow hanging under his feet was distorted, and after a while, it got up embarrassed and became a black doll with a Gacaine-like figure.

'This is the first time I've seen it properly because he doesn't use it well during practice either.'

Gacaine didn't usually use it well, even though it seemed useful in real life.

When asked why, he once said yes because it was the kind of ability that could be a sharp knife or a blunt knife depending on the ability of the person who uses it.

'That's a good judgment, too.'

Gacaine's shadow alter ego worked as he wishes. It meant that the body would not move beyond its capacity.

Would the same sword be used when a commoner and a swordmaster wield each other?
No, the sword wielded by the superior man itself removed the mountain and cut through the sea.

Gacaine's ability was similar. The higher the sense of combat and skill of the main body, the more brilliant his ability was. Gacaine was already brilliant in that he was quick to notice it and was trying to increase his own capabilities first. There was a reason not to die early.

"I shall give it a try."

Gacaine, who answered briefly, looked at his alter ego, and the alter ego began to walk cautiously toward the Red Stone. After a few steps, the alter ego reached right in front of the stone, slowly knelt down and reached out.

The shadow alter ego approached the place where even a swordmaster could not reach. Everyone looked with bated breath at the moment when the shadow reached the stone.



But when the hand touched the stone, a blinding white light burst out.

Feeling the strange energy that he felt for the first time in his life tried to pierce his body, Yuder hurriedly exerted his power to create a barrier made of water and wind around everyone.
There was a tremendous storm and breathtaking sound everywhere, but there was no time to react to it.

A huge force was spreading radially, as if it would cover the whole world!

'This is......!'

It was hard to maintain the barrier, but it was better than nothing.

Yuder clenched his teeth and kept his eyes closed. It felt as if they were fighting to push each other away and erode, interlocking the moving energy around their bodies with the new energy from the stone.

It was hard to concentrate while maintaining several barriers even though he tried to block the energy coming from outside.

How long had he done that?

After a while, the pressure felt through the skin drastically decreased. Only then did Yuder break the barrier and look forward.

Gacaine's shadow alter ego was still sitting there. However, starting with the hand that tried to touch the red stone, half of the upper body was torn out.

'The shadow alter ego burst?'

What would have happened if a real person went over there? If it were Kanna?
No, what would have happened if the invisible force that he'd desperately just blocked had penetrated their bodies?

His lips suddenly dried up because of a terrible imagination. Yuder turned to Gacaine, seeing that they all had similar facial expressions.

"Gacaine, are you alright?"

"...... Al, right, I think."

Gacaine's face was pale, but he didn't seem to have been hit by the alter ego.

When he swung his hand slightly, the shadow of his upper body half disappeared penetrated into the ground and returned to his side.

"... It's a good thing we let it touch the stone in advance. We almost got hurt. But what was the wall that just blocked the front?"

Even in the bright light, Kishiar's gaze turned toward Yuder, as if he had seen the wall without closing his eyes. If he already knew who did it, it would be useless to hide it.

"I did it. I thought it would be better than nothing."

"Wasn't your ability only to load attributes into a weapon?"

"... It's something I've learned recently. I haven't used it properly yet. But I thought it was dangerous, so I tried desperately."
"What, did Yuder do something?"

Yuder's answer was a bit far fetched, but it did make sense. In fact, in the past, there were many sudden realizations of how to use new abilities in that way.

'I'm glad I thought about this as an excuse if it happened.'