[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 33

'He's certainly not a normal human being.'

And Yuder was also struck by his ability in a brief conversation with Kishiar.

Quick action and determination as soon as he judged that he had the necessary abilities. A privilege that looked light but probably decided on the future of the Cavalry. An attitude that didn't care about one's identity. A head that could accept what others said without prejudice.

As he stayed in the same position as the commander of the Cavalry, he could feel Kishiar's ability more clearly.

During his time as commander of the cavalry, Yuder had met numerous kings, nobles, and respected officials at home and abroad, including the Emperor of the Orr Empire.

It wouldn't be too much to say that he had met almost all the high-ranking people on the entire continent. But being powerful and high-ranked didn't mean they were even wise.

Those of power and position distrusted others. The more they had, the more they were wary of their surroundings. Those who had escaped from it were not interested in the world or showed a deviant attitude toward everything.

Anyway, Kishiar didn't belong to either of them.

'I used to think that way. I was surprised a lot because he was different from the image of the imperial family I had imagined.'


Suddenly, his felt bitter.

Because he remembered the reason why Kishiar died so quickly.

"Then, let's continue."

Before Yuder's thoughts headed farther away, Kishiar announced that the break was over.

All the scattered people gathered and formed a new line. Gacaine, who went to drink water, also returned to Yuder's side.

"Yuder, what the hell did you say to the Commander?"

There was a hint of incredibility in Gacaine's eyes.

"I didn't say much."

"But still...... You really don't think it's difficult at all."

"I'm not guilty, so what's so difficult about it?"

"That's true, though."

Gacaine sighed quietly and looked at Kishiar's hard back at the front.

"I keep getting scared when I'm in front of him. I'm such a scaredy cat."

The last word was a murmur so small that it was almost impossible to hear, but it sounded right in Yuder's ear.

'A scaredy cat? The social Gacaine Bolunwald?'

The passing dog thought it was funny, but surprisingly Gacaine seemed sincere.

Gacaine Bolunwald was exceptionally tall and well-built among the 330 Cavalry members. He came from a well-known family, had a bright personality and a gorgeous appearance, and was even an Alpha Awakener from what he heard yesterday.

If he were alive back then, the path ahead would be solid, but now he said he was scared. He thought he was disparaging himself too much.

'I thought he wasn't a self-deprecating person.'

Even so, there was no big problem. There was nothing left for the Cavalry to go from strength to strength, so Gacaine would be different once he adapted to it.

Yuder recalled Gacaine as a member called to all kinds of missions and played like the Cavalry's face. He took his eyes off Gacaine who had a worried look on his face.

More importantly now was what came to mind after hearing that Gacaine was an Alpha Awakener.

'Come to think of it, I haven't told Kishiar about it yet.'

Still, he wasn't worried because there was something Kishiar said earlier. He said it was okay to come and talk comfortably in the future, so if he had time, he would be able to talk to him about it.

* * *

As they got closer to where the Red Stone was, the mountain became more and more calm. At first, they didn't feel any signs of animals or birds, but now they didn't even hear bugs.

Around that time, someone complaining about body abnormalities for the first time appeared. It was one of the Peletta knights.

"Ugh...... Hugh......!"


One knight stumbled and fell to his knees, and the other knight next to him hurriedly called his name and helped him. Everyone stopped walking and looked back at him. The fallen knight's face was terribly pale and sweaty on his forehead.

"What's going on?"

"M, my apologies, Your Highness. Suddenly something seems to be pressing down on my head......."

When Kishiar approached and asked, the knight tried to force himself to rise. But as he said, it didn't really stand up as if something was weighing on him, and he fell again. His face turned even paler.

"Don't try to force yourself to move."

Kishiar, who reached out and prevented the knight from moving, turned his head and looked at General Gino. The general was looking at the knight with a calm face.

"It's starting. I've outlived my subordinates, but we're going to have a dropout."

"Does everyone react as if there is a physical pressure?"

"Yes, it's similar. But that knight seems to have put up with it too much."

"I told you to go down as soon as you're a little tired."

The knight's expression was dimmed by Kishiar's words.

"I'm sorry, but to think that I'm the first one to fall behind......."

The knight's eyes turned one after another to the intact-faced Kishiar, General Gino, and the Cavalry next to him. Yuder thought his useless stubbornness was stupid.

"General, I told you it'd be okay if the distance got farther back."

"Yes, it's better like a lie."

"He can't seem to go down on his own, so I'll have someone to help me."
Kishiar stopped looking at the Eldore siblings while looking around.

"Hinn Eldore. Finn Eldore."

"Yes, sir."

"The ability you said you could only use when you two are together, can you use it now?"

The two siblings, who looked similar like a mirror, looked at each other. The knights looked curious, but all the Cavalry members were calm because they heard why the twins entered Sul division.

"I think it's possible if it's near the spring we were resting."

Hinn was measuring the distance, "Right?" When asked, her brother Finn replied, "Yeah."

"All right, try it right now."

"Yes, sir."

As Eldore siblings approached the fallen knight, the knight flinched as if he were a little scared.

"W, what kind of ability is it? I can go back alone. You don't have to do this......."

"Don't worry, it's nothing much. What are you saying when you can't even get up and go alone?"

"We will get you to the spring where we left, so get some rest and go back."

The siblings, easily suppressing the knight's rebellion, stood face to face with him between them as if they were covering him back and forth.
"I've heard they went to Sul division to develop their mobility, but it's the first time I've seen they use it. Will it work?"

Kanna approached Yuder and muttered in a small voice, looking worried. But Yuder was not too worried.

'Even if there are restrictions on the test, there won't be a problem in the current situation. We're not in battle and they're not pressed for time.'

Eldore siblings were only able to move objects or creatures between them to the land they had ever stepped on together.

However, it was not a very useful ability because it had a short distance to move and took a long time to power, and it could not be used while moving.

'So their mission was mainly dispatched to places where combat power was needed, and the ability to move was used when we had to send operational instructions to the following latecomers. That would have been enough.'

Yuder had never done the same mission as them before. Although they'd been sent to several missions since Yuder became the leader, the scenery he saw now felt quite new because he had little experience in person.
'Let's see what they can do.'

Kishiar was also watching the siblings holding hands with the knight in between, perhaps with their arms crossed lightly. As Hinn and Finn closed their eyes and began to concentrate, the knight looked up at them with more frightened eyes.

"Duke-nim, Vice Captain-nim, I will go down on my own. I'm so sorry to insist on being embarrassed, but this is......!"

"It's noisy. we're done, let's go!"

Then, at the same time as Finn opening his eyes and shouted, the blue energy rose like a whirlwind over the siblings' hands. As the energy enveloped the knight, a small gust of wind quickly broke out and swallowed his breath as if he were going to faint.

"What's this? Hold on. Please hold on a second......!"

But he didn't get to finish the whole thing because the blue gust disappeared the moment it completely wrapped him around. When he disappeared, the wind subsided, and the fluttering blue energy disappeared as if it were absorbed back into the siblings' hands.
"It's like ancient mobility magic."

General Gino quietly commented after watching the scene. As he, who had been calm all this time, showed signs of interest for the first time, a proud feeling spread over Eldore siblings' faces.

"I was wondering since they look too young, did Your Highness bring them here for this purpose?"

"That's not the only thing, but yes. Their real abilities are specialized in offense."

General Gino's eyes scanned the Cavalry.

"Now that you say so, I wonder what other people might have."

"Even at that age, your spirit of asceticism still lingers."

"Did it look like that? I don't want to fight, I'm just curious."

General Gino smiled faintly at Kishiar's words.

"Well, I pretend I'm not, but I can see everything."

After saying so, Kishiar told others he would now start again.