[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 32

"Yuder, do you miss your hometown?"

Kishiar had a smile as usual.

Yuder who was listening knew that the question didn't mean much, but Gacaine's facial expression while sitting next to him repeatedly changed violently. He seemed to think that the commander was blaming him for turning Yuder around.

'Kishiar is far from that character. He was a bit of a perv, but.......'

Oh, another useless idea.

Yuder shook his head and briefly replied, "No."

"As you said, I don't have family so I have no regrets. But I didn't know I was going to get accepted to the Cavalry, and I came to the capital completely untidy. So I just felt that I should go back and tidy it up one day."

"You're right. That's also a point I didn't think of. For people like you, I will give a few days off once this mission is over."

Gacaine opened his eyes wide listening to Kishiar's fluent reply.

Yuder's courage to talk casually to the commander, as well as a high ranking imperial family and a duke, was amazing. But Kishiar, who didn't blame him for his rudeness and easily mentioned his future plans, was even more surprising.

"Excuse me... Commander-nim. Is that all right?" (Gacaine)

"What do you mean?"

Gacaine carefully pulled himself together and asked a question.

"How can you suddenly decide on a plan like a full vacation......."

"Of course it's all right. I have that kind of discretion. I won't go back on it, so it won't hurt if I plan ahead."

Kishiar winked slightly. Because of his appearance as the commander, Gacaine only thought of Kishiar as a fair man full of imperial dignity. But when he saw the lightness of it, he felt all his thoughts disappear from his head with shock.

"I... I will go get some water."

Yuder roughly guessed how he would feel as he watched the shocked Gacaine stagger to his feet and disappear.

Those who judged Kishiar only by his appearance must be shocked by the difference from the kernel. So was the previous Yuder.

On the surface, he might look like a dignified commander with a handsome face and the lineage of the Sun God intact, but that was not all of Kishiar la Orr.

He was a prince who maintained his nominal dukehood without being married until his death. And he was also a playboy who spread scandals with countless people regardless of gender.

It seemed that he was keeping calm externally because he needed to discipline not long after the formation of the Cavalry, but once he took off his mask, he would wink casually to his subordinates. That was another aspect of Kishiar.

Perhaps Cavalry members should slowly get used to his appearance from now on.

'Come to think of it... Now that Gacaine is gone, isn't this the only time I can personally talk to Kishiar?'

Despite the disappearance of the conversation, Kishiar did not leave and was still sitting next to Yuder. Yuder hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth.

"May I say something for a moment?"

"As long as you're not disappointed with my inappropriate attitude as a commander."

Kishiar replied as if he had waited. Yuder sighed quietly and shook his head. How dare a member of the unit like him do that?

"Of course not."

"Really? I thought Yuder could do that."

What did he mean he was someone who could that? But Yuder knew better than to dig into that here since it would only drag on time.

It was one of Kishiar's good things in the past to break down the opponent's wall by saying useless things and try to guess what he was thinking.

"Alright. What else are you going to say?"

"Did you know that there are an exceptional number of Awakened soldiers who have been here for two years guarding the Red Stone?"

He didn't have much time, so he got right to the point.

"Listening to the soldier guiding me yesterday, the rate was much higher than I thought. All together, there are dozens of Awakeners in this mountain range." (Yuder)

If Kishiar asked why he suddenly said that, he would have been very worried about where to begin explaining it. But fortunately, he immediately understood what Yuder was trying to say.

The playful red eyes immediately seemed to sink seriously.

"... I've never received such a report." (Kishiar)

"I heard they're mostly regular soldiers."

"They didn't even apply for the Cavalry."

How far would Kishiar realize the reason they didn't apply for the Cavalry? Why did no one thought of reporting it as unusual occurrence even though there were so many Awakeners?
Yuder waited quietly for a response to what he would say.

"If it's true, we will need an investigation. The military is a place I cannot touch, but as you say, this is not a normal situation. What you just said, it's not a lie, is it?"

"Of course not."

Kishiar's reaction had gone in a better direction than Yuder thought. Yuder nodded with a nonchalant expression. If they investigated it anyway, it would come out soon.

Kishiar, who had been rubbing his chin for a while, turned his eyes with a smirk to see if he had finished organizing.

"By the way, that's not what I thought you wanted to say with such a serious face."


"I heard you weren't very interested in your comrades but are you actually quite interested in Awakeners?"


What should he answer here to make a good relationship with Kishiar in the future? Under the expressionless face, Yuder had his own intense worries.

"Rather than interested... I just thought it might be dangerous. Since Commander-nim is in charge of us, I thought it would be better to tell you about the Awakening."
"Dangerous...... It could be if there are some unmanaged Awakeners in one group."

It was a fundamental answer so it didn't feel particularly strange. Kishiar muttered low and nodded slowly.

"That's interesting. Is it because of the Red Stone that caused so many Awakenings in this one place?"

He turned his eyes toward Yuder as if he were thinking about something.

"What do you think?"

Yuder remained silent for a moment. He didn't what he should say. Would it be better to step back and pretend not to know? However, he was the one who first found out what any ordinary commoner wouldn't even care about and brought it to Kishiar.

'He wants to know where I'm going.'

If so, it was enough to show. He was sure even Kishiar had guessed enough for Yuder to answer anyway.

Yuder slowly opened his mouth.

"With the power given off when the Red Stone fell, Awakeners came from all over the continent. If it's such a powerful force, it's no coincidence that there are many Awakeners among those who have stayed closer."
"Yes, I feel the same way."

Kishiar finally smiled like a teacher who heard the answer he wanted.

"But two years after the stone fell, those who didn't report to me the special Awakening rate of the soldiers here wouldn't have thought so. I was able to pass it on because it was trivial, but I admire your ability to quickly notice the abnormality and report it to me. Is that observation and judgment part of your Awakening ability?"

"... No. I'm flattered."

"It's not just a praise to flatter you. I'm serious."

In a word, Kishiar called all the soldiers here, including General Gino, worse than Yuder. While Yuder hesitated about what to react to, Kishiar's red eyes sparkled like a smart beast.

"Hmm. As expected."

"Excuse me?"

"As I said before, let's stay close. Why don't you take it seriously, too. I'll make sure you won't get upset."

His voice was as sweet as flirting with someone he liked rather than talking to a subordinate. It was a word that would make anyone blush, but Yuder became rather calm.
"I'm already your subordinate. You're already treating me well enough. I don't know how you're talking about staying closer to me, but......."

"My goodness. Is that how you're going to move this time?"

Kishiar pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled.

"Well, alright. I'm a person who feels rewarded when I break down the walls. The higher the walls are, the more rewarded I would feel."

High walls. That wasn't an expression that an imperial family used for a commoner.

"As you said, you're in my unit now, so let's take a long look."

That was a declaration that he would never give up his will. While Yuder's eyes flinched, Kishiar rose from his seat. He was about to start back.

"Yuder Aile. You're welcome to report to me whenever you see any strange circumstances. If I leave my seat, meet my aide or others, and feel free to speak as comfortably as you would to me. They will pass it on me."

"... Yes, sir."

It was a great achievement for a single conversation. That also proved hat Kishiar was very interested in Yuder's thinking and ability.
'He's certainly not a normal human being.'