[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 31

One of the reasons why he quickly turned off his attention when he heard that the Special Force was created was because he knew that the military atmosphere was ruined in that way.

The soldiers in front of him were not the least bit sure of the power they had and couldn't imagine a better future than now.

How could these people gather on their own to create a Special Force department?

Maybe someone with power offered them a sweet price and helped them create it secretly? For example, the Emperor who promised glory to the Special Force by driving Yuder to his death.

Yuder opened his mouth looking into their eyes.

"This power will certainly be a tremendous opportunity. Understand the value so that you can get it right when the opportunity comes. And if you need any help with that, feel free to come see me."

"Although you seem to know this power better than we do... you want me to find out who you are?"

Emon asked a question with a reluctant expression. Instead of answering, Yuder picked up a steel fork on the table.

After a while, a thin stream of water twirled over the fork, drawing a beautiful spiral. Emon and Sunz's eyes grew as big as they could when they saw it.

"I'm Yuder of the Cavalry."

Yuder did not mention his surname on purpose. It would've been better to win their favor.

"I've only been in the Cavalry for a few months, too. I'm sure it's just like you. But I believe in the future that this power will change. And I want you to know the value."

It was just that. He had no other axe to grind. By mentioning it in advance, he had blocked the possibility of thinking otherwise as much as possible.

Yuder stood up looking at the dumbfounded Sunz and Emon. Now he'd seen everything to look at. It was time to go back.

"Thank you for showing me around the village, Sunz. I'm going back now."


Yuder turned his back before Sunz talked to him. The young soldiers, who had no idea what had happened at the corner table, laughed loudly.

Even after he left, the two men behind him just sat there, saying nothing to each other for a long time.

* * *

The next day, the Cavalry all left their quarters at dawn with the Peletta Knights. Kishiar was waiting for them with General Gino in front of the last seen base yesterday.

"I wonder if everyone had a good night's rest." (Kishiar)

They were told that he had a drink with General Gino, but there was no hint of fatigue on Kishiar's face.

"As I said yesterday, we will start retrieving the Red Stone today. Today, we're going to find out the location of the stone and the level of access we have, and we're going to collect information."

Yesterday, General Gino had said that a strange energy had sprung out of the Red Stone, making it difficult for ordinary people to even approach.

However, it was hard to know how it would feel for the Cavalry, especially General Gino, as he said he could get close.

"If you find it difficult to access because of the abnormality that the stone causes on the move, the person in question should stop walking any longer and report to me before going down. There is no need to be ashamed of it. Even that would help us get information."

'Well, General Gino, a swordmaster, is next to him, so he doesn't have to use people in trouble.'

Yuder reinterpreted Kishiar's words in time. Kishiar's art of speaking that knew how to wrap things up in moderation was still remarkable.

If it were Yuder, he would've told them to go down immediately and stay put since he didn't need anyone directly bothering him.

'I would've added a threat, too, that if you were going down and causing an accident, you'd come back and be kicked out.'

"Then let's go."

Kishiar said he would walk in the front despite many people's concerns. Although he said he would put General Gino right behind him, the Peletta Knights, who were obliged to protect him, seemed anxious. Yuder was not too worried because he knew Kishiar's ability.

'More than that... I should say I want to go talk to you in due course, but when will it be possible?'

Kishiar went without hesitation, as if he knew the way ahead. It was a light walk, like a man taking a stroll. If it weren't for the divine sword hanging from the waistline, Yuder would have been convinced that that was the case.
Not long after they started walking, the traces of people walking slowly disappeared. Birds chirping on the trees became inaudible, and all that remained was the dense forest and the sound of the occasional wind.

'I don't feel anything yet.'

Yuder took a step, trying to keep an eye on the surrounding energy.

A steep climb began, but the Cavalry members, who had continued their hard training, climbed the mountain without anyone showing signs of difficulty. For Yuder, it felt as if he had returned home, so he was relieved.

'Well, it's no exaggeration to say that I'm back home because I grew up in the same mountain range.'

The clear and magnificent energy in the Airic Mountains that Yuder hadn't walked in a long time seemed to welcome him.

It might have been a few months for Yuder 11 years ago, but the current Yuder had lived and died without stepping home for a very long time, so it had been a while since he experienced this feeling.

Before joining the Cavalry, he shot alone in these mountains, made trees, and dug herbs, wandered around all day before returning home before sunset and repeatedly rested. He'd never felt lonely living alone. Probably not.
Others had asked how he could live alone with monsters and predators in the mountains, but Yuder had never felt scared. Maybe because he was born that way.

Although he used to be much more naïve than he was now, the essence of Yuder at that time was not much different from now.

'A creepy person who doesn't know how to feel and only knows himself.'

Yuder recalled what others used to point fingers at him when he was the commander.

Those who were afraid of him and couldn't even meet his  eyes, could he say the same thing to the current Cavalry and Yuder?

"There's a spring. We'll have a little break."

About two hours after starting to walk silently on the mountain path, Kishiar pointed to one place and declared a break time. As he said, there was a spring in the front that someone had artificially made.

There was no sign of human here, but there was still an artificial spring. That was, until two years before the fall of the Red Stone, humans were not difficult to move around here.
Each member of the party sat down and rested looking for rocks or tree stump. Some even approached the spring and drank water. Watching Kanna chat with Eldore siblings, Yuder thought Kanna and Hinn had become quite close thanks to sharing the accommodation last night.

Kishiar was talking with General Gino about the map taken out of his arms. Would there be a chance to talk to him privately until they returned from the Red Stone mission? He might just have to talk openly if he didn't see the right gap.


At that time, Gacaine approached and sat next to Yuder. He continued to climb the mountain at great speed, but he looked fine without a drop of sweat yet.

"How is it? Do you feel something?"


"Me neither. I think everyone's fine so far."

Is there really Red Stone up there? Gacaine muttered and looked up at the sky. It was a clear day without a speck of cloud.

"Where did you live? Is it far from here?"

"Well...... I think I'll have to go a few days."

"That's far. You could have stopped by after work."
Looking at Gacaine's regretful face, Yuder briefly tried to figure out his intentions. Was it just an extension of what he said about visiting where he lived?

It was difficult to understand Gacaine's words because he didn't feel like he really wanted to go to where I used to live. If he got a vacation, he could go, but it was just to tidy up his house.

In the past, when he became the commander of the Cavalry, he cleaned up his original house and stayed in the Cavalry's quarters all his life. He didn't miss his previous home at all.

"There's... not much to look at."

"But that's where you used to live. Isn't there anything you'd like to see back for a while?"

What would Gacaine think if he said there wasn't? Yuder was so lost in thought that he noticed a sign coming behind their backs later than usual.

"Where are you going back to?"


Kishiar raised his hand to stop Gacaine from trying to stand up. Before he knew it, Kishiar had finished talking to General Gino alone.
"Did you do anything other than your duties?"

"N, no, sir."

Gacaine found Kishiar quite difficult. Yuder started to speak calmly watching Gacaine look at him as if asking for help.

"My hometown is here."

"Hmm. Hometown?"

There was a new sign of interest over Kishiar's red eyes.

"I see. It's very close, isn't it?""

"Not really. Airic Mountains are wide."

"So that's why you were talking about visiting nearby."

Kishiar finally deduced the conversation between Gacaine and Yuder.


"Alright...... Yuder. I remember you didn't have a family, but do you miss your hometown?"