[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 30

'After a few years, information on ability development will be known to the world. They will realize the potential. It would've been better to be in the military.'

Then it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a hint in advance and be liked.

Yuder was a person who rose to the top by developing several levels of attribute-related abilities, which were otherwise said to be difficult to develop.

There was even a saying that no one in the world would understand the mechanisms of Awakening as proficient as the Commander of the Cavalry, Yuder Aile.

The possibility of future development, which even those with abilities had not yet realized, seemed as easy to see in Yuder's eyes as the palm lines stretched out.

He quickly finished his judgment and began to talk.

"It seems to me that it's a very great ability, but it's too much of a self-imposed ability."

"Didn't you just see it? It's a flame that can't even get a monster's fur burned. What's so great about that?"

Emon waved a smoke pipe and laughed like a man who heard a funny joke. Yuder opened his mouth without laughing a bit.

"That's what you'd feel if you tried to burn a monster's fur. But what if you put a spark in the eyeballs or mouth while fighting a monster?"


The pipe of Emon, which was shaking lightly, stopped. Sunz's light smile disappeared for a moment.

"Your flame is as short and strong as a flint. It's like a big fire, and you don't have to worry about the rest, you can keep practicing if you need to."

Yuder continued, looking them in the face.

"If you get used to calling out more, faster, like hitting flint many times, you can pop dozens and hundreds at the same time. And yet, do you still feel your abilities are insignificant?"

"...... That idea... I've never done it before."

Emon muttered with a puzzled look.

"If you haven't, try it. I'm sure that much will be possible soon. And Sunz."

"Ah, yes!"

Sunz, who was watching what Yuder was doing to Emon, instinctively answered with his mouth wide open.

It was the same attitude when he met his superiors, but none of the three felt strange there.

"It's a great reconnaissance ability to locate an enemy in the dark. Train yourself to close your eyes and feel beyond. As your senses become more sensitive, your ability will develop gradually. You can increase the distance that you can see, or you can only see what you want."

"Close my eyes... and train?"

"If you don't understand, close your eyes now."

Yuder's words contained persuasive power that he had learned from serving as a commander for a long time. Sunz somehow closed his eyes, feeling as if he were listening to orders.

"Do you see anything?" (Yuder)

"Ah, no. Nothing right now......."

"When you use your abilities, do you usually have to concentrate a lot?"

"Yes. How could you......."

It was obvious, even ordinary people who didn't have the ability to see things needed to concentrate their minds to look into them. If you had the ability to do it yourself, you'd need more concentration. Yuder had seen a lot of such people.

"You'd better start by practicing so that you can focus right away when you need to. Anyway, now I'm going to spread some fingers in front of your face. Focus and guess how many they are."

"... Excuse me? All of a sudden?"

"I just started. How many do you feel?"

"H, hold on."

Without giving Sunz time to think, Yuder straightened three fingers in front of his face.

Sunz scurriedly pursed his lips and frowned. There was a very feeble feeling around him.

"Guess until I count down from five. 5, 4, 3......."

"Hang on. I'm still......."

"2, 1. How many?"

"2...... No. Was it 3?"

Sunz murmured with a hint of desperation. But that was the answer. Yuder smirked as he watched Emon open his eyes wide next to him.

"Open your eyes."

"...... Huh?"

Sunz opened his eyes and looked puzzled at the three fingers in front of him.

"You got it right."

"But I was in such a hurry... It's just a coincidence."

"No, you got it right."

Yuder responded with all his might.

"The more you doubt yourself, the harder it is to function. Be confident."

"Both of you, what I just said might sound strange. But I've seen people with these abilities over and over again, and I'm still with them. Please take my word for it."

At Yuder's words, the two men looked at each other with strange expressions. There was no indication of what to think of this strange conversation that took place so suddenly.

'They must be surprised and confused. But on top of that, they have to change their perception of their abilities.'

Yuder started to speak while looking back at their faces.

"It's not a useless ability. I can bet anything that high-ranking people will soon need your ability."

"High-ranking people? No one's been looking for us for two years now."

Emon muttered, shaking off the scented grass ash piled up in the pipe.

"We are ordinary soldiers. Aren't there countless people in the Orr Empire with this level of ability? The one recruited by the Emperor this time... Like the Cavalry or something."

"You know that. Why do you think they recruited the Cavalry? Because it was necessary."
It was said that no one had looked for them in two years, but in other words, it was only two years.

The past two years, when there were no Cavalry, were too much for the world to be wary of and adapt to the emergence of new people with new abilities.

And from now on, when the adaptation was over, a new world unfolded. Now that was a world that only Yuder knew.

"The world still doesn't know the value of this ability. But it will be different soon. It's going to be different when a lot of people realize the value."

"Do you really think so?"

Sunz tilted his head and asked. So far, there has been an air of doubt.

'I might seem rather like an instigator if I say yes immediately.'

Yuder just smiled quietly.

"... If you don't know the power you have, you won't be able to use it properly even when you really need it. Be aware of the extent of your power until someone who needs it appears, and do not underestimate its value. If you think lightly of your ability, others will think even less of it."
At the same time, Sunz and Emon were lost in deep thought by Yuder's words. It would've been hard to understand immediately because they were people who learned that it was only right to follow the General and the Emperor unconditionally. And it was a virtue of a soldier to faithfully follow orders from above.

However, only at this point could they shake off the deep-rooted military spirit and change the situation when the Special Force would be created in the future.

"... Well, I don't know, maybe you're right. It would seem even more ridiculous to others if I said my power was nothing. I didn't think of any part of what you said because it was an atmosphere where you were treated like that from the beginning."

Emon pulled up the tip of one lip, looking down at the pipe with the lights off.

"If the training improves the way we use our powers as you say, then maybe our situation, that doesn't seem like going to be promoted for years, can improve."

In the Orr Empire, there was a strong perception that the military was only under a group of knights with strong power and only filled the number of heads.
Since mana and aura became available to humans, the war had always belonged to those who knew how to use such power.

There was a time in ancient times when tactics and individual soldiers' skills were important. But now no one had ever thought of such a thing. It had just been a long time since it was more important to win whether a swordmaster and an archmage were on our side or not.

After all, it was no exaggeration to say that all the main duties of the Orr's Imperial Army were to protect its borders, maintain security, and deal with annoying monsters.

Still, the generals who led the military came from nobility, but they didn't accept the position with real force.

Only generals who led the Southern and Northern armies took over as swordmasters for generations and used them as a way to enhance their honor and gain higher power.

It was as rare as possible to maintain the position of General for a long time despite his outstanding skills as General Gino Bordelli when he had no desire to be promoted.
Nevertheless, the reason why the number of commoners entering the military was not decreasing was simple. Because of the two advantages of being able to receive money stably without suffering from the exploitation of the land lord, and being able to move around from home to home rarely.

Those who applied for the military were mostly children born into poor commoners' families and pushed to reduce their mouths to feed.

Still, things were a little better if they could join the army. In many cases, the mercenary corps or the upper and lower ranks only worked as chores until they died.

Sometimes, even though they were a commoner who came in like that, they would be promoted to a fairly high position when it was revealed that they had a great talent for martial arts during training. However, such incidents were few and far between the one thousand years of the empire's history.

Yuder speculated that the lethargic attitude of soldiers wandering in the mountains for two years and the attitude of undermining themselves was probably attributed to it.