[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 20

Previously, Yuder was a dark and mysterious, but with powerful willpower among the Cavalry members.

However, after the incident, he began to be recognized as a reliable person when something happened and a decent person to stand before them.

Among the 300 people who were busy adjusting to each other and had nothing to do, there appeared a person who they thought would be okay to be the leader implicitly.

The fact that Commander Kishiar took the side of the Cavalry, not the noble, made it easier for them to receive training, and their sense of camaraderie grew exponentially.

Previously, only roommates and some of their congenial comrades were close. But two days ago, even if they did not know their faces and names well, it was evident that they began to treat each other without hesitation.

Neither gender nor the original status was important anymore. Under the same black uniform they were wearing, they were equal.

Yuder didn't know that the Cavalry members had such an idea, but he felt that the expressions that looked at him had changed from before.

It was the first time he saw equal intimacy in the faces of the Cavalry members that he saw, not the desire to win against the strong or the signs of random difficulty. It was a strange feeling that he didn't know until he regressed.

"Jeez. They keep asking me to dance again whenever I try to step back. I'm sorry, Yuder."

Gacaine, who had barely returned after three dances with different partners, sat down in front of Yuder, wiping off the sweat slightly formed on his forehead, and gulped in his drink.

"What do you say, the party isn't so bad, right?"


"Yes, I thought so."

Gacaine smiled and began to talk about the story he picked up during the dance.

"I heard that the Commander pays all the expenses we spent here today. He said it would be worthwhile to join us, but he said we need more time to spend with fellow members. He is a great guy."

Kishiar did? That was a fact he didn't know.

'If I think about it... It must've cost a lot of money to rent the whole bar.'

It would've been a lot of money for the members, but it wouldn't have been ticklish for Kishiar.

When Yuder was also the commander, he had several times asked to prepare meals and drinking parties to raise the morale of the members, but he had left the room simply because he didn't want to attend.

Did the members interpret Yuder's intentions in a good way like Kishiar? Now he didn't know, but he was a little curious.

"Yuder! Do you know how to dance?"

Then Ever, with a slightly red face, appeared and asked.

"He can't dance. He can't!"

Gacaine desperately stood before Yuder, but it was useless in front of Ever's finger. Gacaine flew out of the table in a flash just by her slight push.


"Gacaine, I didn't ask you. I asked Yuder. You're noisy, really."

"I know how to dance."

Yuder opened his mouth as he glanced at Gacaine, who was being rescued by the laughter of other colleagues from afar.

"But I don't want to dance now. It's better to just stay like this."

"Really? What a shame. I like dancing."

Ever smiled.

"When I first came here, I never thought I'd ever have to dance and talk to anyone like this again. But I'm happy to know that I'm wrong. It's all thanks to Yuder."


"If you didn't step up and gave in to them, I wouldn't think I could enjoy it like this."

Yuder looked at Ever and put down the glass he was holding in his hand.

"It's not true."

It was true that he came before the knights, but he didn't come forward with a pure purpose enough to hear that from Ever. Rather, it was enough to blame knights from nobility for having a quarrel.

"I didn't have a huge goal, and even if it wasn't me, someone would have stepped up soon. I'm glad it helped, but don't think it's because of me." (Yuder)

The reason why Yuder stepped up at that time was simple. It was nothing more than because he thought the only person who could stand out the most without being intimidated at the time was Yuder himself who had already experienced those times and gotten used to standing in front of the others as the Cavalry commander for nearly 10 years.
Now, he was thinking of never aiming for the top, but instead as a member of the group. However, the years he'd lived in front of them remained as a duty and a sense of debt deep down in Yuder's heart.

He didn't know the importance of each of them before. He thought he could do everything by himself, so he hit the wall and was wary.

But he didn't realize until the time of his death. It wasn't the condescending emperor, or the nobles themselves, but other beings with the same power that could help Yuder.

"No matter what happened, it would end up like that."

Yes. Even if there was no Yuder, the Cavalry would eventually realize that they were much stronger than the Imperial Knights and the Pearl Tower mages. They deserved to be paid as much as they did for their country.

Yuder's actions were just trying to reduce a little bit of trial and error until the future came.

To put the wrong button back on, he had to correct this Cavalry.

Too many people, who were the backbone and core of the Cavalry, disappeared in the early and mid-stage due to accidents caused by ignorance or little discrimination that could have been simply prevented in the future.
Furthermore, the commander, Kishiar, who could've been much more supportive than Yuder, had died as soon as he made Yuder commander. Once that was corrected, it would've been a tremendous boost to prevent future disasters.

"...... That sounds like a prophecy, doesn't it?"

Ever, who was blinking his eyes, soon smiled.

"It's not a prophecy, it's a fact."

"I hope so. So far, I'm not used to being looked down on for daring to set foot on a precious place. I hope that someday I will be able to step forward like Yuder and say that I'm ignoring others weaker than me."

"That will happen for sure."

Yuder said with confidence. In the future or past where he lived, Ever was one of the earliest members of the Cavalry who was working hard until the end.

She was very famous within the Cavalry as she pushed incompetents who believed in their lineage without blinking an eye in a cold manner.

Now she was dancing with a much softer expression, but Yuder didn't think that she was weaker than her future self.
The only thing lacking was experience. She could've changed as much as she could in the future if it were filled.

"Okay, let's have another toast for that future."

Yuder bumped his glass into Ever's without saying a word.

"Yuder, did you manifest a second gender?"

"No. Still not yet."

"I heard I'm an Alpha, but I don't know what's different yet."

A few more years later, there was a trend that it was impolite to openly ask whether someone had a second gender or not. But not now.

Yet the world knew little about the existence of Alpha and Omega. It was unfamiliar and free.

How could this atmosphere last forever? Yuder nodded, swallowing the idea inwardly.

"... I see."

"What is the power of the Red Stone? The invisible thing gave us a lot of strength and even changed our natural gender. Everything about me has changed and I don't even know what the stone is about. Is it really the power of the Sun God, as the priests say?"

"What are you talking about?"

Then Gacaine, who'd been held by other comrades, managed to return and sit next to him. Ever began to speak.
"Is the power of the Red Stone really the power of the Sun God? Have you ever wondered? Was I the only one curious?"

"I'm curious, too, but I'm sure we will find out someday when we are in the Cavalry."

Gacaine answered with his eyes slightly round.

"There's a saying that the reason for Cavalry's formation was to retrieve the Red Stone and protect it."

"I see......."

Ever sighed. Gacaine's words were one of the strong rumors that had circulated together since the initial announcement of the Cavalry recruitment came down to the country. Yuder had heard such rumors in his old memories.

'In the end, it's half right and half wrong.'

The Red Stone that Kishiar recovered was refined in the Pearl Tower over a year. After that, it would be named the World Sphere and enshrined in the deepest forest of the sanctuary located north of the capital.

It was close to a seal, but one of the main duties of the Cavalry was to keep the useless individuals out of there.
There were only two people who could access it without anyone's permission. One was the emperor, and the other was the Cavalry commander, Yuder.

Thinking about it, he somehow felt as if his intact mana hole was poking. Yuder frowned.

'Come to think of it, the time to retrieve the Red Stone...... won't it be soon?'