[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 19

"Next, Yuder."


Finally, Yuder's name was called. As Yuder walked out of the line, Gacaine, the red-haired young man who stood out among the crowds outside the vacant lot, waved at him with a happy face.

The Cavalry members who already had a surname didn't have to attend the ceremony, but most of them watched from outside the vacant lot like Gacaine, giving them a big round of applause and cheers.

The Imperial Knights, who passed by scoffing at their own feast, were sometimes seen, but no one cared.

Yuder took a look at Gacaine and continued to walk up the podium. On the podium stood Kishiar, dressed in an imperial robe on top of the white uniform he usually wore.

The shining red eyes under the golden hair like the sun were as beautiful as the painting of Sun God in the temple.

But the way he looked at Yuder was shining with interest.

"I expected it, but there's really no sign of nervousness."

"Should I be nervous?"

Before raising his voice loudly, he smiled even deeper as Yuder tilted his head and replied back to Kishiar, who spoke quietly.

"No, I would've been disappointed if you were."

"I'm alright."

It was the second time he'd been through it anyway. Was he a little nervous before? I couldn't remember very well.

Yuder knew everything without seeing what was written on the paper that Kishiar was holding. Towards Yuder's expressionless face, Kishiar slowly raised his voice and opened his mouth.

"I hereby bestow an honorable surname, 'Aile' to Yuder of the Cavalry."

"Thank you."

As expected, the surname he received didn't change. It was the same as the "Aile" from where he lived. However, it wasn't bad to have a name of Yuder Aile, the member, not Yudrain Aile, the commander. He decided to think so.

Yuder went down the podium without looking back at Kishiar. Not far away, Gacaine was smiling broadly and shouting congratulations.

"Yuder! There's going to be a celebration party. We should go, too."

After the ceremony, Gacaine ran after Yuder who was heading for the accommodation. He wrapped his shoulders and shouted brightly.

"... Where?" (Yuder)

"It's a bar outside the Imperial Knights estate. Juan contacted me already and said he emptied everything. A three-story building won't be short of people. They're all gone."

He asked just in case, but the answer came back as expected. Yuder recalled his old memories, spilling Gacaine's words with one ear.

'I think I was training by myself in the past, refusing to go.'

Not long after joining the cavalry, Yuder didn't understand the motives for clinging to friendship. At that time, what was important to him was to prove to himself how far his power could develop.

There was nothing interesting except building up strength, so even then, he resisted the recommendation that someone had made and just trained at the training ground all day.

He still didn't like drinking or social gatherings. However, since he became the commander of the group, he had been called by the emperor's orders, so he understood that there was a place in the world where he had to go even though he hated it.

This was nothing compared to all the dirty meetings he had attended back then.

And now his goals were different.

Currently, Yuder's goal was to prepare for future disasters by preventing as many talents from escaping from the Cavalry, not to increase his own power.

'I can always improve my abilities again. But I know once I lost someone, it's lost forever.'

"So let's go, Yuder. It's going to be fun."

"Okay, let's go."

Yuder answered quietly following Gacaine's last remark, which had been much chatter. Then Gacaine let out a relieved sigh and hugged him tightly.

"Well thought! I was actually a little worried that you wouldn't go."


It'd been a long time since he was hugged by someone. In an unfamiliar mood, Yuder blinked, and Gacaine let go of the arm hugging him in surprise.

"Ah, sorry. Did you feel uncomfortable?"

"No. ... It's okay."

"Alright, then let's go. Everyone's going to be waiting."

Gacaine grinned and led Yuder by the arm.
Yuder left the Cavalry site for the first time after joining. After a long time, the waterway was still noisy and full of people who had a headache.

Gacaine escaped with surprising smoothness. Looking at him as if he were a person with eyes next to him, Yuder admired him a little.

"It's here. The Black Whale! They said it's an inn, but it's really big, isn't it?"

Finally, the destination appeared. As they approached the neat wooden building that Gacaine pointed to, they heard louder and louder laughter. Many people had already arrived.

"I'm here! Yuder too!"

Cheers burst out as Gacaine, who grabbed Yuder's arm, pushed the door into his chest.

"Gacaine finally brought Yuder!"

"I won my bet, so everyone who lost, throw me a coin!"

"Hey, I bet on the wrong side."

Someone grumbled and tossed a copper coin. Beyond the second floor and on the third floor, someone with a hat spilled coins and received them all.

It wasn't just a good athletic ability, but a simple use of the ability to generate wind. The sound of laughter filled the bar.
"Gacaine, Yuder! This way!"

Kanna, who was sitting not far away, waved her hand. Yuder sat next to her with Gacaine. He saw familiar faces.

Not long ago, Ever, whom he met during training at the Imperial Knights' First Training Center, and Kurga, who had a bear-like impression as a roommate before, were seated with a round table. There were already several bottles of alcohol on the table with quite a lot of dishes.

"I bet Yuder would be coming. I'm already looking forward to the dividend because it's going to be a little salty." (Kanna)

As Kanna smiled brightly, a voice of regret and joy burst out at the same time.

"Don't be so mean. What if he doesn't want to come next time? Why are you all betting so openly?" (Gacaine)

"No. I don't think Yuder would even care about those stupid nobles of the Imperial Knights. Right?" (Ever)

Gacaine pushed the alcohol glass in front of Yuder with a worried look. Yuder gave a brief "Yes" answer to Ever, who held out her head in defiance of Gacaine's comment.
"I don't mind."

"Look, Gacaine, you're being too careful with Yuder. But now that I've made money, should I say thank you for today?"


Gacaine shook his head and sighed as if he couldn't help it.

"Well, then let's start celebrating in earnest, since we're all here except for our young comrades who can't come here and those who have their reasons! A toast to our fellow friends who have been bestowed surnames!"


The Cavalry members raised their glasses in unison.

"Cheers to His Majesty the Emperor's glory and to our noble commander!"


Then the raucous party began in earnest. While walking freely around the table, drinking and eating as much as they wanted, only bright smiles and happiness floated everywhere.

The atmosphere heated up even more when someone from Sul division, a former wandering band, managed to play exciting music with an old stringed instrument and a flute lying in the corner of the bar.

One by one, comrades sitting at Yuder's table left for another table or went out dancing. Yuder leaned against the wall and drank as he watched Gacaine dance quite nicely. Even he was at a loss.
When he didn't come here in his previous life, did they party in this atmosphere? Yuder didn't feel so bad just watching, but when he thought he didn't come at the so he had a bit of a bitter smile.

'I think it's much better than a sickly noble party.'

Although few people spoke openly to Yuder, all of his comrades with eye contact raised their glasses even from afar with a light smile and showed a toast.

There was no negative feeling in their eyes towards Yuder. It was thanks to the fact that they knew everything about the incident at the Imperial Knight's training ground two days ago.

The Cavalry members were in a state of some disarray between the power they suddenly had and the original world perception that was separated. They were confident of winning, but they kept losing their nerves in front of noble knights weaker then them.

Although not all of the Awakeners had high status, they were forced to distance themselves from the members of the common people even though they didn't apply for the Cavalry or came in.
However, Yuder's incident was more than enough to give everyone a tremendous stimulus and cool vicarious satisfaction.

A commoner-born cavalry member proudly confronted the knight of a Duchy family with only one strength, and the commander, Kishiar, expressed that he would protect any Cavalry members under him.

Regardless of the origin, he delivered a message that the Cavalry would take precedence from now on.