[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 11

"Am I wrong?"

In the past, he said something similar and different to Yuder, who briefly said he would come here faster than anyone else and apply for Sul Division.

'Your ability is focused on Jung division. It's good to know the direction of your ability before anyone else.'

How strange it was to hear different things from the same person in the same place. Indeed, the future he had already known was changing by his choice.

"Actually, I was just here to tell you that I would choose Shin Division."

At Yuder's, Kishiar tilted his head as if to grasp what he meant.

"Are you serious?"


"Why would you choose Shin Division?"

"Because I've been training and thinking that I want to go further towards Shin than Sul."

"Hmm. Even though your talent can blossom much faster and bigger if you move toward Sul Division?"

It was like reading the future. However, Yuder did not panic this time and answered calmly as he had prepared.

"Will there be so many consequences?"

"There you go."

A smile came to Kishiar's red eyes.

"Usually, if you catch someone off guard like this, you've thought it through and come to a conclusion, and they will stop and think about it again. But it doesn't seem to change your opinion, so it doesn't matter. All right, take care of Shin Division."

It was such a simple answer that didn't feel realistic. Yuder somehow felt dejected.

It was clear in his memory that Kishiar had made him a deputy commander responsible for Sul Division and the whole thing almost at the same time for no particular reason. Because of that, he thought that if he went to Shin Division, I would doubt it and refuse to accept it.

But there was no sign of such a thing in Kishiar's attitude right now.

"Originally, you have to write your own signatures on the paper, but that will be after something else."

Kishiar did not say what the other job was. But Yuder could tell what it was.

'Soon there will be time to receive a surname.'

In the past, he was given a last name not long after joining the Cavalry. It was unprecedented to give a last name of hundreds of people in just a few months.

Most of them were made without sincerity after the origin region or the names in the scriptures, but there was still an insurmountable gap in status between those with surnames and those without surnames.

Now that he thought about it, the emperor who authorized such work was also great. Obviously, the nobles' opposition must have been ridiculous, but how did he deal with it?

In fact, there was not much he remembered about the former emperor, who passed away just before Yuder became the Cavalry commander, and the current emperor as of now.

At the most, Yuder only knew that he was Kishiar La Orr's only brother. How many years had passed since he got sick before he died and did not even show up in front of his vessels? And the crown prince, who inherited the throne after his death, was an adopted son, not a paternity.

Yuder was stuck in the mountains and didn't even know the face of the lord ruling the village he lived in, let alone the emperor, but what could he remember?

It was the first and last time that the emperor's face was seen during the opening ceremony.

"Anything else to say?"

While thinking about it, Kishiar asked, as if he thought Yuder had something else to say. Yuder looked at him and began to speak impulsively.

"Why is Your Highness......."

"It's Commander."

He interrupted out of the blue. His relaxed red eyes were shining with mischief.

"According to Orr law, status does not take precedence over position. Of course there are a lot of people who ignore it, but as long as I'm here, my title is just a commander."

"Oh, yes. May I ask why you built this place, Commander-nim?"

"By this place, you mean this building? Or the Cavalry?"

He clearly knew what Yuder was asking, but he hated the side of the snake. Yuder opened his mouth feeling anew.

"Of course the latter."

"It's the first time anyone ever asked me that, so I checked just in case. The emperor didn't even ask why."
There was no sign in his expression that seemed reckless or arrogant.

"The reason I made the Cavalry. It's simple. Power has to go in the right direction. If you try to stop or get rid of it, you'll always get the price of a bad harmony. As a person with an ability just like you, I thought I'd make a way for this power to flow toward the empire's safety. And I thought I was the best candidate because I was the only Awakener in the imperial family. That's all."

It was a standard answer that was hard to argue against.

Yuder hesitated for a moment and decided to ask one more question.

"Then in the future, leading this Cavalry... Is it just you, Commander-nim?"

"Why would you ask that? Do you want this seat?"

"Of course not."

If anyone else heard that, they wouldn't say anything, they would jump and blow the cocky commoner's head off immediately.

Kishiar laughed louder than before as Yuder answered with a frown. It was a very pleasant looking smile.

"Well, not now. But once the division is decided, I'm going to hire a deputy commander to assist my work. If you're as good as you are, you could be in that position."
"I would be ineligible."

Yuder answered immediately without a second thought.

"I'm not very sociable and I'm not very close to my fellow members."

"My goodness. I thought you were quite high, but you were softer than I thought."

Kishiar shook his head.

"Social friendship is definitely a good thing, but if that's the only thing I'm going to pick, I could just bring a non-awakener. Keep in mind that your abilities are not from birth. Right now, you're used to your old life and intimidated by status, but in a few more years, it will probably be the opposite."


"Even if you didn't understand what I meant......."

"No, I understand."

The reason why Yuder couldn't open his mouth immediately was because Kishiar's answers, which were spoken lightly, were all as accurate as if they had penetrated the future.

That was what he said. As he mentioned, the Cavalry might be intimidated by the high-status Imperial Knights or nobles right now, but things would change over the years.
The only thing that could solve the growing catastrophe was the Cavalry, and they would break away from the previous system and gained extraordinary status, promotions, and strength.

When traditional strong men such as the Imperial Knights and the Pearl Tower mages could no longer treat the Cavalry and Awakeners recklessly, only those who had stronger power than the Awakeners could defeat them.

For example, the commander, Yuder.

Yuder had unconditionally played a one-on-one sparring when a member who did not listen well appeared. And he beat them mercilessly in front of everyone, making them never to do anything rebellious in front of his eyes again.

There were many complaints that he seemed to be dealing with animals, not humans, but it was the most comfortable way to solve the problem. That was why there was nothing they could do.

But now that hadn't happened in the past. Yuder thought Kishiar would have a vision to deal with the members in a different way than he did. But this was... maybe.......
"If you don't have any more questions, get up."

"Ah, yes sir."

"This room is always open, so if you have any more questions, feel free to come. If I'm not here, tell my aide."

Listening to Kishiar, Yuder began to think of it...

He'd entered this room a few times before when Kishiar was the leader, but there was only one difference today. It was the presence of an aide.

Nathan Zuckerman, an aide famous for standing by Kishiar La Orr since he was a prince, not the Duke of Peletta. Was he here before to decide on a course?

Kishiar turned his head, "Ah," as if he had guessed something while searching for a blurry memory.

"Come to think of it, you don't know who my aide is. Now he's working for me in Peletta Castle. He will be here soon after he finishes. He's not an Awakener, but he's quite a swordsman."

'Quite' he said? Yuder put up with a laugh for a moment.

Nathan Zuckerman was a Swordmaster. It was not officially recognized, but it was clear that Yuder had heard it himself in the past. There was a time when he was stuck. He thought Kishiar, who casually says, "He uses a sword quite a bit," was also like a snake.
"I understand."

After answering that question, Yuder left Kishiar's quarters. As he finally escaped from the holy sword's energy which had been sharpening his nerves because he felt it softly behind his back, he let out a long sigh.


First of all, one thing was certain.

Kishiar did not intend to hand over the Cavalry to anyone from the start.

He was incredibly well aware of the Awakeners' propensity and future impact even though they had only been around for two years.

If that snake-like man had stayed in the Cavalry, he wouldn't have failed as horribly as Yuder in the past. Because he had a noble lineage and connections from birth.

Why did such a person suddenly give up his position as the Cavalry commander and go back to his hometown?

It was his homework to look into from now on.