[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 10

Kishiar la Orr had taught Yuder many things.

How to stand in the position of commander of the Cavalry, how to stand in a court full of hyenas, and how to live as an Omega and capable person after awakening his second gender.

In the past, he had felt resentful because he thought Kishiar had handed over too much baggage unilaterally to him, but by the time he died, he had changed my mind a little.

Kishiar la Orr obviously chose Yuder as the commander of more than 300 members with a certain will. But what he had hoped for and chose was still unclear.

Did he hand over the position of Cavalry commander without knowing that Yuder would become a lion coming to take his life? Could he possibly not know the royal family and nobility circumstances that such order would eventually come?

Kishiar's ability would certainly have prevented him from dying and could have fled in advance or killed Yuder instead, but he did not. Yuder could not ask why he did it because he noticed it too late. Because the dead had no words.

But now Yuder might know his meaning even without receiving his baggage as the commander. In order to do so, he should not let him die like before.

"I was wondering when the top accepted member of Cavalry would come, and now he has arrived. Have you finally decided on your division?"

Kishiar talked leisurely with a smile. His tone was too comfortable for a noble of imperial family to speak to a commoner, but Yuder was not surprised. Because he already knew this man had that kind of personality.

"Yes, but if you're about to leave, I will be back next time."

"No, it's okay. I didn't really have a schedule, I was just about to go out for a while and come back."

Kishiar took a few steps back and smiled.

"Come on in."

Yuder had a rare experience of stepping back as a guest in a place he had been using for a much longer time. Although the building was built at short notice, it was a place where engineers could feel traces of their efforts to meet the dignity as much as possible, considering that it was a place for the imperial family member to stay.

The top-of-the-line carpet from the southern mountain was tightly laid under the ceiling that soared in a round dome, and the central fireplace, which collected and burned magic stones from the north, looked more like a beautiful statue than a fireplace.

The majestic bookshelf filled one side of the wall and the black basalt desk beneath it was dignified enough that no ordinary people would dare to touch.

What about the beauty of dozens of famous paintings based on old myths handed down to the Orr Empire?

The white annular wall with the paintings shone brilliantly without light. Visitors who saw the sight fell into the same wonderful feelings as when they stood in front of the temple altar.

Of course, Yuder, who was so familiar with the landscape here, only took a glance, and was not surprised at all.

Instead, his gaze was on the top of the burning fireplace sprinkled with red and blue light.

Looked like it was floating in the air, Yuder saw a swords sheath made of fully transparent jewels and a huge sword supporting it.

'Orr Divine Sword.'

At a glance, it was not a sword that could be used by ordinary people. Even though it was contained in a collection of all kinds of sacred forces, mana, and techniques of different races, the energy itself was unique.

The sword, which seemed to be sharp enough to cut him just by looking at it, was a divine sword that the first emperor who founded the Orr Empire was said to receive from the messenger of God.

The sword could be lifted without the blood of the imperial family. But even if it could be lifted, it wasn't something that could be used.

That divine sword was famous for being picky of its users' abilities and qualities. Less than ten people in history were able to use that sword.

And Kishiar la Orr was the only human of his time to be chosen by the Orr Divine Sword.

After his death, the man who could lift the sword did not reappear even until the day Yuder died.

A high-regarded sword that even the confident Yuder could not touch. No one but the chosen could move the sword. That was why, after Kishiar la Orr died, it was left forever at the Peletta Duchy, where Kishiar stayed at the end.
With such a tricky story, not many people even the nobles knew what the divine sword actually looked like. It was only natural that Kishiar did not carry or use it often even after it was revealed that he was chosen by the divine sword.

Why did the divine sword choose Kishiar when it would not be used properly by the owner it chose? Would it have made the same choice if the sword had known that it would be separated from its owner so quickly?

Sometimes Yuder got curious, but it was something he never knew just as much about as Kishiar's will.

"Is the sword amazing?"

Kishiar spoke to Yuder, who was only looking at the sword.

"Usually, people get distracted by other parts of the room first, so they don't care much about the divine sword."

Indeed. It was not a reaction that ordinary commoners would have.

Yuder murmured in his mind. Although that sword is the legendary divine sword, it was nothing more than an ordinary ceremonial sword for those with a high reputation.

In fact, it did not look like a sword that could be used in practice, and the scabbard was so large and colorful that no one would normally give attention to the sword first.
'But that sword used to bother me the most.'

Yuder recalled something a long time ago. Now that he knew the appearance and ability of the divine sword and the future events involved in it, of course, his gaze went there, but even before the regression when he saw the sword for the first time.

It was possible because Yuder was sensitive enough to feel mana to even look inside the divine sword's scabbard that hid its energy. Kishiar was the first to show great interest in Yuder at that time.

Only then did Yuder turn away from Orr Divine Sword and turn to Kishiar. That man looked at Yuder still, gently rising up the corners of his mouth with a look that was hard to understand.

So far, he was interested in Yuder, who's a little out of the ordinary, but that was just the look.

"It seemed to be a sword with an unusual feeling, so I just looked at it."

"Unusual? Which part?"

At this time, Kishiar had not yet publicly revealed that he was the owner of the divine sword. It was not long before he took on a top secret mission to collect and bring back the Red Stone that he was revealed to be the divine sword's owner.
So now it was important to stimulate Kishiar's interest while pretending not to know properly.

"Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm being targeted. The scabbard is blocking it, but it can't seem to hide it completely."

He wasn't lying. In fact, he was still feeling the sharp energy flowing out of the sword.

'I think it's a lot stronger than I used to feel... Am I mistaken?

In the past, he had felt an unusual energy from the sword, but even if he stayed still like this, he couldn't feel it in his whole body.

Back then, Yuder was strong enough to be told that he would no longer have a rival in the world. Did the sensation become more sensitive than the original level due to the fact that the time had regressed? It was unknown.

Kishiar's gaze turned toward the sword after hearing Yuder's comment. After a while, the energy toward Yuder diminished like a lie.

"Hmm. Do you feel the energy has decreased?"

Perhaps he saw Yuder's shoulders went still, so Kishiar began to speak with an interested look.
"I'm sure you're not lying."

"I've never seen a sword with such power before."

"No, I'm sure you've heard of it?"

For a moment, he wondered if Kishiar had noticed something. Even though he knew it couldn't be, Yuder was nervous for a moment.

"Everyone knows the story of Orr's First Emperor and his holy sword."

"...... Ah."

It was a useless worry. Yuder nodded, exhaling a small breath.

"So do you mean that is the sword?

"Yes, to be exact, I'm the 12th owner. He's a fastidious guy that won't move except for the one he let touch."

It was a story that he already knew. But Yuder looked a little surprised, like a stranger. Kishiar continued the story without much doubt about the reaction.

"I've seen a lot of people Awakened by the power of the Red Stone, but I've never seen anyone as sensitive as you. Was it ever since you Awakened? Or have you ever felt more sensitive to energy than others in your daily life?"

"Since... Awakening."

"I see."

Kishiar rubbed his lower lip and nodded.
"Now that you are here, I was there as an examiner when you first came to the test as number 423. Do you happen to know that?"

"You were on the rightmost seat."

"That's right. You're so sensitive to energy that you can tell exactly what it is. It's a rare talent."

Yuder recognized him not because he was sensitive to energy, but because he had seen Kishiar changed into that appearance before, but decided not to reveal the truth.

"At that time, I thought your talent was rarely suitable for both Shin and Sul divisions. But if I had to choose, I thought it would be Sul... Am I wrong?"