[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 8

'So far nothing has changed from the past.'

Of course, Yuder's roommates or Kanna's acceptance had changed from the past, but the faces of his roommates that he didn't remember at that time, and the degree of Kanna joining the Cavalry wouldn't affect the flow yet.

Most of the current events in the Cavalry went as Yuder knew.

There were only small incidents of the blue-haired twin siblings having a verbal fight with the knights passing by while cursing them out, or a brief disturbance due to the power explosion caused by someone during training.

'And maybe the accommodation will change soon.'

They would move from the Imperial Knight's dormitory building where they were temporarily staying to the newly constructed building dedicated to the Cavalry. It became his real home for a long time until Yuder was imprisoned.

After he had become the commander, the emperor offered him several houses because it didn't look good, but Yuder didn't go there.

His house was always the small room in the top corner of the accommodation where the Cavalry members stayed.

But this time he wouldn't be the commander, so he would never be able to stay in that room.

Yuder let out a small sigh because he strangely missed the place that had not yet been built.

"Yuder, don't tell me you're already having a hard time?"

Gacaine, who was training next to him, asked in disbelief. He became a celebrity in the Cavalry for his outstanding appearance and sociability, but he still hadn't left Yuder's side.

In addition, he had always talked about this and that next to Yuder regardless of his reaction. It was strange to deal with him like that.

In fact, the most changed thing since Yuder regressed was his relationship with Gacaine.

But in the next year or so, Gacaine would be on duty and get killed in an incident. The incident that used to feel casual had now occasionally haunted Yuder's mind.

'I intend to prevent the death of capable people as much as I can, so I plan to prevent Gacaine Bolunwald's death, but.......'

Was it possible? He'd never twisted anything big enough as to saving a man destined to die. He didn't know whether he would succeed or not even if he tried. The consequences of things that did not happen were still unknown.

"I'm fine."

Yuder erased all thoughts from his head and got up again.

"Yeah, that's how you are."

What did he mean by it's the way he was? Yuder seemed to have done the same things. No one had tried to make eye contact with Yuder before, but now Gacaine in front of him was looking at him thoughtlessly. It was mysterious and strange.

* * *

A month later, the Cavalry members escaped from the temporary quarters and entered a new building properly built for the Cavalry. It was right next to the Imperial Knights' site.

It was made in anticipation of training there, but the knights were furious that the Cavalry members, who they hated like bugs, had better accommodation than them.

Yuder's roommates were the same as before, but the room was much bigger. So when each person laid in bed, the space between each other could be seen separately.

After that, as he recalled, they would continue to change their ways, followed by intense training. There were no losers, but the wounded came out from time to time.

The surprising thing was the commander, Kishiar, attended the same training as them. The members were surprised, but only Yuder was not. Because it used to be like that.

'It's not something that can be helped when the highest person moves directly to determine the way of training.'

Unlike the members who strengthened their comradeship with each other, Kishiar disappeared immediately after training, but the fact that he trained together with them encouraged everyone.

After spending three months like that, Kishiar finally called in the Cavalry members again.

They stood in front of the commander, looking the same and different. The biggest change was the officially paid black uniform.

As more than 300 people gathered in it, looking similar to Kishiar's white uniform but had a much simpler look, the atmosphere was unusually heightened.
"First of all, I would like to thank all of you for following me well even though the training you have received has not been organized."

Kishiar was the first to greet briefly before bringing it to the fore.

"For three months, I have tested your limits. The reason was to establish and complete the system of the Cavalry, and now it's over. So you have to make a choice based on your experiences."

"A choice?"

Asked Hinn, the older sister of the blue-haired twins. If the knights were here, they would have looked at the her, saying she dared to ask the Duke back, but now there were only Kishiar and Cavalry members here. Kishiar nodded with a smile, with no sign of displeasure.

"Yes. All of you will choose the divisions divided within the squad. The options are three in total: First is Shin division, the second is Sul, and the third is Jung."*** (please see translator's note)

The explanation that Yuder heard a long time ago was repeated again.

Kishiar la Orr separated the huge group of Cavalry members into three smaller divisions. Shin division gathered those who focused on physical abilities; Sul centered on those who had magical abilities like Yuder; and Jung gathered other types of ability.
"I am not asking you to choose here right now. Let me know by the end of the week."

Kishiar used the entire top floor of the new Cavalry lodge alone.

It was not until everyone answered that the announcement was over.

"Yuder, which one will you choose? Of course it's Sul division, right?"

On their way back to the dorm, Gacaine spoke to Yuder.

"What about you?"

He couldn't say for sure that that would be the case right now, so Yuder avoid to answer instead. Fortunately, Gacaine did not doubt Yuder's intentions and immediately turned away.

"I've been thinking about Shin and Sul, but I've been training so far and I don't think this ability is going to end here. If I could get better... Maybe Shin division and I are a good match."

Yuder looked a bit surprised at Gacaine for a moment. It had only been three months since they joined the Cavalry, and he had a hunch that he could develop his abilities?

It was an extremely rapid development.

It was still all the more so early that the researchers hadn't even announced that Awakeners' abilities could develop depending on their efforts and conditions.
He didn't know because this guy died early, but in fact, Gacaine's talent might have been better than Yuder had thought.

'Then which division should I join?'

Yuder was in agony. After three months of calm training, he was convinced that this situation was not a dream, and that he could change the future if he did really well.

In the past, he entered Sul division without hesitation and immediately became the deputy commander representing the Sul division. But that was not much different from the past. He wanted to avoid the consequences of repeating what was already set.

'Then the only thing left is Shin.'

Shin division......Shin division was it. Yuder repeated the name several times.

Although his greatest ability was handling all natural attributes, he was also able to handle weapons freely. That was why he was likely not to fall behind even if he went to the Shin division.

Of course, he might not make it to the position of a deputy commander as before, but that was rather what Yuder hoped for.
'And if I join Shin division... Maybe I will see Kishiar la Orr more often.'

Yuder recalled Kishiar la Orr's ability. His ability, which no one knew so far, was specific to Shin division.

'Someone who is freely able to handle force and speed and good at defending physical and rapid attacks based on excellent physical control.'

The most special part was the 'body control'.

When he had joined to the Sul division before, he barely met Kishiar, the commander, because he didn't have enough time to clean up after his subordinates as the deputy commander. It just so happened that they had met regularly later, but that... was not what Yuder wanted.

But it would be different if he joined Shin division . Kishiar used to direct the training by taking care of the Shin division members frequently.

Kishiar was an incredibly brilliant commander. Back in time, it felt more obvious.

He did not form this group of Cavalry simply by short-term judgment. Every time Yuder saw everything he did, future events overlapped and he was speechless.
'But why the hell?'

Why did Kishiar la Orr hand over the commander position to Yuder at that time?

It was as if he had planned to do it from the beginning without any worries.


Yuder also thought he would go to the Shin division and find out why.

* * *

Most of the Cavalry members finished choosing which division to belong to in less than three days.

Even those who initially had no idea, the training and education they received over the past three months were enough to make objective judgments about their abilities to some extent.

Those who expressed their physical abilities strongly went to Shin division, and those who expressed magical abilities went to Sul division. The abilities of neither two chose Jung division, which was less than 10 out of 330 members.

"Yuder! Yuder! Hold on a second."

And now Kanna, who was calling Yuder, was also one of the ten.


Translator's note:

All the three divisions: Shin, Sul, and Jung (신, 술, 정 respectively) weren't properly translated on purpose. I tried to look it up but still couldn't be sure no matter what. Shin probably divine or god or deity; Sul probably alcohol or liquor or tassel; and I'm not entirely sure with Jung. Altogether those meanings do not make sense. For now, I will use the Romanization only until I find better meanings. I'm sorry.