[BL] Turning (translation)

Chapter 2

Was everything happened so far a dream? The whole lot of things that happened after he got into the Cavalry, and the cold sense of blade that ended up slashing his neck?

If it was a dream, it would be a terrible nightmare. From the first day he came to the Capital, he just saw his future ending.

'But it's too detailed and realistic to be called a dream.......'

Did someone use magic to bring him back to 11 years ago? Or the power of God that felt sorry for his death?

Turning back time was something no power-bearing transcendent could do. God often showed his power through his followers, but none of them was said to have been saved from death and sent back to the past.

But if he really went back to 11 years ago, there were many chances for Yuder to undo the things he regretted.

That's right, the future!

He had thought he'd lost it forever. When he realized it, his hands trembled with joy and surprise.

He could do anything now. It was enough to leave the country and go somewhere else, building up his strength quickly, or even joining the damn Cavalry.

'...... And maybe now I can figure out the cause of the global change and stop it.'

Yeah, it was not only about the Cavalry. Yuder recalled the things he had hung on to the brink of death.

Years later, cracks slowly began to appear in the world. Starting with the climate changing and natural disasters that could be called calamity, God's power gradually hid its presence.

Strange madness and disbelief that would haunt people as things that had never existed began to appear, and there were countless other things that would happen.

It was something Yuder couldn't solve alone, but now countless people still lived and existed in the world. If he told them and asked for help in advance.......

'No...... Wait.'

The thought of running busily stopped for a moment. Yuder shook his head and realized there was a loophole in his opinion.

The former Yuder had the power and authority that no one could ignore as the commander of the Empire's Cavalry, but now he was just a young boy who had just come to the Capital from the countryside. Who was going to listen to him anyway?

'They will never listen.'

The Cavalry was the first organization to start in the Orr Empire. It was possible because the former Emperor, who was now the current Emperor, had a very limited attitude towards Awakeners.

No matter how strong he was now, it was still difficult to go to any country to be treated better than here.

Other countries, which had been half-confident about the effect after the establishment of the Cavalry, realized years later that giving some power and status to Awakeners was much better than unconditionally suppressing them.

And there were some places where similar organizations were belatedly established, but the timing was late, creating irreversible conflicts between the nation's leaders and Awakeners.

Such countries had often entered the path of civil war because even late-made organizations could not be properly rolled.

Therefore, the Cavalry of the Orr Empire boasted the most powerful status and reputation of any similar organization.

The organization's commander, Yuder, was also always in the glare of envy and jealousy wherever he went.......

As he recalled the past, Yuder briefly lowering his gaze toward the floor. He didn't want to think about those days.

'Anyway, there's no better place than here now...... And there are the most appropriate people here to get help about what will happen in the future.'

Yuder knew that the magnitude of the force hovering around his body did not make much difference from when he just Awakened 13 years ago.

With this power, ordinary people could create miracles that they couldn't even dream of, but it was not comparable to the great masters of Pearl Tower, who had been digging only a path for a long time.

It was an eternal truth that the stronger someone was, the less they would listen to others. It was best known by Yuder himself who had lived like that.

It took that strength and position to persuade such people to find and prevent future disasters that didn't happen immediately.
'Okay, let's get into the Cavalry for now. I can start after I make some other conditions.'

Yuder quickly accepted his reality and decided to dream of a better future than before.

It was not a condition that would be an obstacle for him to return to a commoner with less power and nothing at all.

He recovered an asset that couldn't be exchanged for anything called time. The important thing was that he was back from his terrible future and now he was standing here. That was all.

Yuder stayed in his room all day and night to organize the information he remembered and thought about what to do in the future.

He went out of the room in the morning of the third day after realizing that he had regressed to 11 years ago.

"Hey, new guest. The innkeeper said you have power, too."

While Yuder was going down to wash his face, someone talked behind him.

"You're here to take the test at the palace, aren't you? I'm the same. It's convenient to have a colleague to share information with, isn't it? Do you want to converse with me?"
Yuder turned his head and opened his eyes wide without realizing it. He knew this person. Not exactly now, but in the future.

Red hair and vivid green eyes from the South. The colorful look reminiscent of a rose stood out.

A man who quickly became a celebrity among those who passed the Cavalry with Yuder, he had been dispatched to suppress monsters and died in an accident.

There was a lot of talk about the premature death of such a precious talent.......

"I'm Gacaine Bolunwald. And you?"

Yeah, that was his name. Yuder opened his mouth quietly as he looked at the man's face, shining as fresh as in his revived memory.


"Alright, Yuder. I'm going to have breakfast for now. How about you?"

Had he encountered Gacaine before? Yuder looked back on his memory. It'd been 11 years, so it was blurry, but he was sure he'd never encountered him.......

'Oh, I did.'

When he was in the room preparing for the Cavalry test, he once had said hello, saying something similar to now.
At that time, Yuder had refused at once because he had little experience mixing words with other people approaching him unnecessarily, and Gacaine went back with embarrassment. After that, they had hardly encountered each other until he died.

Before, he didn't like to treat others who might have a dream when he didn't even know when he would go home soon.

The huge Capital city he had seen for the first time was filled with displeasure and vigilance instead of positive feelings for Yuder who had lived alone in the quiet mountains.

But now that he saw him again, he thought Gacaine might have been a pretty good person. It was not common for a person from a renowned family to voluntarily stay in such an old and rear inn, not showing reluctance even though he would have heard his name and knew Yuder was a commoner without a home.

It was something he hadn't notice 11 years ago.

'What was his power again? Only impressions remain that it was quite good, but I don't remember the details.'

"All right."

Yuder decided to dine with Gacaine and learn more about him. It was meaningful that he was the first person he met after returning to the past.

The story would bring back memories of the past, which were now blurry.

"I'm going to order chicken stew and bread, and you?"

Gacaine spoke informally even though he might not know Yuder's age. Yuder had always been used to people being intimidated in front of him and couldn't even look at him, so he was quite impressed by his attitude.

"Same with you."

"Okay, you won't regret it. Here's your order!"

The menu Gacaine ordered was as good as his guarantee. It was a dish that he didn't even know what ingredients being used in such an old inn, but it was quite delicious.

"How do you like it? Is it good?"

Gacaine asked with a cheerful smile. Yuder nodded as he put the stew in his mouth.

"I've tried all the menus here, but this combination is the best. They put a lot of meat and bake bread every morning. I'm glad to see you, comrade."
It had been a long time since he thought something was edible. He felt strange.

"I'm from Southern Ulan. I came here a week ago. I was worried if I could make some comrades before I went to take the test, but I think it's a relief that I met you."

Gacaine was quite sociable. Yuder felt comfortable to keep his mouth shut when he saw the green eyes that wanted answers from Yuder after telling him where he was from.

"I... from the central."

"Central? Where? Quan? Bellec? Or......"


Yuder said the name of his hometown after such a long time. As in the past, his last name "Aile" he had receive once he was accepted into the Cavalry was named after his hometown.

Of more than 300 successful applicants, all of the commoners were given their last names, so most of them were not sincere with their names. Since then, the depth of sincerity was different from "Yudrain" side, which was made and given with care similar to the original name when he became the commander of the Cavalry.

'This time I will not be the commander of the Cavalry, and I will not be given that name again.'

"Airic? You mean the place near Ric Mountains?"