Miss Perfect and Her Brothers (Part I&II)

5. Yellow Checked Dress

I had enough of the gym for the rest of the day, so I took a shower and decided to relax a bit. I met Dylan in the kitchen while having lunch. He was sitting there with his laptop again and didn't pay attention to me. This time I appreciated it.

Later, I saw him playing some game on play station, but I quietly passed by him and sat at the terrace. I was sunbathing and reading and this is how the day I'd been afraid of went on.

The next morning, when I was already after breakfast and I was tidying up my new notebooks for school, there was knocking at my door. Shane put his head inside my room and he looked a bit intimidated. 

"Hey, wanna get some ice cream?" he asked and I raised my brows, totally surprised. 

"Ice cream?" I repeated because such a normal thing sounded weird said by him. 

"Yeah... Will said you like ice cream." he explained, shrinking. 

"I do." 

"Well, then get ready, I'll be waiting downstairs." 

He closed the door and left me shocked. Of course, I didn't want to ignore the chance to catch a bond with one of my brothers, especially with Shane, who I actually liked a bit. 

Today was a hot day, so I wore one of my favourite dresses. It was short and tight and yellow checked. My mom used to say I looked like a doll with it on. Shane didn't share her opinion, because when I got downstairs, he looked at me with wide open eyes.

"Get changed," he said, and I, totally confused, turned around to check if he is talking to someone standing behind me.

"I am talking to you, Hailie, go get changed," he repeated. I thought he was joking, but his face expressed seriousness. 

"Why?" I asked, frowning.

"Because this dress is too short." he explained. 

"Last summer I was wearing it all the time.." I protested. 


"I've had it since always, really." I argued and at that moment Vince came out of the kitchen. He had to hear our conversation. He stood at the entrance with a mug of coffee in his hand and started to look at me intensively. I haven't seen him in two days and I already forgot how impressive his cold eyes are. He didn't say anything, but the message was clear. I dropped my head and turned around, climbing up the stairs back to my room.

I was extremely annoyed and angry, but I sucked it up. I wanted to get some revenge on the whole world and put a very long dress on. It was baggy and purple with white flowers. I came downstairs, where Vince was still present and was talking with Shane. They both glanced at me and accepted my outfit because Vince left and Shane grabbed his car keys and led me to the garage. 

This situation had a bad impact on my mood, but I was trying to pretend that I didn't care at all. Shane chose a blue car, the one I like most of all. I sat at a passenger seat and with folded arms, I looked through the window, showing my attitude a bit. 

"I know a cool place where we could sit in a garden and the.. the ice cream there are amazing,"  Shane informed me after a few minutes of driving in silence. From all of my brothers, he seemed to be the human the most. At least while interacting with me. He was the only one to be a little nervous around me, usually, it was only me. I have to admit that I used it and I didn't stop being moody, just shrugging. 

Shane sighed. 

"Listen, Hailie, there is no reason to be offended. This dress was simply not right."

He made me even angrier with this statement. I scowled at the window. We were on a crossroad and some guy took out his phone to take a photo of our car. 

"How was it not right?" I snapped.

"I told you, it was too short and too tight. You shouldn't wear this kind of clothes," he explained patiently, tapping his fingers on the wheel, waiting for the green light. 

"I believe what I wear isn't your business," I grunted, meaning him, Vince and in general, all of my brothers. 

"And that's where you're wrong." Shane's voice sounded darker than just a moment ago, what prevented me from talking back.. I closed my mouth and still was glaring at the window, angry at the whole world. I take back what I said before. I don't really like Shane. 

The café with ice cream he took me to was really cute. The garden looked like from a fairy tale and I fell in love with it immediately. My enthusiasm dropped a bit when I saw Shane picking our waitress up and I got sure that he knew her and planned to meet her here. 
"I didn't know you have a sister!" she exclaimed and grinned at me. She was blonde with green eyes and she could be pretty if not for too much makeup and hilariously thick and long fake eyelashes. She also had a short skirt which was barely visible from under her uniform. 

"You don't know many things about me." answered Shane and winked at her. The girl giggled and left us menu cards, going away to another customers, but still throwing smiles at my brother from time to time. 

"Her skirt isn't too short for you? I asked with arrogance. 

Shane moved his eyes at me and got serious. 

"Hailie, with this girl I am going to end up in bed tonight. I don't want anyone to think about you the way I think about her now." 

I got embarrassed by his directivity and looked down at the menu, leaving it without comment. 

The ice cream were delicious and put me in a better mood. Additionally, Shane's argument persuaded me a bit. Well, maybe not persuaded, but it helped me understand his point of view. I still didn't accept it though. I felt bad for the waitress, who was as silly as a goose, but Shane didn't have any rights to use that. Leaving the café, he was already set with her up for later. It didn't stop him from exchanging coquettish smiles with another girl at the parking lot. I decided to ignore it. 
"Thanks for the ice cream," I said in the mid of the way home, remembering about good manners. 

"You're welcome," answered Shane. 

When he parked his car in the garage and we were going towards the doors, he passed by me and messed with my hair playfully. I squealed irritated, but he just laughed and disappeared. I haven't seen him until the end of the day. 

Maybe I like him a little bit.