Miss Perfect and Her Brothers (Part I&II)

3. Farce

On Monday, at breakfast, I met our helper, who was a lovely old lady. She seemed to live in her own world, but she made me amazing pancakes with maple syrup and fruit. I ate them alone because my siblings vanished into thin air and the first brother, I saw that day, was Will. He came downstairs at the moment when I stood up out of the table. I greeted him with relief, because out of all of my brothers, at his company I felt the best. 

"In the afternoon we have a social worker visiting us." Will informed me "And as you start your school in a week, why don't we go for some shopping today? I have a free day today." 

Usually I liked a lot shopping for school, but this time I wasn't overexcited. This year was going to be different. New school, new friends, new teachers... I wasn't ready for it. Besides, I felt a bit weird with the fact, that Will is going to pay for me. That was stupid, because it's logical I don't have any money. 

We took the same black jeep with which he'd picked me from the airport. 

I didn't even try to pretend that I have cool clothes, so this day I put baggy dungarees and a T-shirt with red and white stripes. Will, on the other hand, looked even better than yesterday with his blue polo (which was underlining his beautiful eyes) and khaki shorts. He was a bit tanned and it also did a job... And I couldn't stop staring at his elegant watch at his wrist. I definitely look next to him like a little, half-sister, who was just founded and thrown to a completely different world. I felt it the most when we were wandering around the mall. Will got a lot of dreamy looks while I (with my shy personality) pried no to curl up and die. 

We bought everything I needed and even more. Will never looked at prices, but I did. I liked one drawing set and I thought about asking my brother for it, but I let the idea die. It was quite expensive. Anyway, I have never had such pretty and good quality stuff for school. Will often commented the things I'd chose as lemons and offered me some more expensive substitutes and I was agreeing shyly. That's not what I was taught by my mom and grandma. 

In the end, Will took me for delicious ice-cream, which made me very happy. He seemed to be a bit amused by my childish cheer caused by a sweet dessert. I loved ice-cream, what can I say, and I haven't eaten them in a while. Today's day was hot and I was tired of shopping, so I desired them even more. 

The best point of our little trip was, however, the fact, that I finally talked with one of my brothers about something different than just rules and bans. Will asked me about my old friends. I didn't complain about the lack of social life back when my mom lived, but the bond I had with those people was too weak to survive this separation. He also asked about my favorite subjects and hobbies. 

My happy bubble scrammed when we got back home and I was taking my shopping bags to my room. I bumped into Dylan. Again. He passed me by on the stairs without a word, but he was clearly very angry and one his look was enough for me to get goosebumps. I heard him starting to say something to Will with a furious whisper. I didn't want to be suspected of eavesdropping again, so I disappeared quickly in my bedroom. I focused on unpacking my new pieces of treasure, thinking at the same time if I am ever going to feel comfortable living under one roof with someone like Dylan. 

The social worker came at 3 pm. O'clock. It was a woman. She was tall and had a severe expression on her face, which disappeared at once when Will opened the door for her and welcomed her into our house. I was called and here we were, everyone sitting at the huge table in the dining room. All of my brothers were here and the woman, who was as strange to me, like my siblings. I sat between Will and Vince, happy with the closeness with the first one. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that it was some farce. Not mentioning that it was the first time I saw all of my brothers in one room. 

"Oh, how lucky you are, Hailie, to have so many brothers who are willing to take care of you." resumed Mrs. Berry after a few minutes of conversation I didn't participate in. But all my brothers did, even Dylan and Tony. 

"Tell me, how do you like your new home?" she asked me after she finished babbling about how delicious bake our helper served. 

I shrugged, not feeling obligated to answer properly on such carelessly asked question but I felt Vince's look and not looking back at him I added: "I like it very much." 
"Right? It's marvelous!" 

Mrs. Berry was throwing some coquettish glances at Will and sometimes also at Vince, so I knew already she was talking with them earlier and that both of my brothers had wrapped her around their little fingers. Such lack of professionalism I haven't seen in a while.

"What about school, is everything set up?" asked Mrs. Berry, clearing her throat, as if she heard my thoughts.

"As we discussed it another day, Hailie is signed already at St. Mitchell's.." Vince answered.

"We went to the mall today, to buy all the stuff she needs." Will broke in, blinking at her. 

"So you have everything, Hailie?" Mrs Berry asked me. 

"Yeah, even more than I need," I answered, happy that I finally could say something honestly. Mrs. Berry laughed kindly. 

"What are your plans for this week?"

"Those are the last free days before school starts, so I think we should make use of them and get to know a bit better," Vince said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "It would be nice if she spent some time with every one of us a bit." 
"Yes, that's a wonderful idea." Mrs. Berry agreed. 

What was hidden in his words I got to know in the evening when Mrs. Berry left our house and I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Dylan was lying on the couch in the living room when Vince came to him. 

"Tomorrow you are responsible for Hailie," he told him casually and I froze. 

"What the hell, why me?" asked Dylan clearly annoyed. 

"I'm busy and I need Will, so it fell to you." said Vince carelessly, focusing on his iPad. 

"What am I supposed to do with her? I wasn't signing for being some fucking babysitter!

"You will come up with something." throw Vince and left the living room. He passed by me and didn't even look at me, and I bit my lips, just to prevent myself from crying.